Sunday, May 10, 2009

AMBP First Contact Event

*this is a boring blog post

Last Friday i headed to 1 Utama to attend an event organized by AMBP.

All Malaysians Blogger Project that is.

Was rather late there as i do not have transport earlier. xD So, i missed the ice breaking part where i don't really see any bloggers at Studio V when i reach because everyone else have already went on with their treasure hunt game.

Upon reaching, we registered ourselves and hang out around the area where they have some minor activities by Red.FM. We - Me, ShuJian, Aaron.

the interview place for bloggers.

We got bored eventually with not much happenings around the place so we walked around 1 Utama, had a short view on the fashion show that day, exchanged a few conversations and stoned for quite long.

One of the super very extremely uber boring afternoon. Candiewanitellyou!

Soon most of the bloggers who participated for the treasure hunt completed their tasks and came back and there was this trivia questions activity next. Lots of questions were ask that were largely related to the movie Star Trek.

It was quite a torturing session waiting for the winner to emerge.

and here's the winner who won an extremely awesome Star Trek merchandise.

A WIFI Shirt!!!

- A shirt for you to wear and when you are in a Wifi zone, the shirt will blink!!!
*i thought that it was quite stupid...


the winners of the other activities were announced as well and i was already pretty bored already stoning most of the time + witnessing 2 person trying their very best to win the WIFI shirt answering the right answers to every single question asked. Duh!!

Good thing the Star Trek movie was GOOD!!

If not i will be banging my head on the wall at the end of the day...

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