Tuesday, October 24, 2006

VozXx's Birthday

on the 23rd of October which was yesterday, we celebrated VoZxx's birthday

after playing basketball in the morning, we went to restaurant WongKok in ss2 to take our lunch, out of so many places

why we went there??

thats because our "tai kor" VoZxx wanted to drink "Dai dai bui" ( bigbig cup ) which is for free in WongKok for those who is having their birthday....

and its really quite big... all of us ( 7 people ) didnt order any drinks as we are sharing the "bigbig cup" together

know what i mean now??

VoZxx and his gf

smile ^^

supz and the cup...

steven taking a picture to let people misunderstand he finished the whole drink

we're trying to put some "brokeback" effects in this picture and the picture below

me and steven...

okayyy i know i look horrible...

*i really dont feel like posting the picture with me...

staying at home always and sleeping at weird times + eating more than usual contribute very much to my current body weight and i am really fatter than last time already... much more fatter...

which is.. erm actually good or bad???

anyway, back to the story, and so we went to cine leisure which is next to the curve ( in case some people dont have any idea where is cine leisure)

*and if you dont know where's the curve, its somewhere near to 1 Utama, and and if somehow you DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE IS 1 UTAMA then i'll have to kill you ( there is really one person who is my national service mate a few years back who really dont know what and where is 1 Utama and she, YESSS!!! "ITS" A SHE!!!! lives in KL, to be exact, CHERAS her whole 18 years of life!!!!!!! )

opps.. i've gone too far... come back come back....

we watched open season which is an animation/cartoon and its quite funny ^^

walked around in the curve for a while and later on we finally ended the so called "celebration of VoZxx's Birthday"


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Friday, October 20, 2006

bloghopping around and then

i haven do this in ages

bloghopping around...

at this very time of a day -- a few hours after midnight ( to be exact 2.14am).. its extremely nice to do this... because after midnight, everything seems to stop

yea stop -- JUST LIKE THAT!!

and its sooo quiet ^^

at this moment its nice reading stuffs eg : blogposts!!!

its nice reading people's thoughts, views on stuffs.. people's experience... etc

and out of some posts u will see pictures with beautiful colours or beautiful people or BOTH!!!

some pics are just amazing like this one

and this one!!!

reading those type of posts about them going to certain places + WONDERBEAUTIAMAZING-ful pictures makes me soooo wanna go to those places myself.. and for your information the 2 pics above was taken in

which is a "veli beau-dai-fu" place

*i "stole" those pics from cheeserland.com

bloghopping is so "phun"!!! =p lolz

i even found a picture which is a place i would really want to go now immediately


seriously, am not in a good mood now, would really want to go to a place as shown in the picture above and scream my lungs out

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

basketball mates

+ something to think about +

few days ago i went out for lunch with my friends
we went to KFC....
and so
one of us ordered the "buka puasa set"

A : eh why ar, the chickens so small piece already!!! (complaining)
B : aiyoh, now puasa mar!!
everybody : swt / speechless / laugh

*if only u can catch what am i saying

all these years ( swt.. sound so old like that )

* correction : these few years

*i've been playing basketball with this group of friends... was in the same secondary school with them...

back then, every saturday morning we will gather at our secondary school's basketball court and play basketball together

during that time, there were many other people.. among them are people like chiu lai, ccs, fungjan, wei cheng, ahkai, kahyuen, jengyaw, waiyip, kimkuan, laykuan etc

till now most of the people back then stopped playing basketball already... only a few of them still continue playing which is the people below... at least those whom i know still playing...

