Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DawnYang's ClapBangKiss Hacked

Today i came across a few interesting stuffs through the net......

First, i bumped into Davidlian's blog and its the news of our very Malaysia's very own Politic Drama character, Mr Anwar giving a speech to 15,000 people becoming the headline of Malay Mail and what do i think??

i think that we should sit down and wait for more drama to come, peeps, get your popcorn yea!!

Then i came across Maro's blog talking about this "happening" Cafe/Restaurant by the name "THE CAVE" in SS2 and YES!! The pictures posted in the blog makes me feel like to going there with my girl.

the best thing about this "THE CAVE" cafe is its open 24 hours!!

Read about it here.

The best have yet to come, what happens to be the best is the drama between 2 famous Singapore bloggers!!! XiaXue and DawnYang. I have no idea how it started, but i managed to read XiaXue's blog posts before she removed it on her blog and now the latest news is DawnYang suing XiaXue. Thats the best drama on blogoshphere so far all these years

*there're bloggers who actually printscreened/copypaste XiaXue's original flaming post before she removed it.

and before i could get enough of this drama...



alright fine, its a joke, i browse DawnYang's blog through a site name The Pornolizer where any site browsed through there will have many 18SX related keywords appearing on the site.

I just figured out that some of you out there might be annoyed with all this blogger VS blogger thing with it becoming the hot topic in both Msia's N Spore's blogosphere.

So yea, have fun with the pornolizer pawning your friends blog while you're in front of the computer!!!!


*sorry yea if you're disappointed that Dawn's blog was not hacked..
*dun come bash me pls... =)
*i'm still editing the pics on DGMB BBQ.. wait ya..


Anonymous said...

you're an attention whore with misleading title.

Typical nuffnang motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

you're a pathetic attention seeking whore

joshuaongys said...

> to both anonymous person: well i did mentioned "NOT ACTUALLY" in the description there on innit, furthermore i'm pretty sure that there're many bloggers out there who're sick of all these blog war/flaming going on and on (including me) and so this is just for fun/laughs for the people out there...

anyway thanks for the comments!! i love comments, be it positive ones or negative ones, keep it coming in!!


CeD said...

Seriously he did state there "not actually......hmmmm" . It's y'all who can't stand that he's in the top 10. LoLx

Lynn said...

OMG. I really thought her blog really got hacked -.-

Anonymous said...

Nuffnang motherfucker; you're just asking for hits from PPS where I came from.

Johnny Ong said...

the last anonymous fella really got problem.

joshuaongys said...

> ced : well =)

> lynn : >< so are u disappointed or relieved??

> anonymous : i see you have more problem with nuffnang compare to me.. lolx if you scold me den scold me lar, why la mention nuffnang motherfucker?? LOLX

> johnny ong : its the same person ahhaha

doraemon said...

Ya lah cheebai, don't go ping PPS with such a misleading title.

Stupid dumb attention seeker. Fucking pondan for a guy.

Randy Khoo said...


Josh, Free free kena one?

joshuaongys said...

> doraemon : thank you!!!! =) hahahhahahahhahahaha

> randy khoo : saje only kekekekeke =p

r.p said...

y my comment didn't show up?!

Anyway, re-write:

it shows that it is better for us to be an ordinary person.

if you are famous, people want to bring you down due to jealously.. haha

joshuaongys said...

> r.p : maybe there's some prob with blogger or ur line hehe

yea being an ordinary person is the best hehe jealousy kills..


ACCYEE said...

wow angered so many people ha. im quite sad i didnt read the post originally frm xx. i stopped cos i thot she got too ranty lol.

joshuaongys said...

> accyee : haha >< ehh got many bloggers repost XiaXue's ori post lolx.. you can go read them if you want to do so..

synical said...

I haven't read XX or Dawn in ages. Can't say I miss anything.

Who gives a crap?

joshuaongys said...

> synical : hahahaha i haven read both in ages as well till this whole drama thing came up.. so... lolx hahha and yea who gives a crap?

bahhhhhhhh hahah

rumiko kato said...

LMAO so funny and jealous anonymous TSUK TSUK.. pathetic people..

nice entry by the way ^^x

joshuaongys said...

> rumiko kato : ahaha thanks weh!! appreciate your comments hehehe and glad that u enjoy it =)

Anonymous said...

my new fave blogger is AiChérie

Check her out!

public joe said...

ai cherie is 100% GODDESS, thanks for sharing her

joshuaongys said...

> public joe : ai cherie??? ><

Anonymous said...

AiChérie + Dawn Yang= HEAVEN

joshuaongys said...

> anonymous : hmmmm

Jake C. said...

Ai cherie is ok...

joshuaongys said...

> Jake C. : lolx ok only..

l a b e l s


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