Friday, July 25, 2008

Complexity being simplified?

Since internet, computers and mobile phones came into my life, i cant seem to get enough of them. I believe this applies to many people as well. As years pass by, we tend to be more tied up to these stuffs and we made all these part of our life.

i am a TARC student doing my internship currently and all these years i've been taking public transport back and forth every single day and


i witness an accident happening right in front of me

i heard some interesting stuffs

i saw some funny incident

i took some really cool pictures


i feel like going online and blog about it..

but i cant

Sometimes it just bothers me when i have tons of stuffs in my mind to blog about i am not able to blog at that specific time.

The internet and blogging have been such a big part of my life that i cant stand not using the internet for one whole freaking day.

Its part of my life already, my daily routine.

and somehow, i just wonder how nice it is if i can online while i'm waiting for the bus/train to come, be it either going to work or college, or maybe when i'm waiting for my food to come at a mamak/restaurant, or maybe live blog/post a vlog while participating in events/flashmob.

It would make daily life a bit more interesting if i can do so, rather than being a "kayu" waiting restlessly and might result in falling asleep as well. o.O

TMNET have been around as the BIG BOSS for years and the various wireless broadband services which surfaces don't really impress much people including me myself.

However i can still turn to my mobile phone and use it to access the internet through 3G service, but with that rate of speed and the cost coming in, it wasn't a good choice for me i would say.

and then the news of WiMaX coming into Malaysia came in and it really excites me very much. That means that i can online anywhere i like when it's fully implemented in KL city.

I wont be standing stupidly waiting for buses/trains anymore. I can surf the net whenever & wherever i like/want.

The internet and blogging have already changed my lifestyle and if WiMax is THAT good in speed & mobility wise then i think i'll use it to make my life a little more interesting each day.

Well, thats my case.

I have no idea how you lead your life each day but i'm pretty sure that many people who lives in KL is in the same situation as i am in and now i'm looking forward to the new broadband service!!

*and yea, if you ask my friends, they will tell you i'm a crazy person, i can go online surfing the net and not getting BORED without moving my ass to other place the WHOLE day.
of course, meals and toilets are exceptions.


Jeffro said...


and yea, if you ask my friends, they will tell you i'm a crazy person, i can go online surfing the net and not getting BORED without moving my ass to other place the WHOLE day.
of course, meals and toilets are exceptions


joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : hahahha gimme 5!

harish said...

you are having great time with all kind of story

internet said...

nice experience

joshuaongys said...

> harish : hmm am i having a great time? yes and no.. all kind of story.. lolx like??

> internet : yes nice and i hope some stuffs will change in the future..

Lynn said...

Hahhah. the photo of coke surrounded by pepsi is hilarious! XD

joshuaongys said...

> lynn : lolx yes i find it funny also hahahahaha very very nice picture i would say!! =p

foongpc said...

hi, that picture of Twin Towers and KL Tower in the night - was it taken by you? Reminds me of the view from Lookout Point in Ampang.

joshuaongys said...

> foongpc : no la my fren take wan and yes its taken @ lookout point.. haha

a@ron said...

Same too me. Can get rid of internet connection for even one day!

zhengdhong said...

me too~! i am waiting for WiMAX to come also. my lecturer has been going on talking about WiMAX a hell lots of times~! ahha~!

joshuaongys said...

> a@ron : hahahhaa gosh we'll die right if we don't have internet..

> zhengdhong : many people is waiting for WiMaX now, hope they wont fail us bah hahaha lolx why ar ur lecturer keep talking bout it.. so funny de..

3POINT8 said...

I think most bloggers are like that, don't u think so?

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : cant live without internet?? yeaps... but not taking public transport all the time haha

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