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The very FIRST day in Manchester

13 March 2009

Stepping out from the plane, I was still pretty blur and i still can't believe that i'm already in UK, on the grounds of Manchester far away from Malaysia, it was a safe trip with Emirates.

The whole bunch of us went up for the shuttle bus service to the departure halls @ the airport.

It was pretty windy when we came out and there's a bit of rain then.

acting like a "jakun" in front of this vendor machine and i saw this condom machine in the toilet as well. I went "Uh.. Oh...."

Getting our luggage and boarding the bus and off we go, heading to our very accommodation place, Premier Inn.

camwhore moments in the bus with abu and liang...

houses i wish i can stay in...

don't ask me why i took this...

under the flyover...

the one and only high rise building i saw there, Hilton Hotel. Gasp.

and so, it took us like 20 minutes from the airport to the destination, passing by lots of junctions where the roads are so much wider than the ones in KL, some pretty kick ass place, a graveyard, a few schools with nice soccer fields unlike the ones in KL and many awesome housing areas i thought.

Gosh it's like 30 minutes of time being in Manchester and i'm complaining about Kuala Lumpur already. Ish.

da building across the Premier Inn that we're staying at. FYI, there're like 4 Premier Inns in Manchester.

and so, we had our luggages and waited for our names to be called to collect our own rooms. This was when i met Kenny and Ming as they arrived in UK earlier than us. and Yes we have our very own room, ONE PERSON ONE ROOM!!!

and uh, i was wondering, do they have these quick check in machines in the inns in Malaysia? Don't say inns, i think the hotels here don't have it too. Gahhh. Well, correct me if i'm wrong.

This is the room i got and it looks much more decent and nice than some place called hotel in Kuala Lumpur. THIS IS ONLY A ROOM IN AN INN. NOT HOTEL. *shakes head* Of course, it's not very spacious but it's more than enough for one person alone and as you can see, the bed we got is NOT A SINGLE BED. Awesom right?

Contacted my girl and family and settled down for quite a while after contacting Hwei Ming who was suppose to meet me there.

Soon, enough, Hweiming made his way to the place i was at and he brought me out walking around in Manchester and the first place he brought me to was the China Town in Manchester which is the picture shown above.

We went to Arndale, the most happening shopping place @ Manchester lolx

and passed by the Eye On Manchester

saw some local people performing

and according to Hwei Ming, Starbucks is just normal in UK and Caffe Nero is a more high rated chain of coffee drinking cafe. Well. I have not try that and i will do so in the future.

uh and PURE is one of the happening Clubbing spots in Manchester. O.O No money for that.

and so, we continue walking, chatting with me taking pictures from time to time.

went to lots of places and walked for quite long which i actually enjoy doing so as it's windy and i did not sweat at all lolx. You can view more pictures taking during the walk here.

oh and this guy is the guy who does not move and can stand there for one whole day.

and so, we passed by Piccadilly Garden bus station as well which reminds me of Pekeliling in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, pekeliling sucks more than Piccadilly, hands & legs down.

Soon it's going to be night and HweiMing asked me what do i want to eat and i was totally undecided and we ended up going to some place near the University that HweiMing's studying at.

A place that most UK people would know and because this place was situated in a place that's near the University, the price there is abit lower.

So, this was what we have, Lasagne and Tortilla Chips which i thought that it's pretty good and i was quite satisfied after the meal. I guessed i owe HweiMing a BIG thanks for bringing me around and of course introducing the place to dine at.

How much was the meal after the conversion of Pound to Ringgit? It's not important la...

A short talk after the meal marks the end of our meeting and i walked all the way back to Premier Inn all by myself....

to be continue...

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Chong said...

The most important thing when you are in UK is do not convert whatever price you see/going to pay. Else, you will never get to enjoy anything...

StrippedSteph said...

hey u stayed so close to where i stay when im in Manchester! Gotta love Primark!

Andrew said...

:( joshua bad!! tempt me again... next time we go manchester again together!!

Yatz said...

wah..the lasagna and tortilla chip so cheap what the chip..

joshuaongys said...

> Chong : hahhaha and that's why i enjoy there and come back with this face =( lolx

> StrippedSteph : YES PRIMARK BEST!! hahahaha but i found out tat place like last minute darn...

> Andrew : i am at the good side and so be it lets go manchester again!! lolx

> Yatz : hahahahahaha yesh yesh thanks to hweiming haha

julian said...

The weather looks like typical UK depressing gray, but I miss the clubs and pubs scene there... I used to go a club called 'Pure' in Edinburgh, I wonder if there's a connection?

pinkyping said...

wow... i wanna go manchester also! you there for holiday or study?

joshuaongys said...

> julian : ahhhh you miss the club and pub scenes there huh? lolx didn't know you go to these places hahahaha hmmm maybe there's a connection there lets go find out one day!!! xD

> pinkyping : i wan go back there again =( ahaha i won a trip la so its consider a holiday gua, anyway this happen one month back ler...

girl said...

remember, dont forget to bring me along. wee!~

joshuaongys said...

> girl : lolx orh!

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