Tuesday, July 08, 2008

DGMB 1st Birthday Celebration

and again, another DGMB gathering that is. This was last Saturday, the 5th of July.

Just one week after the DGMB BBQ Party we gathered again in Pavilion.

Standing - Sheng Li, Nadia, David, Amy
Sitting - Sheng Mae, Birthday Boy, Pam

this time, we had our 1st birthday celebration and the birthday boy is Nigel. His birthday actually falls on 7th of July but he's on a fully sponsored trip for bloggers to Thailand then. That is why we celebrated his birthday 2 days earlier.


we had a great fellowship in Pavilion and stayed there for hours chatting, laughing and of course EATING!!!

not to forget, snapping pictures here and there as well!!!

Nigel got a cup of fresh brewed coffee from Starbucks!!

we even force Nigel to get free stuffs from 2 shops that he choose!!! HAHA

Clockwise :
Nadia, Amy, Sheng Mae, Nigel, Josephine, Yatz, Randy, ShuJian, Me, Hwei Ming, Aaron, Pam, Kel Li, Sheng Li, Thomas

in such occasion, a group picture is a MUST!!


the earliest ones reached TGIF around 12PM++

and we left the place around 4PM++

the day didn't end there...

walked out of Pavilion.. didn't know where to head to.... =X

some stupid random stuffs along the way...


and we ended up at New Zealand Natural


and we continue talking ~ yadda yada blablablabla.....

and STILL!!! our day didn't end there!!!

we left the place @ 6pm++ and went to Hometown(a Steamboat restaurant) @ Genting Klang for dinner.

the food

this time, the stuffs we talked about was even more happening!

we talked about stuffs we played, we watched, we used and etc when we're still kids.
Old timers... haha

and well, we were tired at the end of the day. Everyone went back around 11pm++ and thats the end of the day. A very happy day especially for the birthday boy, Nigel. =)

It's that crazy minded retarded looking running down the street screaming our heads off kinda frienship

we're glad that we met each other.....



babychyu said...

lotsa fun wEi !!!!
nice NIce !!!!!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> babychyu : yea!! too bad someone sick lorhhh =(

Yatz said...

like big family like that..LOL

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : hahahaha and u're the father?? haha

Nigelais said...

Nice post Joshua. I wish I had the time like you to update so fast. Haha. Thanks for everything! =)

joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : lolx wat to do, u femes marh.. so ma busy lor ahhahahhaha

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