Wednesday, May 06, 2009

review on Star Trek

A very big thanks to AMBP where i get the tickets from them to watch this very movie on a premiere screening last Friday.

A movie that was quite interesting i would say!

Before watching this movie, i only remember the bald captain who's one of the captain in the Star Trek last time and that's it. I do not really remember anything else except for the guy and this....

The spaceship which have this very weird shape. Yes to me it used to be weird when i'm still young watching the series with my dad, but now it's more towards classic. Lolx.

Alright, so the movie started with an attack 25 years ago by some unidentified hightech super duper awesome but ugly spaceship on one of the federation spaceship. I already find it pretty interesting from the start of the movie.

and uh, the villian

looks like a villian duh....

i mean like hmm actually, there's nothing significant about him la, it's not like its bad having him in the film, but having him in the film doesn't makes the film VERY nice as well... gosh what am i talking.. okay continue..

Alright, actually this time round, this movie don't have any so called "big stars" in it...

but somehow i like it, i loved the graphics, the storyline which is all related to space, futuristic stuffs and i love these stuffs. Simple to say, most guys love these stuffs.

and i love how they place the various humorous scenes where it made me laugh instantly. One good one was when Hikaru Sulu acting as the pilot forgetting one thing to do. Watch it, you'll know what i mean!!

Being the son of a Man who's SOMEONE and living up to expectations was one of the main thing in this movie. Most of the time, such people will do lots of stupid things going overboard but they are the ones who will stand out at critical times and that's what happen exactly in the movie.

Predictable? Yes but still it nice watching the movie.

Alright, maybe part of the reason i like this very movie is because of spock erm i mean sylar. Those people who have been watching Heroes will surely agree with me that everytime he appears, Sylar will appear at the same time in the brain and scenes of Sylar in Heroes will somehow get to me.

See what i mean?

i find it interesting, the teleporting theory that involves a spaceship warping at a speed faster than light.

and this scene reminds me of Star Wars. I don't know.

Well about every other thing in the movie, go watch it yourself. This version of Star Trek is definitely not the Star Trek of our dad's generation. It was filmed in a way that it suits the generation nowadays especially the young guys out there like me =D

I think that this movie is worth watching in the cinemas, one of the must watch movie this month and i even think that it's a bit better than X-Men Origins : Wolverine. Of course, that's what i think. X-men fans don't kill me. xD

My Rating for this movie is 8/10


Myhorng said...

i'll do it tonite.

Doctor Popcorn said...

i actually disagree with you. on the sylar thing.

i really thought zach quinto did the best of jobs in his performance. so great that he made me truly believe he was spock and all thoughts of him as sylar were not there.

his acting was damn good. seriously.

joshuaongys said...

> Myhorng : nice? =D

> Doctor Popcorn : i didnt say his acting is bad la hahaha but for me it jz came to my mind hahahaha

戏痞三赖 said...

bro the bold head captain is the professor X lah..kaka his name is picard in the movie..

this is more way way back then his time loh...JAMES T KRIK the first captain of enterprise

overall the movie direct by trek fan is awesome man!!

sequel on the way.will watch it after launch..

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : i know its prof X hahaha and tats all i know xD and yeaaa this is an awesome movie!!! cant wait for the sequel!!

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