Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's Day = the day to express your love??

i just receive one sms with the message like this

"I'm getting married in August, are you free that time?"
i replied "LOLX i love you, would you marry me?"

actually come to think about it...

April Fool's Day can be a suitable day for a guy to express his love towards the girl he like/admire

the very very very common type of "Biao Bai"

Guy : hi there, i have something to tell you..
Girl : Yea? what is it about?
Guy : Actually i have been liking you for quite some time and i would like you to be my girlfriend.

ok here comes the part where the girl will reply right??

whatever happens next which would be quite awkward on other days would seem to be normal on this day, April Fool's Day!!

the girl can answer like this if she have no feelings towards to the guy
Girl : Its APRIL FOOL and You're playing a prank on me right!! HAHA you cannot larh!! I wont kena wan!!

yes the guy who is serious might get sad but well after all it will be an "OF COURSE" thing to play a prank on someone on April Fool's Day where else if it happen on normal days, it would be quite weird...

even if the girl rejected the guy straight away like this
Girl : i think we cant be together because......

the guy can also use the APRIL FOOL reason to cover what he just did
Guy : Haiya, Its APRIL FOOL larh!! hehehe don't be so serious!! =)

the guy can somehow really "act" like he's really playing a prank on the girl and he can feel better with it(and not so paiseh as well)...

Of course, if the girl do like the guy..
the story would be different then
and there's a big chance they will get together...

*so girls out there, if a guy tell you he's into you tomorrow on April Fool's Day, think twice yarh!! lolx


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your friendly neighborhood hero, ah longs

as most Malaysians know, the Ah Longs have been operating around our neighborhood for quite some time...

this is the most basic proof of their existence in Malaysia

they will paste these kinda paper everywhere they go, every possible place that people can notice! well you can search about it more on the net.

just last year, their campaign became more "official" with these kind of banners appearing in various places!! unlike the usual black and white paper they paste around, they have bright bright colours like yellow on their banners and then they put the font size big big so people can see it more clearly!!

they became so famous and got featured in the newspaper with an increasing rate these few years till den, recently..

A movie with the name Ah Long Pte Ltd was filmed and showed in cinemas!



wtf wey!!!

i swear i only saw this banner these few days, it wasn't on the tree near my house before that!!!!

wey you see they so sincere now and they are trying to help people around wor!!!



Man, i wonder will they have a theme song on Ah Long in recent future

lolx, i still cant stop laughing man.....

DO You Have One of These Banners Around Your House??

*if you haven watch the movie, go watch it!! lolx
**I durno that they made this banner before or after this movie screening but still, its FUNNY!!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Got Tagged!!


yay!!! i got tagged!! yay!! *jumps up and down*

actually its not so big deal hor *calm down and sit down in front of the computer*


thinking twice about it, actually its quite big deal for me... in my memories, i've never been tagged before through blog... erm.. maybe got, just that i didn't notice gua?? O.O

anyway, anyhow

here it is...

Real Name:
Joshua Ong............... O.O

Nickname: joshie, shua, babi... not much actually lolz... got a few more which is confidential x.x

Married: Not Yet lor..... no Marnee larhhhh

Male/Female: Male

High School: SMK Taman Bukit Maluri

University/College: TARC, the institute that offers cheapest courses!!!

Short or Long Hair: erm... between long and short..

Are you a health freak?: NOPE

Height: around 170cm.

Do you have a crush on someone?: i have more than a crush on someone.... ><
Do you like yourself:
Of course i do!!! aduh... i like every bit of myself!! +.+

Piercings: not at all....

Righty or lefty: lefty... actually righty la


Surgery: as far as i can remember.. nope..

Piercing: noooooo.... tak da!!

Person you see in the morning: myself..

Award: primary school..

Sport you joined: forgot dee...

Pet: i think its a tortoise.. long long time a go...

Vacation: erm.. first one ar... dunoo leh..

Concert: JWTL concert i guess.. it was a camp. Jam With The Lamb.. which year i forgotten d...

First crush: Primary school!!


Eating: Nothing

Drinking: Nothing

I'm about to: type the answer to the next question??!!

Your future...

Want kids: Yesh...

Want to get married: and again Yesh...

Careers in mind: i'm still confused??

