Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Am Confuse. Heaven or Hell?

Just got back home, thanks to JohnMah for the ride. =)

It was the LG Blog Launch Party @ Metropol Gourmet Bar, KL.


i'm currently very confuse


i have no idea whether i was in...




and i became more confuse when i witness this scene with my own eyes...

Very Confusing. =X



Anyways, Congrats to Thomas who won a LG DVD Player and Jolyn who won a LG phone. Of course, there were other winners but that's for you to find out on other blogs. =)

Alright, i need some sleep now, it was a little too much just now.
Have not seen so many Devils "flirting" with so many Angels before. Gah

*Oh yea do Visit LG Blog yea =)


Fumoffu said...

The party looks fun :D

hengjovi said...

lol i can see myself in the 2nd picxture! face so red :P

yapthomas said...

i was pointing to redmummy hahaha

Superman said...

I'm in heaven if I can be with those LG girls :)

Marvin Lee said...

Party was great..
yapthomas is so cool :)

MikeM said...

Good to meet up with you Josh, I am not from Kuching anyway, Kennysia is :p

Congrats to all winners!


joshuaongys said...

> Fumoffu : It was indeed fun, seeing the angels and devils xD

> hengjovi : ahhaahaha nice one there!!

> yapthomas : yesh i know i know =D

> Superman : hahahaha you go ask LG see LG let u anot =)

> Marvin Lee : =D yapthomas bez!!

> MikeM : nice meetin you too!! hahaha ooppsss hahahaha

=chuan guan= said...

nice pics

JolynGoh said...

aiyo.. why lar put that picca.. Bluek Bluek Bluek....swt

joshuaongys said...

> =chuan guan= tenkiu!! hahah

> JolynGoh : cuz i think its nais!

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