Thursday, April 30, 2009

review on Sell Out

Yet another local production. All Malaysians say Malaysia Boleh!

thanks to Sebastian, i attended the premiere screening of Sell Out early this week.

Aha, well the last local production i watched was like end of last year which is a movie with the title KAMI. A movie made popular from a TV series with the same title. and before that i watched the most happening local film with "strictly non-wajalution/wiralution" cars - Evolusi KL Drift.

Both of which i rated above average where i DID really enjoy at some part of the screening and most importantly, i didn't fall asleep.

and the same goes to this movie. I did enjoy viewing it.

With a Malaysian release date of 7 May 2009, this very local production have bagged a few awards oversea and there were already fans from all over the world. As strange as it seems, this very movie have a few musicals in it....

NO not Bollywood kinda musicals with shaking heads, rolling down a hill and hiding behind a tree, with many people dancing in the background....

NO not Disney's High School Musical kinda musicals as well...

Well, how can i say this.... erm...

Just imagine the 2 old dudes above...


Okay okay okay, maybe not the 2 old dudes, maybe this young handsome looking guy above



Gah anyways, the movie revolves around 2 main person, the guy above Eric Tan and the girl below Rafflesia Pong who works for a company with the name FONY and both their boss are the 2 old dudes shown above.

Both of the person are like everyone else in the world today, struggling to live their lifes securing their jobs and such. Well, like everyone else, erm almost, except the filthy rich dudes. So from time to time, a song will be played with someone singing in the background, of course there were no dancing included, unlike most musicals, the musicals in this movie are mostly sad and slow.

like the one scene above where this patient Tony Chow Chee Fai sang a song about love...

Okay i know i talk too much about the musicals in this movie and believe me, the musicals are quite entertaining at times and the its not that frequent as how i mention it here in this review.

Well, despite the 105 mins running time and some draggy party here and there which is quite a minor problem to me, there are a few parts of this movie that i like actually.

In the first confusing 10-15 minutes, i like how the scene was taken in the coffee shop....
I was entertained by most of the jokes in the movie except for the later "But But" part...

and the scene i remembered most was when Tony was interviewed, from the time he intro himself where i was laughing till the time everything went quiet till he passed away, that few minutes actually struck me pretty hard. Thanks to the song sang by CHEEFAI... =X

and the rest, go watch it yourself... Though it would be better if the movie was shorter, i would say that this movie is quite enjoyable and its pretty watchable as well!!

Do support local production once in a while. =)

My Rating for this movie is 6.5/10

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nuffnang Boleh, LG Boleh, Malaysia Boleh!!

Wootz! Its all set!! To those who're going this Friday, See You!!

Star Trek wheeeeeeeee
*although i'm a bigger fan of X-Wings and Lightsaber xD

and Oh, do you know about the upcoming party for bloggers?

this time round its From Nuffnang & LG!!

click on this picture above.

LCD TV and Touchscreen Handphones up for grabs weh!!!!


Wait what? Faster write in la...
Can't think of a slogan? Write this in...

Life’s Good When You Blog Because I love Nuffnang and LG.
Sure can wan!! Lolx
*though it doesn't make any much sense lah..

Nuffnang Boleh, LG Boleh, Malaysia Boleh!!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast Update #58 Back to Back

Some say it sucks, Some say it was pretty funny. What can i say? I was definitely LOL when i heard "hi my name is Tony Chow Chee Fai" just now. xD

It was the movie - Sell Out.

Anyone, the bloggers movie meet on Sunday was fun!! Tagging and commenting on Facebook have already started!

it was an awesome day.

Will blog about it soon, very soon, i wish.....

but before that i'm going to re-sit one paper this Thursday.
The paper that will determine i can graduate this term or not.
Pray for me yea? =)

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Groove Junction Bistro & Cafe @ Sri Hartamas

It was the day we witnessed Firefall. You know about waterfall right? Just substitute water with fire and there you go, firewall....

picture by HsuJen

The few of us which consist of Kelli, Nigel, Hsu Jen, Yatz and of course me.

It was the 18th of April 2009. Thanks to the people at Groove Junction, we attended a food review over there during the night.

A place which is quite comfy and cozy and upon entering the area, you'll see a bar situated in the middle with the whole place built in such a way that makes you want to stay longer and enjoy yourself there even if you're all by yourself. At least that's what i felt when i first step in. After all, it is a place with a music theme and i love music!

