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One of the largest creative arts festival of the year in Kuala Lumpur. Urbanscapes 2009 came back after a successful round back in 2008.

When i left home, it was raining and when i was approaching the venue, it looks like it was going to rain. The time was around 5PM.

Based on the amount of car parks area being full with more vehicles parking all around Sentul Park all the way from the entrance of the park to the place the event was held, it shows that the response this year was better than last year's one.

There were lots of stalls showcasing various items where most of them are self-created brands including clothings, accessories and many more interesting stuffs.

Not really related, there were signs around the place reminding the public on cleanliness and they even have mobile toilets which was placed in a rather interesting location.

There were lots of indie music artists, some on schedule with performance while some were performing randomly around the area. It caught the attention of the people around and hopefully that helped in getting more fans for the various struggling local artists.

Lots of people were seen going in and out, here and there where in my opinion were pretty restless with no certain main objective and just spending their time doing nothing.

I was one of the people there with no specific objective and here is one of the stuffs that got my attention. A few percussionist were gathering passer by to join in the fun in the percussion and displayed some simple beats to the public.

the whole thing did not only attracted me, it attracted many more people. MANY MORE!

Aaron, Ren and Lionel joined in the fun as well. =)

You can view one of the short video i've recorded on the random percussion.

Had the most random meeting with Natalie Fong during one of the breaks of the percussion and gosh, its been time since we last met. and it appears that this was the only picture i took of myself during Urbanscapes 2009. Lolx

Aaron trying to take a picture of Pam.

moving on... on the food part...

Palate Palette's was one of the stalls that attracted queues of people. They were pretty good!

Oh and in the KLPAC area, there was this live twitter feed and i saw an interesting tweet straight away. Quite funny i thought. No?

The rest of the time being there, i was walking everywhere aimlessly having random bumps into some fellow bloggers and this was my last entertainment during the event.

Some fire business that was going on out of the building. Pretty cool i think. It was 7PM already.

If you were looking some specific performance by some indie band/artists on this post, then sorry to disappoint you, i didn't really pay much attention to them. Was spending time looking and noticing on every other little things such as the tweet on KennySia shown above.

Left the scene when the fire thingy ended and had dinner with Yatz, Ren & Aaron.

Most of the feedback i read on Twitter & Facebook shows that they enjoyed being at Urbanscapes 2009 while there were a number of them who were tired and annoyed.

My say?

I think that basicly its similar to PIKOM PC Fair. You'll be happy if you attend it for a purpose.

If you head to Urbanscapes 2009 for a reason such as watching & supporting some indie performance or maybe just want to have some treasure hunting in the flea market, meeting up with random people whom you know, this event will be pretty good for you!!

But if you head to this event with no clue at all having no idea on what you want, then you'll be utterly disappointed being sweaty and all complaining about this & that.

Just one thing i noticed. I overheard a few person standing around the ticketing area of the event mumbling these

"Eh, how come they didn't purchase the tickets and got to get it wan?".

From my understanding, most people thinks that in order to gain access to everything including the flea market in the event, you need to purchase the tickets at RM35 or at RM25 if you purchase earlier at various outlets before this.

The truth is, if you're not interested in the concert, the live bands performances, the indie artists showcasing their talents, the movie screening and such, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY THE TICKET!!

I believe that there were a large number of people who were there just because of the flea market and they were there to hunt for stuffs thats all. Not for the performances and stuffs. These people were unaware that there is no need to purchase the tickets but bought it.

Well, maybe what i've noticed isn't true but anyways, i think that the event was a succesful one introducing many hidden talents, shops, brands and etc to the massive public.

Urbanscapes 2010 will be even better!
That's if they are doing it again.

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Win a Trip to Old Trafford, Manchester with SMIRNOFF!!

The SMIRNOFF® name has long been associated with premium-quality vodka. Today, SMIRNOFF® is the world’s leading premium distilled spirit and vodka brand with distribution in 130 countries and a number of innovative products, including SMIRNOFF® ICE, the world’s leading ready-to-drink alcohol beverage, and the SMIRNOFF® line of flavoured vodkas.

Just recently, SMIRNOFF® launched its limited edition promotional pack design which celebrates the partnership with Manchester United as the official spirits partner and official responsible drinking partner.