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?:

Hugs or kisses: HUGS!!! hugs are sooooooo nice at the right time!!

Shorter or taller?: just nice will do

Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Troublemaker or hesitant?: got a third answeR?

Have you ever....

Kissed a stranger?: nope...i think....

Drank bubbles: what is the bubble you're referring to??

Lost glasses/contacts: yes... in the toilet sumore, took off and wash my face den forgot to take... ZZzzz

Ran away from home: nope.. i think.. did i??

Liked someone younger: Yes DEFINITELY!!!

Liked someone older: and again YES!!

Broke someone's heart: how i wish i could say no but again, Yes...

Been arrested: in my dreams yes...

Cried when someone died: Yeaps....

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: If i don't believe in myself i would rather go die..

Miracles: Seen before so you say leh?

Heaven: Yeah.Yes OF COURSE!!

Santa Claus: who???? OH you mean the long bearded old man who can only spend 0.0004 secs in each house with the reindeer of the speed of 8000km/h (he needs to go to every house in the world in 24 hours on Christmas Eve itself)

FORGET BOUT IT LAR>>santa claus... Zzzz

Magic: half half..

Angels: Angels?? yea!!

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Yeaps!! =)

Do you believe in God?: Yes. Definitely!!

i wonder who really did go through the whole "post"

this is the fun part of the post, i get to tag 5 people!!!

Tag 5 ppl:
hmm normally people tag friends they know personally,
let me try this.. i shall tag people whom i do not know personally lolx..
lets see who will reply!!
*i hope someone will, ha..ha..ha.. ><

1. Timothy Tiah a.k.a Boss Stewie!! @
2. Pamsong of Tinki Talks (the queen of multiple posts)
3. curryegg @
4. 3Point8 @
5. Aronil @

why did i tag them??not other blogger that i do not know personally???

just random bahhhh...

(mayb i have no life bah... ha)

what if none of them reply my tag har....


yes i know its stupid, but no bad giving it a try right?? hehe

and yea, if any of the 5 person above "give face" and replied my tag, hope they will tag 5 other UNKNOWN person/blogger as well!!


OH YEA, BTW i got tagged by SanSan

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Malaysian DreamGirl is getting more interesting!!

at the start of episode 7, they have a challenge which is the makeup challenge

the girls have to do their own makeups and then let the makeup professional judge and decide who wins this time's challenge

before this, i know nuts about makeups

after watching + hearing the bla bla bla yada yada yada by the makeup profesional


Lets just skip that alright?? in short Hanis won the challenge and thats the end of makeups blablabla for me...

here, there are 2 things that interest me

1st, Ringo explained some stuffs that happened during the start of the MDG competition, some stuffs she said on her blog which upsets many people and she managed to recover the relationship with the other finalist (well i do not know how true is it behind the scene)

2nd, Cindy was talking about the makeup challenge...
"so, yeah.. its only a makeup challenge, its nothing to be........"
lolx that just taste a bit sour don't you think?

wteva!! lolz.. the most interesting/funny part is after that!!! at the 3rd part of episode 7!!

Cindy was talking with her dad on the phone

"那个马来婆,直接拉那个水hor,整个水空到完hor, 这样子eh........(that Malay girl pulled the plug of the pool in the steam room)" omg, i kept laughing you know watching that part lolx roflmao.... go and listen the whole conversation yourself hahahaha!!

then Hanis was talking about......

"1st week, OK get along lalalalalalelele... 2nd week le le le la la, get along LAGI.....
3rd week belang semua tunjuk, all the true colours....."

lolx, you know, the way she talk is like hahahaha, she was cute in expressing/telling out what happen...

many girls complaint about Cindy with mainly Fiqa and Hanis more on what Cindy did that make them dislike her.... interesting as it sounds, but many things is going on in my mind.

