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Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Finale @ The Curve

Okay before you read anything written here in this blog post. Go watch the video posted just below alright? Hope you enjoy it! xD

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Finale @ The Curve
*sorry for the low quality of the video as i don't have enough memory disk space, so the settings i used was pretty low. =X

So yea, thanks to MalaysianDreamgirl, i attended the Grand Finale of Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 @ The Curve just last night.

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Finale @ The Curve

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Finale @ The Curve

Unlike the first season finale that was at 1Utama last year which is more spacious and attracted ALOT more crowds/passerby around the area, this time round it was pretty crowded with less people around. Crowded inside the finale area and less people out of the area.

Okay, no complains to that because they need sponsors and such to provide them with a more strategic + big venue.

The things that i don't understand is why their PA system/guy sucks so much. It was pretty terrible, it was too loud when they showed some of the videos throughout the season there and then and during a few parts of the fashion show, i can actually a clash between 2 different tracks and it was quite awful.

Then uh huh their lighting was gahhhhhhh... Please look at the 2 girls behind not the 2 girls in front xD. I was like o.O when i looked back at my pictures. =X

and the performance they had was erm quite boring for me and i'm sure some of the people there grew bored of it too as i saw a few yawns during the few performances.

Alright maybe its just me myself having problems with my ears, eyes and most probably the camera i used as well haha. Lets proceed, like FINALLY.

The girls were all good, i mean like their facial expression and their catwalk and stuff, of course that's in my eyes and i don't know what the others think bah. Just that there's this one specific girl who look quite down and can't seem to cheer up. Some personal problems probably.

OR MAYBE, she might not be satisfy with the fashion wear she had!

If you've attended both the last finale and this one, you'll most probably agree with me.

Here's a few pictures from last year finale to refresh your minds.

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 Finale

Alright maybe it's just me that's all. Its just me who think that the girls got to wear much nicer last year with more different themes/brands/sponsors(perhaps).

No offence to the brands/sponsors who provided the fashion wear last night, I do think that the fashion wear they had last night was a bit plain and simple and not SO nice compared to the ones MDG had last year.

Fua i've complained so much that they might ban me from attending the 3rd finale next year xD. Well of course, we all understand that it is the recession year and everything also need to cut budget, but Capxion Media, you guys have so many sponsors wehh and from what i see, you guys earned pretty much from the SMS votings!!

It doesn't matter anyway huh, they are the professionals and i'm just nobody haha.

Ah sigh. =(

Pinky, Dawn, Juanita.

Alright i guessed i've chased away some of the loyal fans of Malaysian Dreamgirl already. =X

Back to the competition. As expected, the girls have somehow turned into someone different physically after the long journey and this season, the TOP 3 finalists have quite a fair share of loyal fans supporting them WHICH IS A GOOD THING. If you're there last night, you could actually hear cheers for these 3 finalists whenever they come out showing their confidence.

The atmosphere was totally different than last year's finale!! It was better this year.
*despite the complaints i have that is.

Pinky, Dawn, Juanita.

and the final result for the 2nd season of MDG is

Winner - Juanita who won with a 20,000 lead in SMSes
1st Runner Up - Pinky
2nd Runner Up - Dawn


So now its all over for the girl and i believe some of the girls in the competition needs time to get over all the drama they've been through the whole competition period. Some complication that we can't understand and hope that they can really come out of it.

and of course, Congrats to all of the girls to have completed their Malaysian Dreamgirl journey thus long.

Before i end this post, i just want to ask, can you think of the different thoughts playing in the top 3 finalists in the picture below?

I could think of a few funny ones xD. The picture was taken after the 2nd Runner up was announced before they announced Juanita and Pinky as the winner and the 1st runner up.

If you haven close this page by now, Thank You so much and this picture(my fav pic of the night) below is my reward for you LOL!!
*sorry arh i'm a noob in taking pictures =X

Oh and if you want to view more pictures on the girls last night, wait a while yea, i'm sure there'll be loads of them surfacing in the net in the next few hours especially in the blogosphere as there're quite a lot of bloggers who attended the Finale. =)

Be patient ya. BaiBai.


§pinzer said...

hi nobody whom everyone knows :P

yapthomas said...

nobody whom everyone knows..
fehmes ma this blogger.. cis!

that's why can complaint a lot...
fehmes ppl can complaint without fear..

foongpc said...

hi there! I was there last night but only the last half an hour when they were about to announce the winner. Missed everything!

I think Elaine Daly was more glamorous than the contestants! Haha!

And I'm glad Juanita won cos even though I don't religiously follow the show online, from the photos and some snippets of the show I saw, I think she deserved it!

But then maybe I'm a bit biased because maybe I've a friend who knows her and he's really supporting her : )

Ji Yuan said...

I agree...this year looks dull

and the finalists does not have the "charm"(x factor) compared to last year,most of them have their own distinct style that stands out.

thumbs down to MDG 2

as bloggers,when we review,we can be forgiving sometimes but if its overboard,we have to tell them the truth,its for their own good,no?

Ren said...

I dun think i even wanna blog about it...
i just take out my camera for the 1st 15 or 30 minutes
i keep it away dy...

U Din blog about the LAME AWARDS they having meh?
what drama queen lar, unconvincing tears bla bla bla just to embarrass those contestant for the last day...
wtf are they thinking anyway?

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

LOL i agreew with ren about the lame awards. i think it's mean ok! like so.. embarrassing n unnecessary


Mike Yip said...

You must know, last year, they were riding on fashion on 1, where there's a lot of fashion designers and following the theme of FO1, the organizers would provide the girls with proper fashion clothes.

this time around, i believe that they were doing it on their on even though sharing the same stage with the fashion show that's happening there.

at the end of the day, tons of money were poured into this, where does it go? getting tons of bloggers to blog and promote your event like the most loyal hounds, for what? why not pay them and let them blog about it positively in the way they see it?

Video production for the whole MDG thing is a laugh, the photography is a laugh. At the end of the day, everyone get disappointed, money goes into the pocket of the few fellows that came up with this MDG nonsense and what does the girl get out of it?

They don't represent anything, if they are truly Malaysian's dream girls, they would have been representing Malaysia in Miss Universe. Even from the start of this whole nonsense, I've been going around telling people not to put too much high hope in the thing. Well... look at how many people get disappointed with it this time around.

Yeah, the production was produced for TV. So was many other webisodes on the web but they were produced with great professionalism, not the way it was done on MDG. It's like a joke that no one seem to be laughing to.

All I say is... I TOLD YOU SO!

=chuan guan= said...

nice coverage

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : =(

> yapthomas : =( x infinity

> foongpc : LOL good for you, it was pretty boring before that!! so u're there to witness who win den its good enuf d =D ah so i see a juanita supporter here, doesnt matters u're bias anot la hehehe u're still her supporter =D

> Ji Yuan : hahaha that's one thing i didnt mention on this year's season where there are lots of people who think the same way as how u thought.. and erm on the complaints i have, maybe others don't think that way leh heehehe

> Ren : LOLx walao seems like u have more complaints than me hahaha and yes i didnt blog about that cuz i said more than enuf on the negatives already hahaha a few more then they will cry weh...

> ~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T : ya la, they had drama in the house already still wana hurt them in public mehhh.... so evil laa...

> Mike Yip : read your whole long comment and WOW but well its the truth la and YOU DID NOT TELL ME THAT BEFORE!! haha

> =chuan guan= : thanks there xD

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