Thursday, May 21, 2009

review on Angels & Demons

Oh and i watched Angels & Demons already! Based on one of the best selling novel itself, its one of the biggest fictional story along with The DaVinci Code since ages ago which is religion related where there were quite a lot of churches discourages Christians to read the original story on the novel.

As for me, i've watched The DaVinci Code and i've now watched this very movie and i must say that these movie don't really pull me down in terms of faith in God. Furthermore, if you watch it from a neutral perspective where you don't believe the facts in the movie, you'll actually find that it's a pretty entertaining movie.

I love it especially when they showed the scenes in the different churches, the venues and places that's filled with the historical scent, some of them were recreated and i must say that it was really amazing. The Vaticans and such.

I don't really read books since primary school days except for comic books so i didn't go through both books by Dan Brown as well. However, i could see why the novels topped the book charts in various places as Dan Brown is really good in writing and creating the story with all the elements and facts.

and uh Tom Hanks is GOOD!

While many say that they reduced many things from the book, many details with a few changes here and there with the movie moving in a much faster pace, i would say that this movie is pretty watchable and it's definitely worth it watching it in the cinemas.

Especially this very scene in the picture shown above at almost the end of the movie. The sky is very the beautiful!!! Haha.

and ah the unexpected ending. Nice. Haha.

My Rating for this movie is 7.5/10.


Fumoffu said...

I have not watched The DaVinci Code -__-

joshuaongys said...

> Fumoffu : go read the book den dun watch hahaha cuz they say the book is nicer!

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