Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1000 more Passes up for grabs for Passion World Tour 2008 @ KL

I have a couple of friends asking about this and I do know that some of you out there want to go to this event but found out that the passes are all Sold Out.

and because i joined the Passion group on Facebook i got this message just yesterday.

Just a quick word. Passion Opened up 1000 more passes.....
Yea, so there're 1000 extra passes up for Grabs for Passion World Tour 2008 @ KL....
if you failed to get it previously, better move your ass and go get it ASAP!! The peeps will be @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel from today onwards till this Saturday. 10AM to 7PM.

You might want to give the person above a call before getting there as they claimed that the tickets are selling like hot cakes.

Just in case you reached there finding out that the 1000 passes have been sold out.


Well you won't know. Passion is BIG. Its a happening Christian Youth Event.

So yea, those who got your tickets already, See You There!!
*to my friends who'll be there, lets meet up yea, you have my number rite?? =)

Have no idea what is Passion World Tour 2008? Click here.

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and the drama continues...

Though i didn't really blog about it stating my views and stuffs on the recent drama of XX and DY, i still follow the story from time to time.....

Call me busybody or whatsoever, even if i don't follow there'll be someone coming up to me and tell me about it so i better go do some readings myself....

*OKAY LA I'M KEPOH la i admit...

Anyways, i still won't state my views here on the drama itself.

Its just like any TVB Dramas i've watched in the past few years and there is no need for me to say anything about it bah, so many and i mean SO MANY bloggers have stated their OH SOOO NEUTRAL views already so i don't have to do so.


and so when i grew quite bored of this girl fight already, almost immediately, i came across another story book...


i just like read a few thousand words on the XX and DY matter and finally, i got tired of it and you tell me there's more to come on another NEW story book?

What is this you tell me, Star Wars - Return of the Jedi or LOTR - Fellowship Of The Ring??

Alright ignore the movie titles peeps, its totally unrelated.

I think i should restrict myself from all these bedtime stories already, they are killing my sleeping time, VERY VERY MUCH OF IT!


HotShot 篮球火 - The latest Taiwan Series

Maybe i should watch back some series/drama i used to watch last time, those with scripts, actors, directors and all like the one above.


On the other hand, after so many WEEKS part of us DGMB-ians have a chatroom session AGAIN early tonight.... with lots of spamming involved. =)

It has been quite some time since the last time we had a mass chatroom session.
That time, everyone imitating Pamsong that is.

and uh uhhh, there's a latest update on the latest bedtime story. Juicy as it seems?

One Word. Fugly.

I really do hope that there won't be such stories among us DGMB peeps in the future.

Humans, bloggers and the blogosphere. *shakes head*

*yes i'm a human a blogger and i'm in the blogosphere. =X

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Upcoming Star, Crowd Lu 盧廣仲?

One moving voice which is full of hope!

A youth in shorts, chasing dream with his bright smile and passion

网路讨论度最高的 人氣學生歌手!
The most discussed online student singer in the internet(Taiwan internet)!

This is really somebody!! Some people need love, freedom and respect, he just need his specs and his guitar, and he own the whole world!!

He's a Talented Music Person that survived a near death experience!
Comments on Crowd Lu - 盧廣仲

Many years ago, Jay Chou周杰伦 came into the scene and many people thought that his songs and the way he sing is pretty crappy, especially those experienced music person in Taiwan music industry.

With his unique way of interpreting and conveying Chinese songs, he managed to secure a very large fan base supporting him.

He even look different compared to the time he first appear.

Then, just 2 years ago, Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 stunned everyone with his voice, through a popular Taiwan Entertainment Show and he got famous and performed in various places/awards even before his album was out.

this is how he look now.


and now, let me introduce someone to you peeps.

藝人特質: 憨厚男性大學生,香菇頭,不善言詞,講話小害羞,無俚頭,運動員打扮,把yeah時時掛在嘴邊。真誠,自然。
The characteristics of him : A typical Taiwan college student, mushroom hairstyle, not good in conversing, shy, lame, always in sports attire, always saying "Yeah", sincere, natural.

Remember the stuffs i mentioned above before i come to Jay Chou 周杰伦? Those are all the comments people said bout this guy below.

He is Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 (Yet another weird english name)

A talented male singer and song writer from Taiwan. After a near death experience on a traffic accident, he learned how to play the guitar and began his journey as a singer.

he was first noticed through the internet, one of the millions of internet user who posted their own music video clips online. He turned his dream into reality one step at a time to become who he is today.

