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The Big Match - Manchester United VS Liverpool

In like 6 hours time, Manchester United will face Barcelona in Rome. Said to be one of the biggest finals in the past 10 years, perhaps in history as well. Lets see how will it turn out to be!

and i just remembered i haven finish posting about the UK trip to Old Trafford witnessing the match ManUtd losing to Liverpool. Gosh it was saddening. =(

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Alright lets start. After the adventurous morning exploring just the surroundings of Premier Inn.

after the excellent english breakfast, we got our stuffs and waited at the lobby for the bus to come fetching us to Old Trafford. Soon enough, the bus came and the first thing we got in the bus was this!!

The ticket to the match!! Wheeeeeeee i was extremely excited that i took a picture with it straight away. My first time holding a match ticket of a ManUtd game!! An historical moment for me. haha.

It takes us around 20 minutes before we reach the legendary venue. The street where many of the Manchester United legends step their foot on before. The Theatre of Hopes, Old Trafford!!


It was like 2 hours before the match and there're people all over the place already. Grabbing their lunch i think.


Why i think they were there to have lunch, refer at the picture above, there're a whole stretch of shops selling fish and chips and such. Crazy scene i tell you, then there were people around selling scarf, badges, and other unofficial merchandises of Manchester United Football Club. I was all excited. Just like a small kid going to a playground and all. Very Very Excited. =D

As you can see, it was a sunny day, a good day i assume that time and i can't wait for Manchester to trash Liverpool that time which turned out totally different. Ha. =X

and so, immediately after coming out from the bus, the 30++ of us disappeared and walk around everwhere here and there. I was with a few of them walking all the way to the stadium. Having our own sweet time walking around looking left and right. You know, you don't really see Malaysians police/guards sitting on a horse patrolling around. Haha.

Soon we reached the stadium, standing out of the place makes me feel very very.... I don't know how to describe it. I was touched. I mean like i never really imagine myself, i DON'T EVEN DARE to imagine myself going all the way to UK, to Old Trafford to watch a live match. =')

and ah, i managed to take a picture with THE UNITED TRINITY! Hohoho. xD

Then, a few of us managed to take a picture. One of us was semangat to bring that mini banner there Haha.

Everyone of us entered the Megastores and there was LOTS of people there, i guessed they made the most during the match day itself where lots of people buying mainly the jerseys and other related items. Liang, Kenny and Ming all bought stuffs that time and i was just walking around with both my hands empty coming out from the store. xD

That 2 hours past very fast and soon it was match time already. I walked in with a few friends, the few winners of Mister Potato contest.

We took a lift and walk up the stairs and made our way up to the place we were suppose to sit. As i was entering the area to my seats, i could hear cheerings and shoutings, the chants and cheers made my heart jump 100 times faster and i could feel my steps becoming heavier for that few seconds when i step into the place. It was amazing!!

Not exagerrating, That was my most breathtaking moment in my life thus far i would say. Totally speechless!! Eyes big big getting amazed by what i see.

A stadium full filled with football fans cheering and chanting for their team. SYIOK!

Soon, the match started and i was all excited, Manchester played pretty good with a challenging side from Liverpool and everyone was standing up when this happen...

Ronaldo scoring the penalty!

and sad to say, that was the only goal from Manchester United where Liverpool scored twice before half time ended.

and the numbers of security guards around the away team supporters area doubled straight away during half time. No kidding. Please refer to 2 pictures before the one above and refer back to the picture above and you'll know!! Crazy. o.O

Don't mess with the fans, the hard core ones. I remembered witnessing 2 times during the match that a few people got escorted out of their seats.

The first time is because there's this guy who stand up raising his hands shouting when Liverpool scored and everyone around started cursing and shouting at him. It was pretty stupid i think because the place we're all sitting is full of ManUtd supporter.

The second time, there was this guy who kept on talking about Liverpool to his friend and someone in front got annoyed and start shouting and scolding the person followed by everyone around joined in shouting and scolding at the person.

Soccer fans in United Kingdom, GANAS!!

Ming & me.

The match resumed soon and for all i know, the match go on with 2 more goals scored by Liverpool with an ending result of 4-1.

Pretty disappointing for me who's there watching a live EPL match but well since now that they've won the EPL title, AGAIN, i'm all fine MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Like what i've said before, I WOULD RATHER WALK ALONE! xD

Paul Scholes was unhappy that time ha.

The stadium got empty pretty fast, so as the streets. Fans were disappointed and the guards were telling everyone off to avoid commotion between the Liverpool supporters which was released out from the stadium a bit later.

On the other hand, we headed back to the place we got down to get back to Premier Inn. On the way back i got an SMS from Jason.

Bugger. !&^$*&@#%^&@!$#*&@!#!@# lol

Got back and had a wash up and headed out straight away.

The rest of the day was spent walking around at Arndale shopping mall. Managed to record a video of a street performance by 2 kids. Not totally amazing but its entertaining.

View the video below.

2 Boys Performing Street Dance in Manchester.

So what did i did next? I guessed the picture tells what i did already la lolx. I was dead broke after buying those because i don't have real much money there in UK. Need to keep some to buy souvenirs for the friends back in Malaysia so i can't shop more.

The rest of the night was spent with me myself and i with some instant noodle. Sad Case. Ha.

and so, that was the big day, the big match between Manchester United & Liverpool which ended in 1-4.

I even heard one of the Mamee staff saying that she saw people crying out at the streets during midnight after she finished clubbing, crying because ManUtd lost to Liverpool. Fuh. O.O


Alice Q. Manuella said...

wahahaha..... XD
Jason's sms lol.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Hopefully one day I have a chance to go ANFIELD :D

muahaha. lol

yapthomas said...



Chris Thoo said...

i am not so much of a soccer fan, but i'll probably laugh at malaysia. Not being biased, but we all know how hardworking the malaysian team players are.

seems like you had a very nice trip over there eh?

chun.hien said...

haha. probably they'll need to deploy 3 players to mark ronaldo alone. hehe just kidding. m'sia boleh! :D

see you there man!

joshuaongys said...

> Alice Q. Manuella : aiseh you anthr one, laugh also... T_T

> wayeyoung : you'll get to go one day la!! Make sure u go!! and i hope that when you go, you'll see them playing a winning game bah =)

> yapthomas : sob sob..

> Chris Thoo : who isn't laughing at Msia? lolx okay la maybe i'm biased lmao. and yeaps, i sure did have a nice trip over there!! just got disappointed that they lost that specific match. T_T

> chun.hien : who knows? maybe ronaldo will be playing keeper against Malaysia!! HAHAHA alright i hope i can go to that match. =D

RealGunners said...

i miss those horseback police..

and MU just got thrashed by Barca woohooo!!!

and.. if your a Koppite then nvm, but if you're a neutral, Anfield is shait to visit.. poor guide, poor facility, poor pitch.. Old Trafford and Emirates Stadium much much better...

joshuaongys said...

> RealGunners : hahaha how come u miss them wan! they saved u before arh??

lolx ManUtd played very badly la dat match hahaha

oh really ah, Anfield.... that bad kah.... hmmmm but if i'm a loyal fan of Liverpool i'll definitely go de..

jam said...

It is always nice to be at our home - Old Trafford. I am still waiting for my chance to be there. Well done to you!

joshuaongys said...

> jam : nice? IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME OKAY!! hahahaha you'll get your chance i blif!! i wana go there again as well!

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