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review on Red Cliff 赤壁

Watched this movie Red Cliff 赤壁 before the official screening date which is next week 17/7/2008.

Thanks to Nuffnang, i get to go to the media screening of Red Cliff 赤壁. =)

This movie is just the first part of the famous war in the story of three kingdom 三国演义. Yes, there's a 2nd part.

This movie have the cast to make you go WHOA and well, let me introduce the main cast first.


金城武 TAKESHI KANESHIRO as 諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang
*his acting skills are really good, i think he was quite a good 諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang

梁朝伟 TONY LEUNG as 周瑜 Zhou Yu
*he's good and everybody knows about it, what can i say more?

張豐毅 ZHANG FENGYI as 曹操 Cao Cao
*not bad i would say...

張震 CHANG CHEN as 孙权 Sun Quan
*man i love how he stares, his coolness in this movie rawks

趙薇 ZHAO WEI as 孙尚香 Sun Shangxiang
*ehh i don't know why i like her leh.. more than 林志玲 CHILING LIN =X

林志玲 CHILING LIN as 小喬 Xiao Qiao
*the famous model turn actor, what can i say? her acting skills don't show that she's new, in fact, i'm looking forward to more of her scenes in the 2nd part of the movie!!

中村獅童 SHIDOU NAKAMURA as 甘兴Gan Xing
* i have no comments with him haha

胡軍 HU JUN Zhao Yun 趙云 aka Zhao Zilong 趙子龍
*not bad, china actor... hehe

the other characters : Guan Yu 关云长, Zhang Fei 张飞, Liu Bei 刘備
*biasa je...

Alright, i shall not reveal so much on the movie... hehehe

Just enjoy the pictures below yea...

The movie started with 曹操 Cao Cao launching attacks on 刘備 Liu Bei...

the citizens flee-ing with 刘備 Liu Bei's troops..

here, you can see Zhao Yun 趙云 aka Zhao Zilong 趙子龍 in action!!!

with the skills & intelligence of 諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang

刘備 Liu Bei sent 諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang to ally with 孙权 Sun Quan

and eventually they both allied to fight against 曹操 Cao Cao

i'll just stop here, in case i tell too much.... =)

More pictures below though.. hehe

Gan Xing 甘兴 training soldiers

part of 孙权 Sun Quan's troops

part of 孙权 Sun Quan's troops

planning strategy

In war

Guan Yu 关云长 in action!!

Zhao Yun 趙云 aka Zhao Zilong 趙子龍


In the night scenes...

As i've said in my review of Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon 三国见龙卸甲, i've always love movies that have war scenes here and there, in this movie there's a really nice war scenes showing how they use the strategy and trapped their enemies. There're some one man show fighting scenes in the war as well. Hehehe

Watch it yourself bah, i would recommend you to watch this movie!! Its worth watching!! =)

my rating for this movie is 8.5 8/10

*reduce the 0.5 because of stupid Malaysian cutting of some scenes in the movie... O.O

On the other hand, there's this online game Red Cliff 赤壁 launched at the same time as this movie.

Click here for more details.

and again, THANKS TO NUFFNANG! =)

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yapthomas said...

so fast blog for what!!!

RealGunners said...

i am so going to watch it next week.. just came back from TS, watched Hellboy.. okok lerr..

c h e l said...

wei, why so little pic of tony leong one...i love him!!!

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : hheeeehehehehee syiok sendiri marh...

> realgunners : hellboy okok only ar?? i was considering to watch dat wor... and yea do watch the movie hehe

> c h e l : lolx i post more pics of him in next post lor hehe

Simon Seow said...

Thomas, he's the multiple posts king, remember?

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : i'm not weih... =X

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