Since end of 2006, he have been going around in places in Taiwan to perform. Live performance.
One of his "famous" performance was imitating the well known Male Singer who can reached the highest note in history, Vitas.

and the video clip of him imitating Vitas was circulated over the internet and the one that was posted on YouTube have 840,000 views already, not mentioning and counting the views on the same exact clip that was posted on other video clips website such as TuDou and etc.

He have 3 singles sold separately and over 10,000 copies were sold. That is quite a success for a new singer that surfaced in the Taiwan music industry and with numerous live performances, he’s gradually becoming more and more popular, especially among students in schools/college.

you think that this is a prank? NO!! its NOT!

In May 2008, Crowd’s first album “100种生活/100 ways of living” was published.

and recently, he even appeared on One Million Star Season 3 [超级星光大道3] which made him even more famous in Taiwan.

Here are some other comments people said about him after listening his songs/watching his performances.
We who produce music are always controlled by music itself, but him, he's really Playing with music, with just one guitar, we can feel that unlimited freedom/possibilities in him, its just AMAZING!

Have you heard of him imitating Vitas? it was amazing!! and today he told a joke, it was damn LAME!!

He's not performing, he's enjoying himself!

Sometimes you don't have to plan so well on music, just do it naturally and interpret it with your own way, how you feel like, its like how you go on with your details of your life.
You can't possibly plan every single thing in life right? There must be a bit of excitement here and there with some unexpected surprise, then only life will be interesting!

The music scene in Taiwan might be incredibly crappy at times, but just see on what happen there. Piracy incident that make life hard for music artists in many countries in the world, but yet Taiwan's music industry is getting better and better each year. There must be something going on over there.

盧廣仲-100种生活-金曲獎最佳製作人鍾成虎全程操刀製作,知名創作女歌手陳綺貞跨刀填詞,集合業界知名樂手同步LIVE錄製完成,葛萊美獎大師Bernie Grundman主掌母帶後期處理.

I have no idea how will Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 become in the future, but i've listen to his album and i do think that his songs are quite nice, he got my attention that is. Taiwan is an interesting country. =P

Related Links :
Source Link 1
Source Link 2
Vitas on Opera 2
盧廣仲 Crowd Lu Imitating Vitas
盧廣仲 Crowd Lu's Official Blog
100种生活 Production Company

*i decide to make this post after listening to his album, his album is rather different than other albums out there in the market, i don't know that is it just me or what, but well, you can listen to it yourself =)

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People : u r still doing ur intern?
Me : yes...
People : Uhh huh, how long more??
Me : End in Oct...
People : Gosh SO LONG wan your INTERNSHIP!!

i know i know... you guys don't have to remind me there's still 3 more months till i finish my internship...

Stupiak.... =(

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Neverending Conversations

Once Upon A Time, Long Long Time Ago....


my friends use to say i have many friends, i DO have many contacts on my MSN list.

okay, maybe not as much as some of you peeps out there, but to me this amount is very much already..

Anyway, i will proceed and tell my friends that most of them are just HI BYE friends..

we seldom chat about personal stuffs or even crap around...

and i only have a handful of REALLY CLOSE people to chat with...

ALMOST every single conversations ended within 10 sentence/20 words maybe??

and that was LONG LONG TIME AGO...

at 2AM ++

i can't keep myself away from the computer and go to bed because of all these crazy people...

宝贝 says (2:10 AM):
soh ju
*Baobei calling me names....

kinky pinkie says (2:15 AM):
kinky pinkie says (2:15 AM):
i tot u will suggest
kinky pinkie says (2:15 AM):
"making out"
*tokin bout "love" with pinkie

C e D says (2:05 AM):
actually not that much ler
C e D says (2:06 AM):
but can tell she's in a deep shit
*gossip-ing with ced

Sue says (2:07 AM):
yea la
Sue says (2:07 AM):
so many places wei
*gossip-ing with sue haha

pamsong – says (2:16 AM):
pamsong – says (2:16 AM):
too much work
*pam finally REPLIED!

Loka-Loka June - stupid love says (2:13 AM):
Loka-Loka June - stupid love says (2:13 AM):
not all the time
*toking with june on her stupid BGR

:[II QUEENZ™ II - loatheorlove - :[ says (2:09 AM):
haha.. i am trying now.
:[II QUEENZ™ II - loatheorlove - :[ says (2:09 AM):
do come often k
*queenie who's always busy is free finally!!

and more la.... lazy copy paste ady...

and you know what... all of them above are BLOGGERS!!!

