Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just For You - Hwei Ming

*this post contains less words, more pictures. Enjoy! =)

About 2 weeks++ ago, we celebrated HweiMing's birthday @ MidValley. To be exact, in Chili's.

Almost everyone went there straight after work for dinner and of course for the birthday boy as well.

a few precious hours shared between us dining and chit-chatting there.


as well as posing and taking pictures with a magazine =X

YES, the magazine. A unique issue. xD
*will talk about this issue of magazine soon, i hope.

the session was even continued @ Starbucks!!

and HweiMing seems to be smiling and enjoying himself throughout the night. =)

Good For Him.

A simple & nice birthday celebration

Happy Birthday to You Again Dude!!!
*although its like so long ago already... heeee


That is not the main point of this post.

Actually, in less than 24hours time, this so called "youngest boy" amongst us DGMB-ians will be heading to UK to further his studies. Unlike Amy who'll only be in UK for 1-2 years time, HweiMing will be there up till 8 years(yes 8 yrs without coming back, that's what he said).
Its a long long time. Really long.

and HweiMing this is for you.

It all started from here.

A Random Bloggers Movie Gathering.

follow by

some of us heading to Sunway for the Freeze for World Earth Day movement.

and that is when we all gathered together, exchanged various topics and taking a large amount of pictures. With the pictures exchanged online, we created a google group with a random name Definitely Gang Maybe Bang and that's how it all started.

We spammed Gmail like there's no tommorow and exchanged more and more topics and discussions were going on with the speed of light.

and on one random day, some of us attended the same event - the Nokia IAC Event.

It was merely just the very start of us hanging out together. Days pass by and we had ourselves in a formal event - The Made Of Honor Event.

and of course there were the random outings we had... like this one @ look out point.

we appeared in the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party as well!!!

we had our 1st BBQ party as well as SatayCelup + Pot Luck gathering.

there was this small trip to Genting as well xD

oh and this Steamboat session just after Kelli's graduation which i'll blog about soon =)

there're really many many memories between us and HweiMing, there're many more pictures that can be a blogging material in this very post, the moments we had together in the group, althought the whole period is just less than 1 year... its good having you in the group, providing us entertainment, laughters and of course PICTURES from time to time. HaHa.

and personally, i do hope that..

Other than studying hard ( gosh the course you're in is very very very hard, at least it is to me! )
I hope that you'll enjoy yourself...


We'll miss your pictures YOU!!

just for you : HweiMing of DGMB,


Take Care & Keep In Touch!!


Simon Seow said...

Sure will miss him. He might not be coming back too if he get PR status there from what I heard.

Yatz said... writing a will like that..

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : yea.. sigh

> yatz : hahaha i also feel weird when reading this post.. but dont care lar write d post d hahahah

jolyn cutiez said...

awww... ur so kind to him..
what a nice geng u have there.. envy sial...

Andrew said...

ahhh... -1 (ermm... actually HA photos not alot wor from me... hehe.. =D but if you wan aso can come tkae... nowadays pretty free coz not much event till mid oct..

joshuaongys said...

> jolyn cutiez : ahaa yea they all rock my world!!! dont la envy, i'm sure u have a bunch of close frens too rite

> andrew : lolx alrite will find u one day hahaa

David Cheong said...

haha i love my picture attacking the food =D!!!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> david cheong : lolx u love everything about you wan la!!

narymama said...

omg..i so miss hwei ming!!!!!!!
i like that karaok pic...WHEN THE HELL WAS THAT MAN!....and the one durign steamboat. i like what he is wearing!
HWEIMING i miss uuuu

joshuaongys said...

> narymama : we all will miss him ler... karaoke session was on erm duno hahaha on some day dat u're very busy i think... and yea that day during the steamboat everyone says dat he looks good =D

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