Friday, September 28, 2007

movies and series

Movies i just watched

不能說的秘密 Secret

十分爱 Love is not all around

Series i frequent recently

Prison Break S3

Heroes S2

歲月風雲 The Drive of Life

舞動全城 Steps

thats all for now

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

on the plane

a lot of stuffs went through my mind when i was on the plane back to kl from kk 2 weeks back..

really lots of stuffs...

the world is beautiful right?

forgive me as its my first time on the plane,

i was like a small kid being excited jumping up and down with a new toy, amazed with the scene from the plane high above..

as that is why some stuffs and some people went through my mind

somehow i hope that things wont change, but..

things will change, people will change, and over every single thing on earth

only one remain the same

always and forever



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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

G4G Project HipHop - Kota Kinabalu

on the 15th of September, i had the chance to attend this specific hiphop workshop in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

KK international airport

it is one of the 3 hiphop workshop in G4G Project HipHop organize by Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia [CDFM] with the facilitators from Urban Groove Dance Network [UGDN]

the good news church of sabah

i was actually helping out more than attend.. i didnt learn any steps there.. was just there "lepak-ing" around =p

the hall from behind


the workshop started within one hour after we arrived at Kota Kinabalu International airport

from 2pm to 6pm

i wasnt in any of the pictures lolz.. as i was holding the camera

the instructors and my mom

although i was in the midst of my finals during the stay in KK, i had fun myself

food served my MAS

well to those who missed the workshops,

you can actually go for the G4G Dance Fest & Conference

it is a 3-Day Dance Festival from October 12-14, 2007 at the Hotel Singgahsana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

i would say that this is the very first Christian HipHop Dance Conference specially organized for MalaysiansYouths, so if u're interested in HipHop dance,


last but not least.. this is for YOU, rainbow in the midst of the clouds.. saw it on my way back to KL from KK.. it was so beautiful.. =)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival 07

how did you celebrate this day??

for me, it is just a normal day that is as normal as other normal days..

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apart from having mooncakes going into my mouth, i am having holidays now... so today, what i did was eat sleep and play which is yea..

basicly did nothing to celebrate this day..

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enjoy your "tanglung"/candlelights/mooncake eating session

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Queenie!!


this post is for you

at this very last hour of your birthday

as your friend, i sure give u presents de.. not 1, not 2 but 6 presents!!

a gucci bag

a mini cooper

a sony ericsson phone

a wallet

a watch

and a dress you want!!

Happy anot??

Happy hor??

got cake sumore

and ice cream only also..

touch leh!!


Happy Birthday to you, Queenie!!!

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Go ManUtd!

Manchester United won 2-0 against Chelsea in their premiership clash last night...

it was quite a match with 2 goals each by tevez and saha..

tevez, finally he scored... i dont really like him since he joined ManUtd as i think he is not as good as what people say..

anyhow he scored the header just before the whistle of the 1st half

as usual, ronaldo is there to penetrate the opponent's defence

saha scored the second goal through penalty


apart from the winning of ManUtd over Chelsea.. the leaving of Mourinho on wed is a sad ending of his reign at Chelsea...

ManUtd only won once against Chelsea in the last 10 matches when he was still the manager of Chelsea. As a ManUtd supporter, i have full respect for Mourinho as he really have the qualities being a good manager in terms of helping a team to win trophies..

as for now, it wont be likely that we will see




and also this!!!

as him being the manager of Chelsea anymore..

after knowing last night's result, he would probably

show this to his ex boss

and thinking to himself about this

and show this expression to his ex boss as well..


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

i wish i could

mid of last month, my mom went overseas for some meeting... the place she went is one of the place that i want to go in future.. Manchester

people who know me well know i support ManchesterUnited..

and she went to the stadium itself...

i was so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

the building

the flag..



of course, my mom went to other places as well..

i wish to go to a place to stay like this

which have this

a nearby neighbourhood church like this

some simple coffee house

this picture reminds me of the game diablo2..

those are just a part of the places she went during her 3 weeks stay over there..

next time if i have chance i would really go to those kinda place and settle down there, quiet place with really nice environment, and, of course with my soul mate.. it would be wonderful...

i guess... ><

anyway, my mom came back bringing some stuffs for us..

and i got this!!!

a MU t-shirt =)



and a keychain as well =p

i love my mom

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