Bloggers are freaking free and restless wan i tell you!!!!

*and yes la, that includes me...

and i Thank GOD for them.

they are the ones who put a smile on my face(no not joker.. o.O) each night before i go to bed!!!

and You Know Who You Are - THANK YOU.

So can i go to bed now and have a goodnight sleep??? O.O

HAHA i just love you peeps larh!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Xing Guang 3 [ Top7 ] Final Stages 星光三 - 七強积分賽Part III



当然这些歌声是没话说,他们都展现了他们的实力,只是星光3 的参赛者.....


小胖老师讲得对, 在AmericanIdol 里, 忘词是一大错误, 不应该出现在七强比赛里.....

虽然我们都知道他们承受着很大的压力, 但是....... 我真的是不知道如何说起.....


当然, 有些参赛者还是达到水准的!!


徐佳瑩与盧廣仲的表演也真的令我觉得好可爱... =)

黃靖倫与盧廣仲的那段 Vitas 就算了吧..... 他们两还不够Vitas 一半.... o.O

林芯儀??? 不用我说了吧!!!! =P

话说回来, 看到蕭敬騰重回星光, 真的有点想念星光 1 班.. 哈哈

我最近在听着他的唱片, 说真的, 第一次听的时候, 我没什么觉得有什么特别, 但听久了以后就觉得越来越好听.... 嘻嘻

好吧, 你自己去看吧... 我不多说了...

噢, 忘了说, 上集的星光3 里, 徐佳瑩李伯恩的默契合唱真的是太好了!!!

天生一对?? 让我们放长双眼吧!! =)

*正在下着盧廣仲的唱片.... 哈哈
**我要看星光传奇!!! 我还没看啦...... =(

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Forum Pahwer!!!

I don't know about you, but for me, i'll check the source of people coming into my blog from time to time. The links that brought them here.

and just a few days ago, i was viewing the analytics of my blog through Nuffnang and gosh i saw this....


i was thinking what wrong did i do till someone posted my link and attract so many people.....
*open eyes bigbig


okay fine, i know bloggers like KennySia get that kind of hits in just like one minute but to me its ALOT OKAY!!!

i went to my blog and check on my live traffic statistics and i saw this...

*open eyes even bigger


without a second thought i click on the referral link in Nuffnang analytics page..

and so i found out that on the first, someone posted about a female Starcraft gamer and added my link there as i've posted a post before with the title Famous Female Progamers end of last year.

The site happen to be a site with high traffic i guess and althought not many people commented on that post, MANY people came to that specific post of mine through that link.

Then, i think, i think bah, someone who read that post on reposted my link in a Singapore Forum site -

and then suddenly, i have MANY people coming to my blog through both sources.


i am really amazed by the "pahwer" of a post in a forum. So now i know la...

Those regular-forums-lurker who appears to be a blogger as well SURE have high traffic wan!!!

CRAZY 1...

and yes, for the first time, i get more visitors from Singapore compare to Malaysia.

Great huh??

You can see that the specific post only have one comment only. Made a long post and posted so many "lengluis" and spent quite some time finding facts on their gaming history and only have one FREAKING comment that time. Sad Case.
Even now that i have many people reading that post, still no one commented. =(

One comment only..........

Well, whatever it is, i still thank the 2 peeps who posted my blog link in 2 different place. I really used quite some time doing that specific post on female progamers.

Here is a screenshot on part of my post last year - Famous Female Progamers.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Evil, Supper Anyone??

I JUST LOVE THE PLACE I'M STAYING IN!!! Its like 12.45AM now and look what i've got!!


Supper Anyone??

PEAZE!!! =p


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

faking a smile

Is a very hard skill to master.

I really don't know what to do more.

How ar? =P

i shall just go to bed hehehehehe


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Friday, July 25, 2008

Complexity being simplified?

Since internet, computers and mobile phones came into my life, i cant seem to get enough of them. I believe this applies to many people as well. As years pass by, we tend to be more tied up to these stuffs and we made all these part of our life.

i am a TARC student doing my internship currently and all these years i've been taking public transport back and forth every single day and


i witness an accident happening right in front of me

i heard some interesting stuffs

i saw some funny incident

i took some really cool pictures


i feel like going online and blog about it..

but i cant

Sometimes it just bothers me when i have tons of stuffs in my mind to blog about i am not able to blog at that specific time.

