Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight Movie Premiere @ GSC Signature - Gardens

I'm grateful for the pass to be @ the Dark Knight Movie Premiere in Gardens 2 days ago. All thanks to Nokia(M), Text100 (M) as well as Davidlian =)

Went there with Nigel and MunHoe. Thanks to Nigel for the ride. =)

and so, we reached Paradiso/GSC Signatures @ The Gardens welcomed by the many wifes of Joker's.


We registered ourselves and had dinner in no time. We were HUNGRY OKAY!!???

Jason Goh caught!!

Saw many familiar faces over there, mostly bloggers whom i know. and i saw Skyler, she told me some comments on the food served there and GOSH SHE WAS RIGHT, hahaha luckily i didnt take the fish and the spaghetti!!!

Nigel caught!!

LoLz!! The soup was nice though hehehehe.

but well, no complaints bah, after all i didn't spend anything. =)

Anyway, soon its movie time and we went in and we really had a good time watching it.


and yea, let me introduce the ultimate Joker from Malaysia.

Joe a.k.a Klubbkidd who blogs here

he might be a bit fatter but then who cares?? LOLz He really did a good job with the suit/costume he's came in and he won the N95 8GB on the night itself with his Joker Suit.

Cool huh?? hehehe

and yea before i forgot, its your birthday today...


HAHAHA so he basicly got himself an early birthday present - a N95 8GB. hehehe

picture stolen from his blog

i guess he's busy celebrating his birthday now bah.. haha and of course, enjoying his N95.

I had a great time myself there, and again, THANKS TO DAVIDLIAN.


Do open your eyes widely to spot the unreleased Nokia phone =)

*pictures taken by JasonGoh & Nigel


klubbkidd said...

no... i'm still not going to give you my n95. LOL!

joshuaongys said...

> klubbkidd : eleh... lolx i didn't ask u to give also!! SOMBONG la SOMBONG!! TAKPE!! =X

Simon Seow said...

I must get to know David more. LOL.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : well...

inspireme said...

I am so gonna watch this movie. I heard alot ppl giving really good review on this show:)

joshuaongys said...

> inspireme : yeaps better watch ASAP, if not you'll be out of topic when you're out with frens hahaha

kampunginvestor said...

A kick ass movie! I would rate it A+. I am sure plenty share the same views as me! :)

joshuaongys said...

> kampunginvestor : A+++++++, i'm pretty sure everyone will think so bah!!! not jz a plenty, but ALL!!

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