Malaysian DreamGirl had a 2nd showcase @ Genting

i guess its more interesting than the 1st showcase bah

the finalist at Genting

the final part of episode 7 revealing the one who is going to leave

I'm particularly glad that Adeline is still in the competition(yes i admit other contestant have more potential to be a top model, i just want to see her more okay?? lolx)

anyhow, i'm sad to see Valerie leaving the show/competition.. she was many people's favourite i would say(she was one of my favourites too)... but what can we do?? competitions like this which base on public to vote out a person out is stupid, yes the organizers do EARN more by that so well...

lets just hope that the public will vote more wisely next time....

so 8 girls left and the fugly side of the contestants is coming out slowly... i believe many people would dislike Cindy more after watching this episode and i still wonder who is the specific "马来婆 (Malay girl)" mentioned by Cindy in her conversation with her dad.

the other things i'm wondering is

Eyna is way too quiet... a bit scary to me
Hanis is way too sociable/friendly... which is also a bit scary to me

as well as other thoughts i have on other contestants, well its just a thought of mine.. just wondering...

you can't blame me for thinking like this, lolx...

maybe i watched too much TVB Dramas all these years... bad turn good, good turn bad characters, you know.. hahahahaha =)

till then,

watch Malaysian DreamGirl @
Galery @
Profile Videos @ on the Pictures)

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review on Ah Long Pte Ltd 老师嫁老大

people around was telling me how funny this movie is, i told her and even her friends told her so. So, a few days ago, on Tuesday, we both decided to watch this movie!!

a Malaysia + Singapore production, a GOOD onei would say!!

the story about reformation of a gangster group/ah Long group, Reformation!! Rebuild!! lolx imagining about it is funny already..

true enough, its FUNNY!! unlike Meet The Spartans which is OVER-FUNNY, i think that this movie is just nice!!!

Mark Lee is just GOOD in this movie, he really knows how to act like that, that type of character, sissy type.. lolx...

this is one of my favourite scene, where he came to his car then some Ah Longs ask him on how to write some chinese words, here they mix violence + humour together..

its very very interesting i think, in the background there are people "bullying/hitting" a family and at the same time they told this "aqua" teacher that they are filming...

this dancing scene reminds me of Meet The Spartans, of course, this is nicer la lolx.. because thats one of the way to change people's perception about Ah Long wtf... haha

a film that is somehow related to triad must have these kind of scenes - me think so..
*infernal affairs is an exception ><

and yes, the main character in this movie, acted by Fann Wong

Fann Wong was just fantastic larh.. lolx i would say that she made Singapore citizens proud, will she be Singapore's "Michelle Yeoh"?? i wonder...

there are many other scenes which is nice, too many to talk about... its definitely a worth watching movie by us Malaysians where Ah Longs are active!!

i have only one problem with the movie, there are too many foul language in it... i was quite disturbed with too much of foul language in it(maybe its just my problem though)

so for those who haven watch it, go to your nearest cinema and watch the movie bah!! you see the picture above, they so happy smiling big big then you know this movie is good larh!!

my rating 7/10

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

i won the consolation prize for Malaysian DreamGirl blog contest!!

so many good stuffs have been happening to me lately!!

before the invitation to the press screening, i won the consolation prize for the 1st week Malaysian DreamGirl blog contest!!!

seriously, i was just trying out my luck, and yes i got it!!

i won a RM100 preloaded AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard!!

to some people it might be RM100 only marh.. but to me, its sooooo special!! i haven win anything for ages already, somemore this time its through internet!! hahaha Happy me

*jumping up and down*


Anyway to other winners

here's some information about the prize,

i'm pretty sure you all haven receive any notification about the prize yet right?? i've asked them personally and they said that they haven got their hands on the prize yet, so no notifications are send out to the winners yet.

So don't so kan cheong 1st, just guai guai dei sit in front of the computer till you receive an email about the prize collection then you can go collect it.

Maybe all of us winners should choose a time and go there collect together, a small gathering i would say... hehe =)

anyhow, congrats to all of us

and again

THANK YOU NUFFNANG & Malaysian DreamGirl!!!

*so far they've already announced the winners for week 2

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i had my first time with 7 strangers

i was browsing and i saw this suddenly... being a fan of Death Note + i'm not sure that i got accompanies or not if i were to watch it next week, i decided to try and sent an email to get the invitation to the press screening of L - change the world.

soon enough i receive the invitation to the press screening, oh my i was so excited!!

press screening only marh, so what???