Those who're involved in the jazz scenes in Malaysia would probably know this very place, a place which offers some quality performances by some local bands from time to time providing entertainments. Relaxing ones that is. =)

while we're getting some brief information about the place, we got ourselves a glass of Mango Mint Ice Tea each. My favourite drink of the night if you ask me as i love the combination where its pretty refreshing, not to mention where when the taste of mango comes in with a bit of mint flava.

Soon enough, we have some Tapas.

Salsa Berenjenas - RM11

They name this the Salsa Berenjenas. Eggplant with olive oil, chili herbs and sliced Baguette. It was pretty good i thought and believe me, it's not as spicy as it looks in the picture and for those eggplant haters, you should try this because even Yatz who don't fancy eggplant thought that this is nice!

Salsa Berenjenas - RM11

This is the sliced Baguette that comes with the eggplant above and when you take them both together, you'll just know it's something that you'll want the next time you visit the place again. The first one was already so nice already! Gosh.

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms - RM13

Next up was this Kentucky Fried Chicken Crispy Oyster Mushrooms. Yes!! we were told that some of the regulars over there actually thought that it is KFC where it tasted a bit like chicken. With the crisp and such, it became my favourite dish that night. Something i would order the next time i visit this place.

Grilled Asparagus - RM12

Grilled Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. It was a green dish where i enjoyed it pretty much seeing that i'm a vegetable lover, but look at what Yatz say about this dish - I just love it especially with the Hollandaise sauce! Nuff said!!

Lemon Fish Fritos - RM16

The Lemon Fish Fritos is a dish with deep fried fish nuggets served with tartar sauce, just like the Crispy Oyster Mushrooms mentioned above and according to the people at Groove Junction this is one of the regulars favourite during those music nights and people could enjoy taking a few bites on this while enjoying the music of live jazz bands. Awesome?

Chicken Waldorf Salad was the next dish. Served with apples, celery, sour cream and nuts, it is one of those salads where i enjoyed because i don't really fancy salad very much, but this specific one appears to be fine with me. Definitely a great one for those who're in diet as well as the salad lovers!

then right before the main course, we were served with this special drink with the name of Lemon Grass Caviar. A really soothing drink and i could imagine myself enjoying more if there were a live band there in front of me and that specific moment i had my first sip.

It seems like i'm praising all the stuffs that have been served thus far huh? Well you better go there to try it yourself and you'll agree with me. =)

Right after the drink was served, we have this. It is quite similar with the Lemon Fish Fritos mentioned above where this time, it is served with tomato salsa and some chili padi. Its Nigel's favourite tapas that night.

Penne Arabiatta (Vegetarian) - RM18

The Penne Arrabiata was up next. With eggplants eggplants, black olives, basil and sun dried tomatoes in spicy pomodoro sauce, this one would be the favourite for pasta lovers especially those who love specifically pennes! The taste was just right and i loved it!

Seafood Spaghetti (Olio Style) - RM28

At the same time, we had this as well. Cooked in Olio style with lots of seafood if you ask me. With the recession going around, i don't see much places serve this amount of seafood already especially in a dish like this, the spaghetti ones. and when you talk about the taste, i can tell you that the seafood have no weird smell at all, and i thought that it was all nice.

Pan Fried Seabass - RM28

This is one heck of a dish i must say. I'm pretty sure you have lots to say about this very dish if you've tried it before yourself. The seabass was absolutely awesome with the lemon butter sauce! and underneath it, the mashed green peas was one of the hightlight that night, i didn't know that green peas could taste that nice all these while!

Lamb Shank - RM38

One dish that you could see at various places. Served with mashed potatoes, fresh salad & rosemary sauce. Dishes like this always made my day especially when the sauce goes along so well with the meat. I was all satisfied after this.

Warm Chocolate Lava - RM14

With some vanilla ice cream above, the base of chocolate cake filled with warm chocolate lava within would make you go yummy the moment you have it in your mouth.

Crepe' Suzette with flaming Contreau - RM22

This, was the blast. A type of French dessert, with caramelized sugar and orange juice and this was when we witness Firefall. Ha. I couldn't really describe this very dessert but I', definitely loving it very much and for sure, i'll order it the next time i go!!

