Wednesday, May 27, 2009

review on Terminator Salvation

Terminator Pembebasan NAIS!! Its 9 years from now, the aftermath of judgement day don't play play! xD Thanks to Alex and of course Nuffnang, i just watched the movie a few hours ago.

and so the story was set in the year 2018. Skynet is very the powderful with lots of terminators fighting the resistance from the human race. For me, the last time i watched a terminator related show is the series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" where i watched a few episodes and gave up on it. Don't ask why. =X

On the movie series itself, i just remember that in order to fight the machines from Skynet, the Resistance will have a machine to fight and Arnold have played a very important role back then.

Alright, the movie started in a flashback on this very guy who's going to die and it was fast forwarded to the year after judgement day where the Resistance are trying to obtain some very important information.

Lots of lives were sacrificed, valueble information obtained, and the guy who was dead previously appeared. Those who have watched the trailer would know a little bit about this hmmm.

Fighting the machines with a machine. Erm.

Throughout the movie, there's lots of intense sequence of sci-fi action where i tried not to blink so much fully concentrating on the movie. The machines, robots or what people call as terminators still amazed me till now. Maybe its just with the guys on robots or cars and such.

but then, my favourite unit of machine by Skynet is actually this one in the picture above. The "terminator motor" if i'm not mistaken. I thought that it was pretty awesome!

The father & son scene.

The human & machine scene.

The flaming terminator.

So basicly, its still the same after all these years, with a single Terminator siding the fighting against SkynetResistance helping John Connor, scene with the enemy terminator in high temperature fire/lava and the "good" terminator will "die" eventually.

Just that this time round they don't have to teleport anyone from the past/future to the future/past. xD

Anyways, i think that with all the action there in the movie and the storyline which i think is interesting, this movie is worth watching in the cinema. Must go cinema and watch!

Oh and i like the eyes!! =D

I'll Be Back!!

My Rating for this movie is 8/10


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戏痞三赖 said...

great show bro!!

great show

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : YESSS!!!! an awesome movie!

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