Wednesday, July 09, 2008

review on Hancock

Watched Hancock 2 days ago in Cineleisure. Thanks to Nuffnang.


So, the movie is about supercock, er i mean superhero cock...

NO... its superhero, HANCOCK!!!

John Hancock, an alcoholic...

who have superpowers + invincible and don't care about anything at all around him.

Yea, don't care anything at all, just like the picture above..

every superhero needs a suit!

the people that evolves around Hancock, Mary and Ray

and Mary appears to be.... hmmmmm

John Hancock appearing in front of everyone

Hancock in action

can i touch your body wtf!!

Frankly speaking, the storyline was just okay okay only and i have no idea why recent movies have normal storyline ONLY.. and of course, they have those graphics which makes you go Whoa and full stop thats it.

Alright, drinking while flying and chasing a car with criminals is quite interesting and well... i shall let you judge the rest. Anyway, just like I AM LEGEND any movie that have Will Smith in it will just attract my attention and i'll like it. =)

this movie have a very very high rating in the overseas.. what can i say more??

*you'll get what this mean if you've watched it.. =)

my rating for this movie is 7/10


Baby said...

I guess the show is still ok but I missed a bit of the starting cause I & my guest went in late

joshuaongys said...

> baby : lolx its alright la, i missed a bit as well as i'm queuing up outside buying drinks =)

julian said...

I also was not very impressed - OK but nothing wonderful. Although it was a nice change to the usual superhero story, and what happened with the wife was an unexpected twist.

joshuaongys said...

> julian : yeaps that was exactly wat was i thinking after the movie... thats why i wrote mary appears to be hmmmm.... i was speechless...

anyhow no complaints bah, we got to watch it for free =)

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