Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interacting with Tony Fernandes & Blogging

Its quite funny how blogging could change a thing, make a difference.

Especially in Malaysia, blogging really made an impact. I am lazy to elaborate on that point i've made in the previous sentence, if you get it then GOOD and if you don't then too BAD bah. =)

Anyway, i guess some of you peeps know about the blogs of some politicians. Even the blog of our ex-pm (Mahathir) - CheDet came out and Malaysians flooded the site within hours of "launching".

Back to our very own TOP BLOGGER in Malaysia, kennysia. Everyone knows that his blog have high traffic, top blogger marh hahaha.

If you have been reading his blog from time to time, you'll come to a post where he write that Tony Fernandes reads his blog.
*if you have no idea who is Tony Fernandes and you're a Malaysian, GO BANG YOUR HEAD ON THE WALL!

Tony Fernandes commented back on that post

and then... there're some readers of KennySia who commented on that post and started complaining about AirAsia and stuffs related to AirAsia. NOT just a few, but alot!! Some are short complaints, some, LONG ONES.

just like this...

and you know what?

He, Tony Fernandes actually replied to the complaints

well, i won't be surprise of him doing that.

Why so..

Cause Our Ex-PM started his own blog already and what more can happen in the blogging world of Malaysia with a newly emerged blogger in the blogosphere that have 1mil traffic within 1 month?

For many more Malaysians out there, this is still a whole new thing. Try going out in the heart of KUALA LUMPUR and ask people Who IS KennySia, most of them know nuts about KennySia and will shake their heads.

Blogs and Blogging is still a whole new thing.

Yes, bloggers have made an impact, start their movement and made some of their voices heard in the public, but many people still have a wrong conception on blogging.

People around who are new to blogging, who just started their own blog.... all of them thought that blogs, blogging is the FAST route to gain fame, money and even meet & interact with famous individuals...

and i can tell you that this whole thinking is just sooo wrong and you shouldnt think that way...

Those who got the fame and big bucks are the ones who really spend real much time combining a few skills together and really did "many" stuffs as well as doing "something" with their blogs. Most of us bloggers don't do so, we'll just write some stupid posts and expect for SO MANY stuffs.

So..... fellow bloggers... WAKE UP will ya?


Billy said...

totally agree with u...
some new bloggers nowadays put "making easy money" as their main priority in blogging.. =/

joshuaongys said...

> billy : yea they are really so foolish to think so.. sad case also la to the malaysia blogosphere.. =(

Relax said...

Actually it is the economics of scarcity power. Those who are at the top of pyramid has the scarcity that is hard to duplicate by others.

Imagine a pyramid where only a few dudes stay on top and thousands of others lurk at the bottom. The fame and money incentive is driving these thousand of bloggers to dream of climbing up to the top.

At the end of the day, scarcity power dictates who rules the blogsphere. Better focus on good content. See you guys around :)

joshuaongys said...

> relax : alright i didn't imagine the pyramid concept in this matter haha.. quite a good point you have there and there's some truth in there...

and yes, better focus on good content, of course the originality of the content as well.

anyway, your blog is interesting =p

RealGunners said...

wah.. so pro comments..

i just wanna say: exactly what i felt too..

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : glad that someone agree with me =P

yapthomas said...

i find those who "make money" for blogging typically, as in those, who write blogs to give tips for making money bla bla bla..

enough already.. we don't need thousand of blogs about it already! just bloody stop it will they?

pinolobu said...

Kenny Sia might be a blogger blogging in the "personal blog" niche who gets the most daily traffic (15K per day unique at last count), but he's not a Malaysian blogger getting the MOST visits in a day. That particular person I think gets around 40K to 50K uniques per day.

And it's not this:

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : yes we don't need thousand more of those blogs already.. a few is more than enough but people wont just stop bah!!

> pinolobu : well i didn't say that he gets the most visits in a day hahaha, i was just taking him as an example thats all =)

and yes i know of a few sites/blogs by Malaysians who have more visits than him hehehe

peaze ><

Xjion89 said...

Personally, I think blogging is so much fun. Plus, it is not bad that you can do something that you like and make money with it.(^^)

3POINT8 said...

Blogging is like having an ambition. For instance: a child might want to be an astronaut when he grows up. So, he reads alot on star wars, watch apollo11, talks about it... but later in life, finds out that its very hard to be an astronault.

Just like blogging, those who started have an ambition. to be famous, to be rich, only to find out later that its pretty hard to achieve that.

Blogging = fast way to gain fame & money. But that doesn't mean that new bloggers shouldn't think that way. Your mom never discourage your ambition, yes? Why discourage theirs?

joshuaongys said...

> xjion89 : yes blogging is fun and it shud be fun, making money can come along bah but not be the MAIN motive to blog la.. =p

> 3point8 : hahahha nice one there, i don't really think i'm discouraging them bah, if someone do really have the passion in blogging(even with the main motive being making money), he/she wouldn't really be bothered much by my post and erm

on second thought..

do you mean that i or shall i say we should let those new bloggers knock their heads on the wall before they realize the truth?? hmmm =X

Simon Seow said...

Blogging for fame and money? Money, I made a bit of it but not my main point, fame? I'm just a nobody. What I like so much about blogging is that I made a lot of new friends through blogging. I knew almost all the DGMBian, KSCB, Nuffnanger, and foodies.

Big Boys Oven said...

Dear Joshuaongys,

You are so right and so well spoken on this topic! The truth spoken! What Simon said is so true, the discovery of many friendship and foster living out of our own, great to know more and more people!

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : good good!! enjoy blogging n make more friends then!!

>big boys oven : thank you!! hehehe yeaps meeting more people and making friends are the best that come out of blogging =) just like me meeting you huh haha

budleee said...

hmm have you noticed a sudden surge in malaysian with blogs. even blogspot made a Malay version of the blog for the rest of the people with less grasp of the English languange..

even in the papers blogs of the political scandals are being shown so curious people could read and make their own judgement.

*if i were them i would have nuffnang ads, and probably make a fortune because of the sudden surge of visitor and the free advertisment by the papers.

joshuaongys said...

> budleee : no wor i didnt notice blogspot did dat hahahaha

yea those ppl should have nuffnang ads on their blogs.. but then if they do so then nuffnang will go bankrupt hahah imagine mahathir's site, 1mil visitors in 1month.. how much would tat cost nuffnang haha

Jenny Tien said...

Hi good site. Everyone is talking about Tony Fernandes blogging. I've also written a commentary about Tony Fernandes Blog

Cheers ;)

joshuaongys said...

> jenny tien : yeaps its quite a big news hehe

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