I'VE NEVER BEEN TO A PRESS SCREENING LORH!! so i was like a small kid getting a present liddat, so happy haaa!!

the problem is, i don't know anyone wor... i'm going there alone....

i very shy shy de, so i a bit scare scare lor, somemore watch movie alone lidat like very pathetic de...

but NVM larh, i wanted to watch the movie since i know its existence + ITS PRESS SCREENING WOR!!!

sounds so stupid only me...

michelle, me, kenny and shaun

Anyway, i went there and the first 2 person i talked with is Michelle from Nuffnang and Shaun

then Kenny Choo + Jeffrey arrived after that

Robb came as well and we proceed in the cinema with one poster, a CD press kit, one drink and popcorn + the movie.. all for free

i so HAPPY lorh, receive so many free things wor..

the movie was good and i love it, click here for my review

and so we came out and we have ourselves a small little camwhore session

where we imitated L putting our hands in our pockets bending ourselves

and another stupid picture, from left to right
Sasha, Shaun, Michelle, Me, Robb, Charity and Simon

a few of us including me left earlier=(

i have to rush to college because i have a final online exam on CCNA3

the remaining ones went to Sushi Zen for lunch!!!

haihz... Nvm, there's always next time

anyhow, its nice meeting you peeps, enjoyed the movie, enjoyed the short talk with you all!!

and yea, know what, Simon stayed in MidValley for another movie wtf lolx and he BUMPED into 3 girls from Malaysian DreamGirl lolx.. interesting

and so, to sum this up,

i had my first time going to a

Press Screening

WITH 7 STRANGERS- 4 guys 3 girls

i have new friends, free movie to watch + free drinks and popcorn!!

THANKS TO Nuffnang!!!!


*to Charity a.k.a Kutucat, you have a nice name lolx.. my smaller sister have the same name as yours!!
**thanks to Charity + Kenny for the pictures!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

review on L - Change The World

yes, i have watched this movie, thanks to Nuffnang!! Shall post about that the next time.. this post is about the movie. =)

this movie can be consider as the 3th movie of Death Note.

before this story got popular in 2006 with its 2 part live-action movie, i've already read the manga/comic itself and thought that it was good. Comics around alawys have similiar storyline with another comic, but this specific story is unique.. the story interests me so much that i was keeping track of the comic from time to time, yes when i start reading the comic, its not finish yet. I started reading the manga/comic when it first came out.

i've watched both of the previous movies as well. The 1st one was good for me and the 2nd one was quite disappointing because the story in the movie is different from the original story(in manga/comic).

Originally, L died and his successor N continued L's job and solve the case, but in the 2-part movie, L solve the case and manage to capture Kira

enough of those, if you want to know more, go read the manga yourself =)

the antagonists

this movie have very few scenes of Shinigami( The God of Death) and the book (Deathnote), as well as Misa and Kira (Light Yagami)

the story is about a group of people trying to spread a lethal virus worldwide and L is solving the case. Nuff said =)


in this movie, do not expect much of seeing shinigami, kira, deathnote. Its about L, himself doing his job as a world top-rated/top classified detective.

however the timeline of this story is somewhere in between the movies Death Note(part 1) and Death Note - The Last Name(part 2), correct me if i'm wrong.. i said so because N was introduced in in this movie at the end of the movie.

the boy in the movie, a mathematics genius, who is introduced as Near/Nia/N(successor of L in the original story) at the end of the movie.

a professor's daughter, which helped L in solving the case indirectly in the movie

in this movie, L is still acted by the same guy Ken'ichi Matsuyama, L is still a cool character and happens to be a favourite character for many Death Note fans out there, his weird way of doing things is interesting =)

weird like..

when he's typing

the way he sits

the way he hold something

the way he eat

and drink.. and ya he love sweet stuffs.. lolx he say that the brain need sugar to provide sufficient energy.. erm.. wteva..

i just love the character L hahaha

my rating for this movie is 8/10

i like the storyline, the important thing is Ken'ichi Matsuyama did a good job acting as L, i think that its quite nice =)

if you are expecting Kira(Light Yagami), Misa, Shinigami, Deathnote(the book itself) then you'll be disappointed with this movie...

however if you are a big fan of L and the story of Death Note itself, you'll like this movie

7/10 rating is quite high, i'm interested in the story itself... so maybe thats why i rate it that high =)

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