Monday, April 13, 2009

Walking in Manchester : Night

13 March 2009

After bidding good bye with HweiMing, i started walking back to the Premier Inn all by myself. Took loads of pictures on the way and paying attention on the surroundings, the people, the buildings, the happenings. View the pictures yea.

Bicycle lane.

The roads there were pretty well structured and is pretty wide compared to the ones in KL.

On the way back to my accommodation place, i passed by lots of buildings where most of it are buildings of different field of studies, all under the University of Manchester.

Yes, the buildings were located on the whole stretch of the road there.

and there were lots of gardens spotted in between every few buildings, places to hang out or study i guess.

thanks to my shaky hands, i took some of these slow shutter pictures which i'm pretty in to recently and the results are pretty blur xD. There are more of such shots below. =)

i don't know why but i like this picture above.

this is the Manchester Aquatics Center where they have swimming pools inside plus some aquatics facilities.

Oh and yes, there's this Manchester Metropolitan University situated along the road as well, just after the University of Manchester. A whole street of university buildings that is.

still taking slow shutter pictures =P

i like the feeling of this building taken above, some restaurant if i'm not mistaken

and that night, there was some ongoing Spanish & Latin American Film Festival thingy.

Leaving the roads filled with University buildings, i came across a street filled of restaurants and entertainment venues.

some theater center.

reminds me of a street/lorong @ Jalan Ipoh where there's a river there.

building under construction/renovation.

The Temple, an eating place i assume which is located underground and is in between 2 roads. Gah.

Finally i reached this very junction where its pretty near to my staying place and i stayed there for quite some time taking lots of slow shutter pictures as there are many vehicles passing by the junction.

My favourite picture of the night. =)

There are many more pictures but it all sucks. Anyway, i never have this feeling before, walking in a totally unfamiliar street paying attention at the things around, a whole different culture in front of me, having my eyes moving all around and my hands snapping pictures here and there. Doing this all alone by myself, i'm pretty sure i can do backpacking all by myself one day in the future in more countries. I actually enjoyed doing all these all by myself, slowly spending my time and enjoying the windy weather there. Good thing it was not raining!

The later night was spend eating instant noodles xD and watching some shows on the TV and though i was pretty excited on the next day which is the MATCH DAY, i fall asleep pretty fast.

I was tired.

to be continue....

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