Monday, July 28, 2008

Forum Pahwer!!!

I don't know about you, but for me, i'll check the source of people coming into my blog from time to time. The links that brought them here.

and just a few days ago, i was viewing the analytics of my blog through Nuffnang and gosh i saw this....


i was thinking what wrong did i do till someone posted my link and attract so many people.....
*open eyes bigbig


okay fine, i know bloggers like KennySia get that kind of hits in just like one minute but to me its ALOT OKAY!!!

i went to my blog and check on my live traffic statistics and i saw this...

*open eyes even bigger


without a second thought i click on the referral link in Nuffnang analytics page..

and so i found out that on the first, someone posted about a female Starcraft gamer and added my link there as i've posted a post before with the title Famous Female Progamers end of last year.

The site happen to be a site with high traffic i guess and althought not many people commented on that post, MANY people came to that specific post of mine through that link.

Then, i think, i think bah, someone who read that post on reposted my link in a Singapore Forum site -

and then suddenly, i have MANY people coming to my blog through both sources.


i am really amazed by the "pahwer" of a post in a forum. So now i know la...

Those regular-forums-lurker who appears to be a blogger as well SURE have high traffic wan!!!

CRAZY 1...

and yes, for the first time, i get more visitors from Singapore compare to Malaysia.

Great huh??

You can see that the specific post only have one comment only. Made a long post and posted so many "lengluis" and spent quite some time finding facts on their gaming history and only have one FREAKING comment that time. Sad Case.
Even now that i have many people reading that post, still no one commented. =(

One comment only..........

Well, whatever it is, i still thank the 2 peeps who posted my blog link in 2 different place. I really used quite some time doing that specific post on female progamers.

Here is a screenshot on part of my post last year - Famous Female Progamers.


Billy said...

Haha.. I ter-baca your pro-gamer to programmer.... =/
Anyway, good post on the leng luis.
Wonder whether many Malaysian female pro gamer joining the Nuffnang CS Tournament. =P

joshuaongys said...

> billy : hahah dont worry, many ppl do so hehehe thanks and i hope so dat there're leng luis joining tat.. buthen i doubt la..

Lynn said...

Yer super lucky lah you. I also want =p

joshuaongys said...

> lynn : ya, i'm super lucky =) hehehehe u wait lar heee ><

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