The internet and blogging have been such a big part of my life that i cant stand not using the internet for one whole freaking day.

Its part of my life already, my daily routine.

and somehow, i just wonder how nice it is if i can online while i'm waiting for the bus/train to come, be it either going to work or college, or maybe when i'm waiting for my food to come at a mamak/restaurant, or maybe live blog/post a vlog while participating in events/flashmob.

It would make daily life a bit more interesting if i can do so, rather than being a "kayu" waiting restlessly and might result in falling asleep as well. o.O

TMNET have been around as the BIG BOSS for years and the various wireless broadband services which surfaces don't really impress much people including me myself.

However i can still turn to my mobile phone and use it to access the internet through 3G service, but with that rate of speed and the cost coming in, it wasn't a good choice for me i would say.

and then the news of WiMaX coming into Malaysia came in and it really excites me very much. That means that i can online anywhere i like when it's fully implemented in KL city.

I wont be standing stupidly waiting for buses/trains anymore. I can surf the net whenever & wherever i like/want.

The internet and blogging have already changed my lifestyle and if WiMax is THAT good in speed & mobility wise then i think i'll use it to make my life a little more interesting each day.

Well, thats my case.

I have no idea how you lead your life each day but i'm pretty sure that many people who lives in KL is in the same situation as i am in and now i'm looking forward to the new broadband service!!

*and yea, if you ask my friends, they will tell you i'm a crazy person, i can go online surfing the net and not getting BORED without moving my ass to other place the WHOLE day.
of course, meals and toilets are exceptions.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008



i was looking at my Nuffnang Analytics page and i click on the keyword and to my surprise someone came into my blog with the keyword dr. joshua ong


i was curious and went to Google and type the keyword and gosh i stumble into this site here .

its a page on some CANON DSLR and this is the picture "another" joshua ong took...



well, what can i say??


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ultimate Keyboard

For those old time internet users out there, maybe to the bloggers out there as well...
Here is the ULTIMATE KEYBOARD for us!!

Okay la, maybe its lame to some of you out there, but i know there're a few people who're quite fed-up/tired/stress and etc cause of work lately..

People like pam n david n more la...

So this picture is for you guys. =P

Do take care yea!!

*maybe you've seen this picture before, my bad then, anyhow have a good day!!~ =p
**sometimes a short post is good, it takes only a short period of your time to read and you might enjoy reading it. Hope you enjoy this post!!

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Interacting with Tony Fernandes & Blogging

Its quite funny how blogging could change a thing, make a difference.

Especially in Malaysia, blogging really made an impact. I am lazy to elaborate on that point i've made in the previous sentence, if you get it then GOOD and if you don't then too BAD bah. =)

Anyway, i guess some of you peeps know about the blogs of some politicians. Even the blog of our ex-pm (Mahathir) - CheDet came out and Malaysians flooded the site within hours of "launching".

Back to our very own TOP BLOGGER in Malaysia, kennysia. Everyone knows that his blog have high traffic, top blogger marh hahaha.

If you have been reading his blog from time to time, you'll come to a post where he write that Tony Fernandes reads his blog.
*if you have no idea who is Tony Fernandes and you're a Malaysian, GO BANG YOUR HEAD ON THE WALL!

Tony Fernandes commented back on that post

and then... there're some readers of KennySia who commented on that post and started complaining about AirAsia and stuffs related to AirAsia. NOT just a few, but alot!! Some are short complaints, some, LONG ONES.

just like this...

and you know what?

He, Tony Fernandes actually replied to the complaints

well, i won't be surprise of him doing that.

Why so..

Cause Our Ex-PM started his own blog already and what more can happen in the blogging world of Malaysia with a newly emerged blogger in the blogosphere that have 1mil traffic within 1 month?

For many more Malaysians out there, this is still a whole new thing. Try going out in the heart of KUALA LUMPUR and ask people Who IS KennySia, most of them know nuts about KennySia and will shake their heads.

Blogs and Blogging is still a whole new thing.

Yes, bloggers have made an impact, start their movement and made some of their voices heard in the public, but many people still have a wrong conception on blogging.

People around who are new to blogging, who just started their own blog.... all of them thought that blogs, blogging is the FAST route to gain fame, money and even meet & interact with famous individuals...

and i can tell you that this whole thinking is just sooo wrong and you shouldnt think that way...

