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MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会

Last Sunday, i went to this concert with a few course mates. Its a concert with a group of artists from Universal Music Group. Artists that are mainly from Taiwan.

Artists like 梁文音 Rachel Liang, 高以爱 Alisa Galper, 神木與瞳 Y2J, 魏如昀 Queen Wei...

I like. =D

It was around 6pm+ that i reached Genting Klang to fetch some of my friends there.

Reached there super on time which is at 7PM and i felt damn old all of a sudden seeing all 14-16 years old kids over there. T_T Good thing that there were some uncles and aunties there accompanying their kids attending this very concert.

Oh and its funny that they were still giving away tickets on that day itself just out of the hall. Gosh.

Anyways, one thing i want to attend this concert so much is because i followed a singing competition very closely, the 2nd season of 超级星光大道 which is from Taiwan where most of the performing singers were in the competition.

As usual, with the standard Malaysian timing, the concert started officially on 8PM after a few music video clips which is totally unrelated with the performing singers that night.

神木與瞳 Y2J was the first to performed. Both of the people in the group 赖铭伟 Yuming and 黄美珍 Jane were superb and their voice were powerful.

赖铭伟 Yuming

黄美珍 Jane

Especially for a girl as small size as Jane, i was stunned with her voice when she sang at a high pitch.

An awesome start i thought. =D

潘嘉丽 Kelly Poon was up next performing some of her hit songs. Not much comments about her though, no offence to her fans but i still don't find what's so interesting about her. =X

高以爱 Alisa Galper was the 3rd performing artist, she's much thinner already compared to when i first saw her on the singing competition show mentioned above. One of the artist which is the reason i attended this very concert.

Undeniable, someone who can sing really well and could raise up the atmosphere in the hall with her singing performance.

I believed she somehow gained more Malaysian fans after appearing in the concert performing especially when she smiles. xD Oh and do you know she haven even release her first album and she's already famous in Taiwan. Haha. She'll be releasing it in June 2009. Yes!!

The next singer. I don't really want to talk much about him. He was the biggest disappointment of the concert wasting my time, i rather watch more of the other artist than having him standing up on the stage singing his song where it was obviously pre-recorded and not live. Having different voice at the same time which is not sync properly and such. His name is 紀佳松. Duh!

魏如昀 Queen Wei came out next to perform. A Taiwan artist that is being said to have talent who composes her own songs. One of the fastest contestant of 超级星光大道 Season 2 who have release an album already.

方炯镔 A Bin, a Malaysian singer came out later on and performed a song with 魏如昀 Queen Wei . A live acoustic performance which i think is just nice only. Not much surprise though.

魏如昀 Queen Wei left the stage leaving 方炯镔 A Bin performing his own song. 坏人, a Chinese song which is quite a hit in the Chinese community here in Malaysia.

赖铭伟 Yuming of 神木與瞳 Y2J came out and sang Better Man with 方炯镔 A Bin. Other than a minor mistake at the start of the song, it was just nice. =)

The next performance was a big one. A collaboration between the artists and the DJs of MyFM. A few songs were sang between different people in the group.

I don't have much to say about this round. All i can say is they managed to entertained the crowd, the people there in the hall. It was all nice and good. Not perfect but yea, nice and good. xD.

梁文音 Rachel Liang was one of my favourite singer when i followed closely on the singing competition mentioned above. I was all excited when she came out.

Couldn't be more happier when i hear her singing live in front of me. I was just like 15 steps to her only. Gah. I was glad i attended the concert Haha. and yea, she was good!

高以爱 Alisa Galper came back out after 梁文音 Rachel Liang's performance and they both "PK" each other, just like how they met in the competition. Sweet. Haha. The whole hall were cheering and shouting for them when they were standing side by side. xD

They actually performed a song together, a song that they were both familar with where they can performed it very very well. An awesome performance by the both of them!! =D


The last performing group was the best. The crowd shout at the top of their voice when 大嘴巴 Da mouth came out with their dance and voice together bring the whole concert into its ending minutes.

I could somehow feel the difference between this last performing group with the previous ones. This last one was confident and they were good at what they're doing, performing fast hiphop songs with rap and dance moves.

Somehow, the previous ones were a bit nervous i felt.

Among the 4 members of 大嘴巴 Da mouth, i only know the Japanese girl - Aisa 爱纱. xD

No wonder they made quite a name back in Taiwan with their songs, fast paced and very energetic and will make you feel like moving, the type of songs that will be playing in your mind. A group that consist of the 3 person above with 1 DJ which i didn't manage to take a picture of because he was behind them doing his job. Haha.

Yea i'm biased where i took more pictures of Aisa 爱纱. =X

The concert ended with everyone coming out and singing "Rasa Sayang". T_T

I should've know it!! LOL. Pretty funny hearing them singing a Malay song. They are definitely better at singing Chinese songs. Haha.

Despite the stupid singer 紀佳松, i was happy that i went all the way to Cheras(as if cheras is very far for me hahahahaha) to attend this concert watching some of my favourite Taiwan singers performing live and it only cost me RM5 for 2 tickets where i get to be at the VIP zone sumore.

is surely a very rich company. O.O

Alright, till the next time i see them in person which i have no idea when.

Oh and...

More Pictures in the Facebook Album below :

MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 梁文音 Rachel Liang 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 高以爱 Alisa Galper 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 神木與瞳 Y2J 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 魏如昀 Queen Wei 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 潘嘉丽 Kelly Poon 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 大嘴巴 Da mouth 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 方炯镔 A Bin 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - MyFM DJs PK Artists 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 梁文音 VS 高以爱 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 赖铭伟 VS 方炯镔 图片
MY MUSIC 环球新声Live爆演唱会 - 其他 Others 图片

Enjoy Viewing!!


RealGunners said...

suddenly it feels like i'm missing out on all the actions not being in KL... :'(

joshuaongys said...

> RealGunners : aiseh... dont feel like that weh..

Lee said...

Wow, great concert. I can't join. :(
Would you like to share your posts at: ?

joshuaongys said...

> Lee : yea it was great and thanks =)

Wei Wei said...

pictures are great! unfortunately i missed out this concert hmmmm.

mknace said...

great pic :) :)

joshuaongys said...

> Wei Wei : tenkiu and yea too bad for u.. haaa.. nex time bah!

> mknace : thanks!

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