Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amy's Farewell Gathering

Amy will be heading back to her hometown soon and will go overseas to further her studies for 1 year. So before all these happen, we planned a simple little farewell gathering for Amy.

The gathering was on a Sunday. 2 days ago, 13/07/2008.

Although some cant make it, and the original plan to have lunch at a specific place didn't came out well, the whole gathering still went fine. Furthermore, 2 of us just came back from a trip and i missed them. =)

So we started by having lunch @ this place - Just Thai in 1 Utama.

I think i ordered the wrong food, so the meal was just so so for me only. But it seems like the others enjoy their food. =(
*i shall order the TOMYAM mee NEXT TIME!! hmphf

Although i don't really enjoy the food that i've ordered, i enjoy the company there. As usual, we were noisy and luckily there's nobody else around us.

Some of the peeps got Amy something and she was like a small little girl opening it....

she must have loved it!! hahahaha just look at her smile!!! =)

Nigel adjusting the camera, we were taking group picture with the DSLR on self-timer

took the group picture and left the place eventually. Some of us was too tired/have stuffs to do, and so they went back leaving the remaining of us heading to Starbucks @ Centrepoint.

Its my first time going to this Starbucks @ Centrepoint(i seldom go to Starbucks) and i love this place, Its QUIET.

and yea, Aaron can get us this special rate @ Starbucks and ITS SO COOL!!!

we had fun there in a much smaller group. Chatting randomly from chemicals to bigbucks projects and yea, all the wild topics came out here and there hahaha.

the DSLR users cam-rape the drinks there o.O

and you see, from this angle and that angle some more!! too much right??

they overdid it till one of the Starbucks staff came up to us and tell us that we're actually disturbing one of their customer and the customer ACTUALLY complaint!! hahaha

then only they act like good boy keeping their DSLRs away..

eh i forgot what happened here!! o.O

one of the last pictures i took before we head for dinner.


went to Restoran Loong Kee across General Hospital.

Basicly its the same thing, pictures crapping and making noise..

so... just look at the pictures =)

Thats the end of the gathering, since noon till night... quite a farewell gathering huh?

Well, hope to see her this weekend before she flies back to her hometown.

Although its a short time knowing each other among the people in this newly formed group

you still have our wishes and prayers...

We all love you Amy. =)


babychyu said...

i like the accessories that somebody give amy as a gift ~
nice nice
take care amy ~

joshuaongys said...

> babychyu : hehehe she like it also hehehehe =)

amb3r1te said...

i love u guys too!!! :D
thanks so much for everything.
i'll miss u guys!

and thanks adeline, u take care too :)

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! so fun also tak ajak! lol!

Charlie said...

hey, i missed another gathering? sound like fun leh. eh next time make sure i am in the invite list lah. everytime also leave me out and loss. lol

joshuaongys said...

> amb3r1te : =) glad you enjoy the day.. although its quite a long day but it was fun!! hehe

> big boys oven : lolx u're so busy with your bakering and cooking hehe

> charlie : lolx hahaha its another last minute one la.. haha we'll come up with an official big one soon i hope hehe

Yatz said...

look who's talking besides the usual one..LOL

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : hahahhhahahahahahhaha.. well =P

Johnny Ong said...

"As usual, we were noisy and luckily there's nobody else around us." - actually its more like people are not around u fellas bcuz u fellas were noisy ... LOL!

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : hhahahahhaha HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!! haha but actually we sat at a table somewhere behind.. furthermore there're wasnt much people in the restaurant that time as well =)

dont twist my words hehehe i know my eng sucks =X

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