Friday, July 04, 2008


Continue from the 1st part...

After the BBQ Session, we went into the house and proceed to this "room" where we started playing games.....

to be exact, MAFIA =)

the town in action....

night time where everyone's asleep.....

explaining time.......

verdict/voting time.......

a few games of mafia have been played and we have this "video clip" watching session

where Nigel showed us....

-The random meeting of a few bloggers....
-how they actually become so close and go to events in a group
-the random stuffs altogether that form this group of bloggers who name themselves with a "stupid" name DGMB - Definitely Gang Maybe Bang. =)

To other people, it might be just a normal and simple video clip, but to us, it was extraordinary special and valueble, although the period of time is short, but we have sweet memories altogether and we actually shared quite some stuffs through gmail threads.

All thanks to Nigel who compiled the pictures + music and made the video clips!!

Sheon came late!! and again.. *salute* for him coming down all the way from Kedah

and we watched the clip for the 2nd time with Sheon!! HAHA (actually the 3rd time, 2nd time was with sJ and yatz)

Later on, we played another game - Taboo

Kel Li on Taboo

Aaron on Taboo

Sin Yee on Taboo

David on Taboo

Soon, everyone were doing their own stuffs... some chatting.....

Some playing cards....

Some cant stand it anymore and snooze off... =)

Well, it was already late night..... Half of the people went home around 2am-3am leaving the others back there watching really FUNNY videos.

Around 4am-5am, everyone decided to call it a day, the 5 of us - Randy, Me, ShuJian, Yatz and his gf, Josephine went for mamak instead.

So, why did i say it was HAPPENING to us?

Minus the scandal(both caught in action!! haha).....


the creepy stuffs(there's a head in between them both with tongue sticking out o.O)

We had a great time together!!

we play around with "heights" =)

we pretend that we are angry!!!

we exchanged laughters...... =p

and others of course!!

but the most important thing of all is...

the fellowship we had on that day!!!

we really do love each other don't we?? hehehehehehehe

Group Pic take 1

Group Pic take 2

At the end of the day, the biggest contributor of all is Nigel and i would like to thank him..

... for being such a great host providing us with such a great place to have our very own DGMB BBQ!!!

The BBQ Party was nice, an AWESOME one!

Till next time, See You Peeps!!! =)

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