Thursday, January 31, 2008

GG to Mr Edison & "partners"

this is the period where Chinese people around the globe should discuss about

this movie CJ7

or this movie KungFuDunk


the news about Edison, Gillian Chung, Bobo and Cecillia Cheung

have been the hottest topic around

from this starting news of the first circulated picture about Edison and Gillian Chung on sunday

to the newest news of the the newest circulated picture of Cecillia Cheung yesterday that the picture was claimed to be captured in Edison's house as well

yes i had a look on all those photos revealed so far... no comments....

now the whole world is waiting for the " legendary video" or more pictures to be revealed

there are more than 10 other female artists who are being quoted by people that will be the next victim that is related to Edison to be exposed.. among including Jolin Tsai...

you want the pictures?? go GOOGLE it.. google will never fail you..

to the artists : GOOD GAME a.k.a GG!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

am sick


other than exam

i've been very BUSY

going in and out from toilet


i'm sick...

it all started on last friday... UNTIL NOW!!



help me..


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girl

if you notice, Nuffnang start having this advertisement today

Malaysian Dream Girl


this is the first online reality model search in Malaysia and will be fully broadcast over the internet

even o.O

well it will all start in March2008

and the audition will be in 16-17 of Feb2008

aiya, go to the website yourself for more information!!

* and oh yea, one of the judges will be KennySia

that's interesting ><

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exam hen diao

i would like to proudly announce "good game" to today's Data Structure Algorithm paper... really really very 屌 (diao)

i came out from the exam hall laughing to myself and laughing in front of my friends, continue laughing + talking crap in my friend's car while he's fetching me to the bus stop...

i only stop laughing after i came out from my friend's car.. today is my "happiest" day so far in 2008..

the 2nd paper was so so so so for tough and one small little thing which makes me speechless is, i came out from exam hall, and saw an sms..

i open... and saw...

sender : Maxis
topic : Share A Joke

it happen to be a mms actually...

ok share a joke..GREAT!! i read on.. and the content was like this

"where does a sheep get a haircut"

scroll down somemore

"at the baa-bers!"



with pictures sumore!!! walao eh... if i'm holding a Nokia3310, i'll immediately throw the phone...

the mms really came at the "right" time.. whats the problem with the people at MAXIS lar!! even if i'm in a very good mood the "joke" WAS LAME!!! DUH

lets all give a toast to MAXIS!!! yay!! budWEEWEE

oh ya, if you're underage and u cant have budWEEWEE then take this.. CRAPPUCINO!!

you can have some of these bars as well if you like... be my guest...

man, i really feel like crap...

stupid exam timetable which is plan so "brilliantly" cause me missing this

really crappy la wey....

i DONT care.. i'm so gonna go here after my exam

Niu Ze Xui

who is willing to go with me??

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Second Attack Of Clan Exam

Last Friday, an attack came unexpectedly from clan Exam of TARC (refer previous post) i was double kill by the group of 2 by the name of DB(B) and DB(A)

After days of recovering, i got hold of the next attack time.. we received news from an unknown source with the label CEL that the second attack will be on this very day 22-Jan-08 and there will be 2 waves...

we prepared ourselves and gathered at a place BlockQ which is quite near to the sport complex

as expected the attack came and this time they sent an army with the flag OperatingSystem(B)

we fought a hard battle for 2 whole hours... we went out of the battlefield and headed to BRJ to have a second to breathe

soon the second wave of attack came... it was 2pm... the place was at BlockR... and the enemy this time was OperatingSystem(A) which is quite identical to OperatingSystem(B)

what happen next was... indescribable.... the casualties were uncountable...

the goes the second attack...

why these two??

i enrolled for AdvancedDiplomaInScience with the so called "DegreeProgramme"

so for every subject i take, i have two papers to sit for...

one Bachelor (B) paper and another AdvancedDip(A) paper


BRJ is a mamak stall located in WangsaMaju.. although the variety of food is not as much as in Murni @ SS2, but the "attendance" during the night can beat Murni@SS2... aiya!! u have to go to both Mamak and see for yourself LARH!! hard to explain here.. lolz..

4 down.. 6 more to go...
please pray for me.. zzz Dying..

*and ya.. while im finding pictures of MurniSS2Mamak i found this

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Friday, January 18, 2008

double kill by database system

today i was double kill by Database System... o.O

2 down 8 to go...

next 2
22nd Jan 2008 Tuesday

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pack The Floor For 24 Day 2


just like the 1st Day, i was late at the 2nd Day... reached there around 6pm

and they still have the pole dancing thingy... OMG..

with the president of the event - Leonard being the pole

and they have other pole and dancers *shakes head*

and they have the butt shaking competition again *shake head even more*

skip that..

after that there was this performance by G4G

with a song from PlanetShakers along with their self made videoclip

just look at the pics bah..

the crowd was requested to go on stage as the next performance need the dance floor

performance by CenterStage

most pictures taken was not nice so i didnt post it up.. :)

G4G presented the second performance with the song WhoAmI by CastingCrowns

there was another workshop later on the last 10 minutes of the 24 hours dance marathon

everybody was cheering and shouting then

and the event was officially ended..

it ended quite well i would say.. lolz.. thats all for now..

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