This was the very last of the session. Mocha Martini.
A well blend of coffee and alcohol i would say. =)

In short, i enjoyed myself despite being a little bit fatter and gaining a few more Kg. Gah.

Definitely a good place to head to for those working slave who wants to get some air to breathe. You could call a few friends and make a few dates and head over to this place at Desa Sri Hartamas, especially on the nights where they have live performances.

Groove Junction
1-1, Jalan 22A/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 8990
*closed on Sundays.

For updates on the performances, visit
*pictures by Nigel

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fast Update #57 Saturday That Was.

Just got back home and bath. It was a crazy Saturday with lots of last minute decisions made.

Heineken Party @ Hap Seng Star Showroom.

Despite the hot sun early in the morning, i had some awesome basketball session which i've been longing for quite some time already. Ate some tasty duck rice for lunch. Took a quick nap and headed to the Heineken Party during the night(which i owe an apology to Jamie). Headed back to a mamak around 12am and had a good time meeting some old friends and the BF of an old friend. Interesting. All of the above told were decisions made at the very last minute. Crazy moments i call these.

but that's not yet the end!!

The best thing of all, i witnessed one of the most awesome come back by Manchester United where the score when from 0-2 to 5-2. Best!! Was super happy then!! haha

Anyways, now, i have to sleep. So till then, thank you bye bye and for those who're coming, see you in a few more hours time.


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Morning in Manchester

14 March 2009

It was a fine day. I just spent my night in Manchester and i was all excited waking up the next morning. It was the morning, the morning of the day where one of the biggest game in English Premier League season 2008/2009. The game which have lots of people in shock, especially those who bet lots of money in it.

I washed up and headed to the lobby only to found out that the breakfast time was delayed one hour. Of course, i wasn't the only one who found that out, a few of them were chit chatting at the entrance.

A few pictures were taken and i went out to the streets where i woke up totally thanks to the windy weather that morning. I was still quite sleepy a second before stepping out.

the roads were totally empty at that time, nobody, no vehicles. It was like the scenes in I am Legend. and so, a few of us headed out to the streets to enjoy the breeze out there, walking around snapping pictures here and there.

It was so windy that a moment you could see the clouds and after a while, the clouds were no where to be seen. I was all happy then, with the nice weather and such, i was expecting a good match later in the afternoon.

I love these 2 shots particularly which i took above. A quiet street.

The few of us didn't walk quite far away from the inn we're staying at. We were just at some empty space one street across.

as you can see in the picture above, Andrew who's the guy in the left hand side taking pictures have most of his body covered up and he look like a terrorist there and then. That was how windy/cold!

With Andrew and Abu, we snap loads of pictures with Abu taking recording down some clips.

Loads of photos that is. Enjoy!

While we're there, a few "green head ducks" caught our attention. Yeh green head ducks. A few of them mentioned about the ducks before we headed out for a walk and we were delighted to see them ourselves. As if we've not seen ducks before lolx.

and if you pay attention in this very picture above, you can see that among the ducks, there's one unique one far end in the pic which is different than the others. Immediately, it reminds me of Ugly Duckling if you've watch the cartoon before.

the ducks were swimming further away from us and of course, we tried going nearer crossing the bridge and after a while taking a few pictures, they..

flew off just like that, into the sky.... Ducks flying away.... that's not what you'll normally see in the city of KL. I couldn't even imagine seeing ducks in Sungai Gombak Lolx. Stupid people who polluted the river.

the later minutes were spent with me doing some stupid things

and taking much more pictures...

After staying there for one day, i actually liked the place quite a lot and i wish i have the money to study overseas and stay in such a city, such a place where it's totally different than KL. Much quieter and much simpler. HweiMing must be enjoying himself in Manchester.

these 2 pictures above is nice right? =D

Poser xD

The hour was pretty short for us and soon, it was breakfast time.

and so, i had an English breakfast, something i don't normally do back in Malaysia. Bacons, steam mushrooms, baked beans, eggs, some juice and such, it was all good.

At around 10.30am, the bus came and we were all set to go to Old Trafford.

The Theatre of Dreams that is where we totally didn't imagine of witnessing one of Manchester United biggest lost to Liverpool at home ground in recent years.

to be continue

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