Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nuffnang + Hancock = GOOD JOB!!

2 days ago, in the night, a group of us Nuffnangers attacked Cineleisure with Robb as our captain leading us.


Alright, enough with the crap. It was a private screening of the movie, Hancock by Nuffnang.
I reached there one hour earlier from the time of the movie, 9.30PM. Met up with some DGMB-ians @ McD.

my guest SooAnn and i, ignore my face expression, i was tired...

alright, a better picture of me and SooAnn
* she's pretty right?? heeee and i'm close to closing my eyes.. =(

and yea, as i'm allowed to bring a guest to this screening, i brought Soo Ann(girl in both picture above).

Robb was there at the Nuffnang Counter in Cathay Cineplex greeting everyone with his SMILE. =) such a nice PR person for Nuffnang right?? hehehe

okay, i don't know what to say with this picture hahaha =)

and AGAIN, yes... if you're there, you'll see people (us-bloggers) taking pictures here, taking pictures there...


Group Picture 1 - Kah Mun, Michelle, Jeff, Alex
*sorry michelle, didn't get to talk to you =X

Group Picture 2 - KennyChoo, SooAnn, Karena, Zoe, Simon, Andrew, Ren, Shaun

Group Picture 3 - Amy, David, Me, HweiMing, Aaron, Thomas, QueenZee

and more of course, but i'm too lazy to add in more bah... view other pictures from other blog!!!


Soon enough, we proceed into the cinema


we started taking picture again WTF WEHHH!!!!

Zoe, Kate, Hikaru


SooAnn, HweiMing, Ruth, QueenZee, Thomas


Hancock is not VERY VERY GOOD but its not disappointing as well, read my review here.

we went out and...

Continue taking pictures AGAIN!!!

Left Picture - Karena, Me
Right Picture - Sue, Me

Zoe, Me

Da Big Group Picture!
Back Row : QueenZee, Ruth, Thomas, Randy, Mao, Andrew, ShuJian, MunHoe
Front Row : David, Kate, Shaun, Amy, Aaron, SooAnn, Me
Kneeling Down : HweiMing

the night ended with a Mamak Session somewhere in SS2.

and again, THANKS TO NUFFNANG!!!!


i shall end this post with this cute lil picture....



hehehehehehhehehe =)

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Anonymous said...

ACNE galore.

joshuaongys said...

> anonymous : lolx who?? me ar?? ><

- yuhhui - said...

wow.. really took lots of pictures !! ahaha.. seems fun! =)

joshuaongys said...

> yuhhui : it was fun la!! hahahaha

yapthomas said...

DKW1's name is Kah Mun.. :)

mrBadak said...

yihh.. looks like fun.. pity NN never does any private screening for KK bloggers..

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : ahhh thanks =)

> mrbadak : it was fun =) hmmm try approaching nuffnang and ask them?

JohnMah said...

Ah....AMy Blocked me, cant c me. Faint....

joshuaongys said...

> johnmah : hahaha still can see la!!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

actually i was a tad disappointed by hancock.... it was funny though

joshuaongys said...

> linora : lolx its still worth watching la rite??

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Awww... U remembered me!!! I wanted to speak to u, but u gave me the "you-look-so-familiar-but-yet-I-just-can't-seem-to-remember-who-you-are" look so i dare not approach you in fear of embarrassing myself in public. Isshh!

joshuaongys said...

> - m i c h e l l e - : ha well i thought the same way to, wanted to talk buthen don't know why i didn't... nex time bah!! =)

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