Wednesday, July 16, 2008

why max? WiMAX

If i tell you that 60%+ of the internet users in Malaysia are still on dial up speed which is just 56kBps, do you believe it?

Ask me how i knew that? it is a long story. There is a few months, i was going either from house to house or company to company, pitching to the people on Streamyx.

YES, i was once a Streamyx reseller, so i have some statistics of the internet services in Malaysia. Thats it, case close on my past.

Well thats the rough statistics 2 years ago. I have no idea whats the statistic in the past few months but i'm pretty sure that many more have converted to broadband users. Just look at how the opposition won in the general election early this year and if you notice and do some fact finding research, the opposition used the internet as their weapon and they were very clever of doing so.

Okay, enough of the crapping. What i'm gonna say here in this post is about WiMAX.

All these while TM have been monopolizing the Malaysian market on internet usage. I'm sure you have heard the thousand complaints on Streamyx a couple of times before and many Streamyx users were pissed off but they cant do anything with it because TMNET is the BIG player on internet in Malaysia.
The Associated Press report said a WiMAX license each went to Green Packet, REDtone International, YTL E-Solutions and Asiaspace Dotcom, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission said in a statement.
The companies beat out 13 other applicants, including Malaysia 's main telecommunications heavyweights Maxis Communications, Telekom Malaysia, and DiGi.Com, the report said.
and FINALLY, early this year, it was set that WiMAX is making its way into Malaysia.


Believe me, many other people who have been following the news of WiMAX in Malaysia will be laughing at TM like the Joker. WHY SO SERIOUS??

For your information..

WiMAX is a BIG project from the government, a real big project i would say! The government have thrown in Millions for this WiMAX project.

Alright so what's WiMAX?? It must be something big right?? Thats why so many companies including the BIG ONES like MAXIS, DiGI, and TM are fighting for it previously.

I myself was quite a stranger towards WiMAX as well and i was pretty interested in it so i did a small little research. I hope i'm not wrong as i've come across many technical stuffs.

So i shall make this simple as possible!!!

WiMAX is a type of broadband internet technology but the technology is different from WiFi, Streamyx 3G, EDGE and etc....

Blur? Alright...

Most of the people around uses and know what is WiFi and 3G right?? I shall assume that you know. Look at the diagram posted below.

As you can see, there's this comparison between 3G, WiFi and WiMAX where WiMAX outshine both 3G and WiFi.

Why i say WiMAX outshine both 3G and WiFi

3G - 140KM with 384Kbps = 0.3MBps
WiFi - 10M with Max 11Mbps = 1.375MBps
WiMAX - 70KM with 70Mbps = 8.75MBps

now you might think that the coverage area of WiMAX is not as wide as 3G, so how?

Here's another diagram on how WiMAX works..

and so YES, just like the wireless broadband service out there - Maxis Broadband, Celcom Broadband, Izzinet and etc... There'll be "connection points" build to transmit the frequency to users.

Now, imagine WiMAX "connection points"stations build all around in KL area.....


EVERYONE GET TO USE the internet connected through WiMAX connection points!! and the best thing is the speed can go up to 8MBps.


How Cool is that???

I shall say that not only its cool, its a good start!!!



lolx =)

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