Friday, May 01, 2009

BE The Canticle Singers's GUEST?

*this is a post of an upcoming show performance.

The Canticle Singers presenting BE OUR GUEST.

Theatre Venue : Auditorium Perdanasiswa, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Dates and Times : 8.30pm on Sat 30 May & Sun 31 May 2009. Doors will open at 8.00 pm

Mark the dates down!! Its almost mid of 2009 already so it's time for you guys to have some time of your own sitting down and relax enjoying a lovely weekend end of this month. So, mark the dates down!! xD


BE OUR GUEST is a feast of lush choral music and other vocal selections selected from the realm of pop, jazz, folk, rock, gospel and Broadway.

Our audience has always enjoyed a good poutporri of our favourites culled from yesteryear as well as those more recent and contemporary sellections whether they be showtunes, pop, rock, ballads or spirituals in the form or choral numbers, individual solos or in ensembles. We'll have something for every one that will have you singing or humming along and tapping your feet. Be Our Guest continues this tradition and will feature some great all time favourites and hits you may have yet to discover.

Be Our Guest on Youtube

The Winner Takes It All from Mamma Mia, Nella Fantasia from the epic movie The Mission, Baba Yetu from Civilization IV, Ralph McTell's Streets of London, Wind Beneath My Wings from the film Beaches, a West Side Story duo, a medley of Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway hits from The King and I, South Pacific Oklahoma, Carousel

With such selections, do expect a quality performance that will blow you off every single time they sing.

and here's the most important information, the ticket price...

Tickets : RM 58 & RM 78 (inclusive of RM 3 AXCESS fee) via AXCESS Hotline: +06-3-77115000, AXCESS website at and all AXCESS outlets.

Student Tickets : A limited number of Student Tickets at RM 25 for students aged 21 years and under. A valid student ID and/or national identity card stating the date of birth must be produced. (Student IDs will be checked for each person being admitted on a student ticket).

Alright, before you open your eyes and mouth as big as the biggest item on earth whichihavenoideawhatisthatitem after knowing the price... Do take a look at the positive reviews from the media on the links below.

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The Canticle Singers, they are good at what they are doing...

THAT is why the price are at that range and THAT is why i posted about this on the very first day of MAY 2009. So that people who always complaint that they don't have money la, poor la, recession la can save up RM2 PER DAY starting from today and you'll be able to save up around that amount of money at the end of the month for the show.

Of course, buying the tickets at the end of May is something rather stupid to do, so go borrow RM60 from your friend if you're THAT poor and do what i said above and return back the RM60 to your friend at the end of the month.

Worse come to worse, go steal a student ID and act as an under 21 year old student to get the tickets at RM25 bah....

So, erm, who want to teman me go ah? I'm interested leh... Hmmm... I'm Serious. To Mah friends, do msn/sms/facebook me if you're going okay? I'm still finding kaki....
*anyways, the main reason i'm posting this up because one of the singer is my friend la and no i don't have free tickets =)


Baldwin said... lookin forward to attend the one on Sat nite.

hvnt got my tix yet though.

Tiffanie Tan said...

i will be there of course to support my sister!

you wanna steal ppl's student ID also no use wan. they see your IC also. haha

i'll be going for saturday night. Haven get my ticket also. Phoeb said still got many ticket cause people usually buy last minute. dont buy last minute til no more ticket for u. lol

joshuaongys said...

> Baldwin : ahaa u going with who?? me i'm finding kaki haha

> Tiffanie Tan : xD i steal IC also la!!! haha

l a b e l s


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