Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Zoe!!

today is your birthday, i purposely opened up a boutique using your name and its all yours!! i know u'll be very touch when u see this!!


best wishes to you yarh!!! best friend/buddies/lklp/netfren/ wteva lar always!! lolz...

take care and Be Happy always!!


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Pictures @ Gathering [Manjalara]

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gathering @ Manjalara

Venue : HIDE & A Nearby Mamak

People that was there : Me, Andy, Chee Hwa, Ling Hong, Chee Hwee, Hanseng & His GF, Yuet Mun, Wei Ru, Yoke May

Time : Night

Was at HIDE for a while and then shifted venue to a nearby Mamak stall

by that time some people left already..

and as usual there're some who are absent..

anyhow.. we still enjoyed ourselves crapping around..

with chee hwa

with andy

with wei ru

with yuet mun

with yoke may

3 of us

3 of them

it ended quite well

enough said =)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

My New Phone

well.. not so new... its a second hand phone... with 6 months more warranty..

but i'm totally happy about it... =)

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PK Gathering 190707

Venue : TheCurve/Ikea

People : Lemuel, Lionel, Joash, Melanie, Phoebe, Tryphena, Rachael, Angela,May

Time : Evening till night..

random pictures xD

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Stay @ Amber Court - Genting

A plan to go to Genting started long long time ago...

went there only to find out that all hotel rooms are fully booked...

so, after taking out supper we headed to Amber Court which is located near Taman Cendawan...

it was quite freaky and its my first time going there... previously i've heard about that specific place from my friends and now i finally understand what are they talking about...

the place is like so big... but with so little people... like a haunted area...

we checked in and got our keys... headed to the lift.... supz press the lift button and in a few seconds we heard a bell sound indicating that the lift is arriving..

now the condition is like this... there're 3 lifts there and we're all standing in front of 2 of the lifts facing AT the lift... at a creepy place like that, we never expected that the lift that will open is the lift behind..

so when we heard the bell sound and heard the sound of an opening lift and at the same time both lifts in front of us is not open, we kept quiet straight away...and of cause, it was stupid of us to scare ourselves and soon we realize that the lift behind us is open...

now scenario 2... we walked towards the 3rd lift and then when we were just going into the lift... we notice a children size croc sandal in the lift... only one side of it and the lift is empty.... ><

finally we reached our floor and we headed to our room.. and to our surprise... our room nextdoor look like this...

what now?? what happened next door before???

well... who knows...

walking into the room... its quite spacious...

one hall with 2 rooms

soon, we were sitting down playing cards...

played for quite some time.... until like 7am in the morning lolz... then only went to sleep... of course... not all of us did that... supz and steven went to sleep earlier....

didnt really take much picture during the night...

only manage to take more pictures at around 11am...

let me show you the left and right view from the balcony of my room



we left the place around noon time heading back to FirstWorld to have a walk..

took more pictures when i came out from the building

on the way out from the place... there're a few abondoned sites

interesting?? lolz.... if i have one more chance i'll definitely go back there and stay =P

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