Those who got the fame and big bucks are the ones who really spend real much time combining a few skills together and really did "many" stuffs as well as doing "something" with their blogs. Most of us bloggers don't do so, we'll just write some stupid posts and expect for SO MANY stuffs.

So..... fellow bloggers... WAKE UP will ya?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Part 2

Continue from Part 1...

The picture taking sessions never ended from start till end in the night itself...

especially with the peeps... hahahaha crazy peeps they are!!

both Aaron and Nigel have a glass while ShengMae and i don't have a glass... so i should be doing like what ShengMae does in the picture huh?? o.O

CloseEyeDavid, Jan, Aaron, ShengMae, Nigel, Me
Obviously, david and jan is not concentrating over here!! =P

Andrew, Nigel, Me

Andrew was there, glad to see him!! haha lets go YumCha again!!

and "mamalia sekalian", let me present to you... the vodka with strawberry!!!


YES, she's a well known actress!!!


She told me a secret that day... something to do with her best friend, Jason...

YOU DON'T KNOW JASON?? here he is...

ShuJian, Jason, Jamie, MunHoe, Randy

Okay la, don't want to be too crappy here... =p

so here...

is Adeline and i =P

Bored of all the pictures already and you want Flo Rida??

Here you go!!

From the moment he come out, everyone was shouting crazily...


and well, if you read my first post, i am more into MACHI, so i just went like this..

=0 uuhhhhhhhhhh

then everyone seems to be a little bit more high, enjoying themselves more, and getting even more crazy!! =p

just look at how ShengMae enjoy herself!!!

ShengMae, ShienLi, Amy
alright a random picture here =)

Okay, just enjoy the pictures without words in between yea... for a short moment...

Everyone went ecstatic when the DJ came out with the music getting "louder"

just look how enjoy they were!!

sorry lar not so MANY girls pictures

like these above...


but i guess all these pictures are enough bah. There are more of course, but you know larh, some picture are not suitable to be view, HAHA So, you want to see more?? then next time you have to attend these event yourself!! =P

and remember what i've mentioned at the start of this post?? The pictures taking sessions lasted from start till the end...

Not-me-Joshua's-GF PeiMan, Me, my-super-duper-senior Jenifer
Hikaru in background

Left Picture - Jan and i
Right Picture - Christ and i

Crazy peeps - ShienLi, Jan, HoongWai, YewJoe
and Goh behind them haha


Left Pic - YinSoon, Mao
Right Pic - Christ, YinSoon


THE GIRLS IN BLACK- Kate, Jan, HsuJen, ShienLi, Kelli, ShengMae, Amy

Crazy peeps again - i've mentioned their names already right??

Goh, Christ, ShienLi, Me, YewJoe, HoongWai

Crazy peeps again take 2 and yes i think you might get bored of their names already.. haha dont care lar..

the party ended quite late but we left the scene quite early.. around 1am++

well we wont want to be caught in a jam nor a police roadblock.. so...

we headed to SS2 Murni for a YumCha session =p


And so, here's the end of this event from me to you. =P

*to those whom i already knew(you know who you are), NICE MEETING YOU PEOPLE AGAIN!!!!
**to those new friends i made that night, NICE TO MEET YOU! =)

I'm really grateful for the pass to get into this very happening event. All thanks to the parties and personnel involved which include Hennessy Artistry, Nuffnang, Nicholas, Steph, and Yatz.

and well, if you still have not get enough of this event from me, you can always go to the links below on their side of coverage on this event.

Enjoy!! =P

NicholasChay on Hennessy Artistry Part1
Yatz on Hennessy Artistry Part1
Jason on Hennessy Artistry
Adeline on Hennessy Artistry
Kate on Hennessy Artistry
Jenifer on Hennessy Artistry
PeiMan on HennessyArtistry
PeiMan on more on HennessyArtistry
Unclejosh on Hennessy Artistry Part 1
ShuJian on Hennessy Artistry
MikeYip on Hennessy Artistry Part 1
MikeYip on Hennessy Artistry Part 2
Stephenie on Hennessy Artistry Part1

JamieChin on H.A Press Conference & Hennessy Artistry Bkt Kiara
Gareth a.k.a shaolintiger on Hennessy Artistry
Natalie on Hennessy Artistry
Steph K on Hennessey Artistry
Sheng Mae on Hennessy Artistry
Sasha on Hennessy Artistry
simonseow on hennessy artistry

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