Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cost on WiMAX

Actually sometimes i wonder that is it good that TmNet is monopolizing the internet market in Malaysia.

Definitely, there'll be more complaints than praises, but i've come across some friends of mine who have zero unsatisfaction on Streamyx.

Very often we'll tend to remember the negative stuffs compare to the positive ones. But i guess people will forget about those stuffs when there's something new. Human does that all the times.

Every now and then, especially recently, there're more and more new packages on broadband internet, be it wireless ones or otherwise, there're new players such as UMobile and Izzi.. With the welcoming of WiMAX, i couldnt help but to wonder how much will the packages/subscription cost.

Rather than guessing on it, lets be practical here. For sure, the speed of WiMAX will be the highest when its officially launch, so if we think towards that direction, the subscription fee/cost of WiMAX SHOULD BE much higher than other existing broadband service in Malaysia.

To many people out there, that would be a big issue. With the raise of price of various items in the current market, a higher price to use WiMAX will definitely bring failure to the whole project itself.

Okay then. Fine. So it should be around erm, lets say RM88 or probably lower than that. Then only people will consider using it. Ahh but again, its a type of WIRELESS broadband and wireless connections tends to get disconnected from time to time especially during the rain.

Rain is quite a norm for us Malaysians, ah DARN!!! HOW??

I assume that they promise us STABLE connection with the use of WiMAX then.

Ahhhhh, then thats a totally different thing!!! People would be dying to use the service. Maybe even at RM100, people would be paying happily for a STABLE connection with HIGHER connection speed.

Lolz, all those are just my sudden thoughts, we won't know what and how WiMAX will be when its launched. I just hope that the cost will be affordable for everyone then. And on top of that, the payment method for the bills/subscription will be relatively easy. Easy like paying online or just going to a nearby ATM/7-Eleven to pay and convert money into WiMAX points.

Am i thinking too much?? Hmmm we'll see. =)


Shiveeleaves said...

oh shit,this sound like what i did for my english presentation last time. :P

joshuaongys said...

> shiveeleaves : lolx really?? hahahah u did something on WiMAX or you mean my post is a bit too formal or wat?? lolx

shinigami said...

For sure, the speed of WiMAX will be the highest when its officially launch,
->lol for sure my ass..this is malaysia la my fren, even streamyx launched with wat? 384 for starters..and recently 4mb and 8mb on trial..celcom broadband also same, 384,3.6 and 7.2mb

Jeffro said...

OMG! it's definitely NOT ALRIGHT for them to monopolize the internet market.. They serious s**** (referring to one of my records for internet speed)

But I'm rather afraid if WiMax decides to play the bad guy, then we're screwed!

What if they knew we dun like streamyx, and they could provide better services? They might increase their prices to about RM120/month.. O_O

joshuaongys said...

> shinigami : hahaha well the speed will be the highest la buthen will the speed maintain like dat then its another case heheh

> jeffro : well they wont be the bad guy i think.. they are new to the market.. so they need to play nice bah.. =P

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