A launch party was held @ Quattro on the 18th of June 2009 to mark its launch here in Malaysia. I was quite excited when i knew about this and called a few friends along to attend this event.

An amount of 200 invited guests were there to witness the launch of the new limited edition promotional pack representing 2 of the most well known names in the world.

Drinks were served and a series of foosball and football knock-out challenges were organised where some of the guests won some SMIRNOFF® and Manchester United merchandises. Awesome!

Anyways, here is the main point of this post.

Winning a trip to Old Trafford!!

SMIRNOFF® 21, this special limited promotional pack will be featuring four of Manchester United’s top players.

To participate, consumers need to purchase the new SMIRNOFF® Limited Edition Promotional Pack which is available in Malaysia with a total amount of 12,000 bottles only, selling at a recommended retail price of RM160 per 75cl bottle.

There'll be a sticker label on the bottle where you can get your unique contest code.

and there're 2 methods on how you can join in the contest.

Method 1 - via website

1. Log on to website: and submit your personal details and the contest code to gain access
2. Name the 4 football players, whose faces are printed on the bottle.
3. Share in maximum 25 words, how you will celebrate with SMIRNOFF.

Method 2: Via SMS

SMS the contest code, your name, NRIC number, names of the 4 ManUtd players, and how you celebrate with Smirnoff in 25 words or less to 36300
Eg : SMIRNOFF 123456 JOSHUAONGYS 790423XXXXXX Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4 I celebrate with SMIRNOFF by sharing it with my friends during soccer match

Note :
For those who opt to participate via SMS, they also stand the chance to win attractive weekly prizes, including Manchester United Malaysia Tour match tickets, Manchester United Jerseys and Caps, laptops, MP3 Players, Mobile phones, and Digital Cameras!

What do you think about the contest after reading what i've wrote?

I would definitely join in this contest!! If i have money to get the bottles. =X

I'm sure many of you out there are not as pathetic as me and is capable in getting the bottles bah!!

So to those who're joining in this contest, ALL THE BEST!!
*Terms and conditions apply. Please check the contest entry guide available on the SMIRNOFF Red Devil pack for more information.

If you happen to be the lucky winner and came across this specific blog post, i wish that you'll not go through what i've gone through watching Liverpool thrashing Manchester United early this year. =(

and NO, the girls in the pictures above won't be accompanying you to Old Trafford. =)

This competition is valid from now till 30 September 2009 so GO GO GO!!
*do leave a comment here if you have further questions and i'll try my best to answer.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fast Update #65 Attend Hennessy Artistry & Get Paid

Hennessy Artistry have been one of the most happening event in Malaysia in recent 3 years as they really caught the attention of the public where it is actually an international kinda event where it was held in various cities in different countries a few times per year.

This picture above is a group picture of Nuffnang Malaysia Bloggers attending a Hennessy Artistry event back in April 2009. xD

The next upcoming Hennessy Artistry event is going to happen very very soon and its going to be BIG.

A party which confirmed in featuring the likes of DJ Milinka Radisic, DJ Mr. Sam, Lumisense, One Buck Short, Dominique Tsai, Homies.

Go to google if you want to know more about them okay?

more information :

Date : 25th July 2009
Venue : Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park
Time : 8pm - 3am

A quick search on google leads me to this partime job advertisement on LowYat Forum.

RM70. Lolx. That's if you want to work part time and attend this event at the same time!

See You There!!
*that's if i get to go la.
*Click here to read on some of the past Hennessy Artistry Events in Malaysia.

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Playing Fire @ Urbanscapes 2009

Just came back from Urbanscapes 2009 + Dinner + Yumcha.

Saw lotsa people there and HEARD that lotsa people were there as well. Many left when i reached Haha.

It was all good. Especially the weather. Not as hot as last year's one!! xD

Anyways, for those who left the scene earlier in the afternoon, this was one of the stuffs you missed out.

Some fire business at the field out of the main building.

Me thinks me pictures is not that nice and i think if you search online for more urbanscapes 2009 pictures in the next few days, you'll see more nicer one on this specific fire thingy which i don't know what they call it.

I think it was pretty awesome. There were even 2 girls involved in this fire thingy and i think all of them accidentally burnt themselves in the process.

Must have hurt.

Will do another post with more random pictures on Urbanscapes 2009. Till then. Nights.

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