Friday, July 18, 2008

you sangat laki!!!

I admit that i rarely have the time to really sit down in front of my computer and then proceed in visiting my personal friend's blog to update myself on the happenings in their life.

I'm a bad friend at times and i admit it. But well, how many personal friends i have who really read my blog from time to time??

I guess everyone is just busy with their lives.... =(

Anyway, i just open a conversation on MSN with Liyeng and the last time i visited her blog was like erm.. Last month i think.

and so, i was reading/browsing/ her posts and i noticed something in one of her post. In that post, she was in a cab with her handphone keep on ringing... and then this conversation took place...

“You selalu pegang- tunggu talipon ka?”

“Takde la, saja.”

“Talipon baru ka?”

“Ya. Macam mana you tau?”

“Nampak cantik mah. Haiyoh I cakap sama you ah, you sangat laki boleh duduk teksi oh.”

I looked down at my chest.

“Saya lelaki?”

“Bukan, bukan. Saya cakap you sangat laki. Bertuah.”

“Ohhhhh, lucky issittttttt.”
I find it quite amusing, if i was there in the cab i would be laughing my lungs out. HAHA

But again, come to think of it, actually that's the problem with us Malaysians. The unity between Malaysians, of different races. Many Malays have conversation in such a way that they will add certain English words randomly in their chats and if you seldom converse with them, you might get the wrong meaning in the end, just like what happen above.

So, What i'm trying to say here?

In this hard time, for us Malaysians, its time for us, this new generation of Malaysians to make a change, don't just mix with the people that have the same skin color as you, try mixing and befriend with people from other race. Get close to each other and sometimes, you might just come awake and realize that, they are just the same as you, they have strong negative thoughts on the government, they are struggling to live in Malaysia with the raise of various stuffs, some even feel "malu" for their own race and etc.

After all, we're all the SAME, we're MALAYSIANS.

*Yes, i admit myself being like that as well-mixing more with people with the same skin color as myself, i still have Malay and Indian friends, just that we seldom keep in touch lolx.

Oh and yea, are you feeling laki?? You should you know!?!? =p


Will said...

aku support u

joshuaongys said...

> will : ahhh tenkiu!! hahahhaha

Baldwin said...

ehh..i got read ur blog ma...*lol

LAKI u...

joshuaongys said...

> baldwin : lolx i didn't say every single one la hahahha just most of them marh hehehehe u're the rare ones lo

Ohkulala said...

you laki-laki yang sangat laki. lol!!!

joanne liyeng said...

liyeng! haha not many calls me that way. =)

joshuaongys said...

> ohkulala : lolx why say i laki leh hahaha laki in wat sense =)

ah i know cuz i get to know u in person!! haha

> joanne liyeng : lolx i'm different!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHhaAHA

i damn perasan rite?? well... =X

RealGunners said...

i will oni feel laki when i get my job..

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : your job?? what kinda job??

QuaChee said...

eh baca belog you senyum aku :)

joshuaongys said...

> quachee : hahahaha bagus la tu, i happy u senyum baca-ing i punya belog kakakkaka

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