Thursday, March 27, 2008

i had my first time with 7 strangers

i was browsing and i saw this suddenly... being a fan of Death Note + i'm not sure that i got accompanies or not if i were to watch it next week, i decided to try and sent an email to get the invitation to the press screening of L - change the world.

soon enough i receive the invitation to the press screening, oh my i was so excited!!

press screening only marh, so what???

I'VE NEVER BEEN TO A PRESS SCREENING LORH!! so i was like a small kid getting a present liddat, so happy haaa!!

the problem is, i don't know anyone wor... i'm going there alone....

i very shy shy de, so i a bit scare scare lor, somemore watch movie alone lidat like very pathetic de...

but NVM larh, i wanted to watch the movie since i know its existence + ITS PRESS SCREENING WOR!!!

sounds so stupid only me...

michelle, me, kenny and shaun

Anyway, i went there and the first 2 person i talked with is Michelle from Nuffnang and Shaun

then Kenny Choo + Jeffrey arrived after that

Robb came as well and we proceed in the cinema with one poster, a CD press kit, one drink and popcorn + the movie.. all for free

i so HAPPY lorh, receive so many free things wor..

the movie was good and i love it, click here for my review

and so we came out and we have ourselves a small little camwhore session

where we imitated L putting our hands in our pockets bending ourselves

and another stupid picture, from left to right
Sasha, Shaun, Michelle, Me, Robb, Charity and Simon

a few of us including me left earlier=(

i have to rush to college because i have a final online exam on CCNA3

the remaining ones went to Sushi Zen for lunch!!!

haihz... Nvm, there's always next time

anyhow, its nice meeting you peeps, enjoyed the movie, enjoyed the short talk with you all!!

and yea, know what, Simon stayed in MidValley for another movie wtf lolx and he BUMPED into 3 girls from Malaysian DreamGirl lolx.. interesting

and so, to sum this up,

i had my first time going to a

Press Screening

WITH 7 STRANGERS- 4 guys 3 girls

i have new friends, free movie to watch + free drinks and popcorn!!

THANKS TO Nuffnang!!!!


*to Charity a.k.a Kutucat, you have a nice name lolx.. my smaller sister have the same name as yours!!
**thanks to Charity + Kenny for the pictures!!


Copykate said...

got so much free stuff some more? jeez. nuffnang is so kind!

btw robb looks so good in those pix. wtfreak XD

Simon Seow said...

hey, thanks for the link. Robb is a finalist in StarCeleb leh, don't pray pray.

Kutu Cat said...

Oh. so she's the other Charity that's walking around in Malaysia that I've heard about.

l a b e l s


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