Thursday, March 27, 2008

i won the consolation prize for Malaysian DreamGirl blog contest!!

so many good stuffs have been happening to me lately!!

before the invitation to the press screening, i won the consolation prize for the 1st week Malaysian DreamGirl blog contest!!!

seriously, i was just trying out my luck, and yes i got it!!

i won a RM100 preloaded AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard!!

to some people it might be RM100 only marh.. but to me, its sooooo special!! i haven win anything for ages already, somemore this time its through internet!! hahaha Happy me

*jumping up and down*


Anyway to other winners

here's some information about the prize,

i'm pretty sure you all haven receive any notification about the prize yet right?? i've asked them personally and they said that they haven got their hands on the prize yet, so no notifications are send out to the winners yet.

So don't so kan cheong 1st, just guai guai dei sit in front of the computer till you receive an email about the prize collection then you can go collect it.

Maybe all of us winners should choose a time and go there collect together, a small gathering i would say... hehe =)

anyhow, congrats to all of us

and again

THANK YOU NUFFNANG & Malaysian DreamGirl!!!

*so far they've already announced the winners for week 2


narymama said...

thanks! i sorta thought so too. lol. they have not send it to nuffnang. and yeah! we should go during the same time.btw, talk about ''alot of good things have been happening to you lately''.TELL ME ABOUT IT!..its been happening to me too okay. lol. few weeks too. its been so good! and im so scared sayin it out might jinx it.

julian said...

I was there too but didn't get a chance to talk to other bloggers. Hope to meet up sometime :)

julian said...

oops wrong post - this should have gone under this post

l a b e l s


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