me, shujian, supz, mao, steven, vozxx, feichu

Name : Joshua Ong (Me larhh)
Nickname : ShuA / shuako
Status : Single
Description : The weakest of all, often let his teammates down during most of the bball games he played, but recently dont know why, suddenly miraculously he can shoot/throw the ball from some impossible angle and make a succesful shot ( okay i'm praising myself, ignore that ^^)
Name : Wong Shu Jian
Nickname : Mr Wong / Tall
Status : Single
Description : The tallest among all, some say he reached 200cm already.. but actually his height is "only" around 194cm... love to shoot from 2 point area last time, rbut recently "evolved" already and started playing as a centre below the hoop and since then he become a much more reliable teammate dominating the area below the hoop
Name : Tang Shiong Wai
Nickname : Supz / General Ten / Short
Status : Single
Description : The shortest among all, our very own 3 point shooter, can be very fast if he wants to, can cross both left and right side... always "bangkai" during bball games
Name : Mah Chan Fung ( John )
Nickname : FeiMao / Fat / JoFroZe
Status : Single
Description : The fattest among all, after mixing with us all who always play basketball, he cant stand it anymore, jz started playing basketball recently .. with his "body" defending below the hoop, not much people can get near the hoop without being "hurt" by him.. very talented bballer ^^
Name : Chia Won Fei (Steven)
Nickname : Gon / Thin / Bryant
Status : Single
Description : The thinnest among all, the best among of us as well i can say, his shoot is accurate most of the times, can lay up using both side of hands "beautifully", the only thing he dont know how to do is how to dunk i guess.. which.. erm.. all of us dont know as well... except for shu jian hmm, i wonder...
Name : Chan Teck Liang
Nickname : Vozxx / BenWallace / iverson
Status : In a relationship
Description : Strong defensive player which loves blocking people, being a bballer under the hoop, he makes many rebounds and blocks successfully and he can shoot quite accurately as well
Name : Wan Yew Weng
Nickname : FeiChu / DwyaneWade
Status : "Married" / " Engaged"
Description : The "idiot" which pull me in to play basketball, used to ride bicycle with him all the way to our secondary school to play basketball during our sec school days, an average player with average rebounds, steals, and shots

some of the pictures taken...

Supz & Mao

高矮肥瘦 ---- Tall Short Fat Thin (behind)

高矮肥瘦 ---- Tall Short Fat Thin (front)

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

H.U.G.E 06 Camp

this afternoon, i was lying down on the couch playing games on my handphone and dad came upstairs and hand me 2 brochures....

ah.. the logo...

its H.U.G.E camp logo!!!

well, as much as i've expected, i'm not "that" excited like the previous years where i will pester my dad and kept asking him about H.U.G.E camp brochures...

at the age of 20 ( err okay, 19 going to be 20 ), am i too "old" to be excited...

or its me?? hmmmm

+ something to think about +

current album : YuHeng 2006 Real

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a lesson to learn

after 8 months ++ since the day we broke up... at the night of 17 September 2006.. we agreed to be together again... this time its jz a try out...

cuz we still have feelings for each other....

finally after 3 weeks plus which is recently...

we broke up...

broke up not in a way like argue, scolding each other, fighting and cursing each other.. talking bad about each other... no no no... not like that...

we broke up in a peaceful manner...

we both knew that we cant be together again... things changed... i'm not the guy she first met, she's not the girl i first met as well...

although the feeling is there, but most of the time in our life, its not up to us to decide on how and what things will turn up to be....

there are too much things to be taken into consideration, its not like those stories we usually watch in the movies where with love then everything can be solved..

its not like that in the real world...

like what chinese people usually say :

有情饮水饱 [ with love drink water full already ==> with love, everything also doesnt matters already ]

well, those who are in a rich family, they can surely say that... but its really unfair to those people in the middle class / lower class, people like me....

chinese people always ask, between love and bread what will you choose??

if you ask me that a few years ago, i'll definitely say i choose love...

now..... i'll think for a very very very long time.. and i still cant give u a certain answer

how bout you?? what will you choose??

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The Hospital

recently i just finish watching a taiwan drama on the title TheHospital

not like most of the people who watch this drama because of their "idol (Jerry Yan)" who is the main actor, i watch this drama because its different... different from other taiwan drama which have too much fashion / childish / unlogical, etc contents...
*i still enjoy watchin taiwanese drama ^^

the story itself attracted me ... and to be frank, its really interesting to me.. although its 39 episodes of drama... but its worth it...

er.. i shall not talk anything about the story, you watch it yourself

pic above : the cast (most of them)

the actors/actress actually did quite well in the drama, how they act as the characters in the story... i think its good...

compared to most dramas from taiwan which consist of "good looking actors/actress without much acting skills"

i think there are people out there who will agree with me for sure...

rating 9/10

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