Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bulma on Bike and Goku in Suit

A few days ago, Dragonball Movie blog have updated a few more images on the movie DragonBall.

These scans below are scans from Jumps SQ’s August issue.

the pages from the magazine

Goku in his blue suit.. which is still weird for me.... =X

scene 1 from movie

scene 2 from movie.

Pictures above from Source here.

Bulma on her bike in Dragonball movie

Source here


For me, NOPE... Not impressive enough... i hope that they will come out with some really interesting way to promote this movie. =(


Atniz said...

Can't wait to see in cinema. Dragon Ball movie is becoming more and more famous these days, and they are delaying the release date longer and longer.

Maybe, this is another marketing technique.

joshuaongys said...

> atniz : hope that the movie will come out good and impressive!! =)

RealGunners said...

piff... angmohs doing the dragon ball? r u sure it's gonna be good?

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : im not sure, but it better be good!!

zhenlong25 said...

somehow i have bad feeling about this feeling>.< from those photo, i don't see Dragon Ball....

joshuaongys said...

> zhenlong25 : hahahhahahaha u'll see more and more pictures coming out from the internet sooner or later... seriously, till now i still haven see dragon ball as well haha

John Ang said...

haiz... they should get him the red suit. that will definitely put the goku image on him. And the hair is not long enough...

Ren said...

fucking western
they screw the image of dragon ball la
y Japanese dun take the 1st step to do that movie
if let's japanese do it i bet it gonna 10x better than this 1

see the main character image i already darn dulan....

GOKU shud b look cheerful!!!
not farking dulan lancap face
i see also dulan spoil the DB image

joshuaongys said...

> john ang : maybe they have the red suit for him... jz dat it's not public yet.... lolx well we'll see la..

> ren : you're not the only one who thinks so...there're many more around the globe who thinks the same as you!!

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