Thursday, May 24, 2007

you'll always walk alone

yesterday night was the BIG match between Liverpool and AC Milan fighting to win Champions League title..

well i've supported ManUnited and since AC Milan beat MU to get through to the finals, i decided to support AC Milan

in that recent 24 hours when i was watchin the match, i only slept for 2 hours, furthermore i was playing basketball a few hours before the match start... so i was extremely tired when i reached the mamak across my house...

however i've no regrets watching the match as Inzaghi score 2 goals and the 2 goals are more than enough to lead AC Milan to a winning campaign of Champions League this year..

well, just like how ManUtd played AC Milan in the last match where AC Milan won 3-0, Liverpool played quite poor yesterday night and i wonder why Peter Crouch wasnt in the starting 11 and was only sent to the field later on in the 2nd half..

so as what i've said yesterday afternoon, AC MILAN WILL WIN THE MATCH!!

and so... Champions of this year UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

cute little kids

last sunday in church, after sunday service, this little kid JiaLe came up to me while i was texting using my hp...

he kept saying " pai zhao, pai zhao" which means take photo in english

and so this shot came up

thinking that the picture is a bit normal i asked him to smile ><

and now i know that smile from kids are like that hahahaha i couldnt stop laughing and i took one more picture

bigger brother behind lolz..

arent they cute??? haha kids are always cute!!!

anyway these few days i just finished watchin prison break season1..

YEA season 1 only!!!

i know season1 ended long ago and season3 is starting this august... lolz well.. hee

and at this moment when i'm blogging i'm waiting for Heroes S1 episode 23 to go up to 100% in my bitcomet..

can i save the world with both my hands?

Yes I CAN!! the power is in my hands, come on!!


lolz, too much of series recently.. but seriously.... i love da kids in my church.. =p hahahahaha

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

bad news and good news

with the bad news of MU losing in the FA cup clash with Chelsea...

i woke up this morning getting a good news...

i'm sure some of you peeps knew about it earlier yesterday night..


its finally official!!!!

they finally announced that STARCRAFT 2 is coming out!!!

you can see more screenshot and even the trailer itself at

i'm sure it is the best news for millions of people around the world that the game is in process officially!! although Blizzard didnt announce the actual date of releasing the game, at least we people out here know it will be coming out for sure!! hahaha

so much for a good news on a Sunday Morning huh??

when the game is out in the future, i'm so gonna upgrade my computer!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


haven done this in a long time... browsing my friend list in friendster and giving stupid comments...

well, i'm happy... i've registered for PK Retreat through Joash

and of course, i have an enjoyable time playing basketball just now.. full of laughters.... haven play ball like that for quite some time already....

and at last.. i miss her..

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Monday, May 14, 2007

the week that was

i haven blog for one whole week...

well, i could say that nothing much happen this week..

haven been pulling myself back to reality, with "slightly earlier sleeping/waking up times"

for months, i've been going out late at night.. dont ask me what do i do.. just plain stupid stuffs....

and now i have to go back to normal lifestyle as i'm getting myself ready for college life soon...

something special happen this week which i dont even dare to imagine will happen, i thought that will only happen in my dreams after what happen ages ago but well.. it just happen like that and i thank God for that... you might not understand what am i writing in this paragraph, nevermind... it wasnt meant for you to understand

anyways.. today we have a nice and simple Mother's day celebration in church...

because its Mother's Day, the fathers have to cook.. lolz

the sermon was about Mother.. and after the service.. we have a small prayer session to bless the mothers among us

and then we took our lunch with the foods cook by the Fathers

later on in the afternoon, i made someone upset...Dont ask me why and how.

and when i saw that sms stated that she've boiled something for me as i've frequent stomach pain recently, i was touched...

met up for a few mins and she passed me the drink she've boil... enough said... ><

went for dinner with my family to celebrate Mother's Day

and finally, watching Manchester United claiming the EPL champions in a nearby Mamak stall...

*read back my post... and i can hardly understand what was i typing.. argh... anyhow.. thats all...

for now....

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spiderman 3

went out on friday night, with andy, chee hwa and "her"

it was nice seeing her again..

anyway, we reached GSC 1 Utama on time to watch Spiderman3...

Now who say that Spiderman 3 is not nice????

if its not nice how can this happen `Spider-Man 3' Nets Record $59M in 1 Day

"Spider-Man 3" took in a record $59 million domestically on opening day Friday, breaking the previous all-time high of $55.8 million for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" in its first day last summer.

well you can say its okay, its just nice, its fine... BUT NOT SUCKS / NOT NICE... lolz

i would not elaborate much about it as many people haven watch this movie yet..

for me, i would rate it 8/10

no regrets watching Spiderman3...

now i'm looking forward to Movies like Pirates3 and Transformers.. lolz

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hero of the day, Reina

and so, byebye to Chelsea as Liverpool deserve a win to go to the Champions League Finals!!!

thanks to the heroic performance by Reina, Liverpool's goalkeeper who made some superb saves during the penalty kickout...

yes, i do support ManchesterUnited.. so why i'm so happy that Liverpool won?? Because i dislike Chelsea.... hehehehe

tommorow, AC Milan vs Manchester United!!!!

ManU WILL WIN!!!!! ^^

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ultimate Street Tuners Carnival 2007

went to the Ultimate Street Tuners Carnival earlier tonight

many cars, many girls... see untill "eye flower"

too bad didnt win the Satria Neo...

[Slap Ownself] stop dreaming Joshua!!

The ever attractive Rose Chin according to Andy.......

and more pictures.. coming up!!!!


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