Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka Train Party by RandomAlphabets

Its this specific time in a year where we would celebrate the Independence Day of Malaysia. This time round, Random Alphabets is having a flashmob again. One that marks this very significant day for Malaysia, along with Kiehl's and Rage, there'll be a Merdeka Train Party!!

Just imagine this, decorating the interior of a house for a birthday party, now imagine that happening in a few public trains!! and its going to happen on the 31st of August 2009 which is tomorrow!

For more information on Merdeka Train Party, CLICK HERE.

To participate in this free project, you cannot RSVP via Facebook. So, please RSVP here.

and Of course, everyone's invited to join in. Anyone & everyone. There'll be a briefing at 2pm, at KL Sentral KFC, 31st August 2009. Remember to bring the props for the Merdeka decoration!

See you there then!!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fast Update #76 Take a Break, Merdeka is Here!

Looking at the recent invites in the past few weeks on Facebook on events that's happening this weekend especially youth camps by different churches, i was pretty sure that the next few days will be sorta special where many Malaysians would carefully plan this short break somewhere else staying away from all the shits that's happening in the political scene.

As for me, i'll be going heading out of town tomorrow, to a place not too faraway, Kam Lets All Ascape Gather-gether. If you can figure it out that is.

To everyone else out there, have a fun weekend, please don't do stupid things like self suicide or so and please stay away from anyone that carries a cow's head around or anything that is related to a cow. As far as possible. Have Fun. Merdeka! Ya right...
*of course if you have MOOOOOlah den u can come to me thank u

Dotz Dotz Dotz Dotz Dotz.

Have a great WEEKEND!!!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not an Ordinary Birthday Bash.

All these years, i've been celebrating my birthday with only some closer peeps around with just some simple come-out-and-gather sessions, blowing the candle and cutting the cake and if i get lucky i'll get a present and that's the end of the story.

Never have i celebrated my birthday as in making it massively big inviting every single earthling i know getting everyone together to sing song for me and everyone must join in playing games that involves both sexes. Booking a place and such with a space of our own, perhaps a pool party or a club and so never really went through my mind before.

All because i am not in a position to even think of making it happen with the fact being that i'm a poor dude.

The noisiest birthday i had was most probably a few years back. It was noisy because a few of my close friends planned to have it at RedBox, Karaoke that is.

However, i'm glad enough having the bunch of close people willing to get out from their comfy homes celebrating my birthday with me along the years and before this post gets sadder i must share that there's this ultimate birthday bash coming up.

Some wicked idea that Digi came out with to bring together all the people whose birthday falls between 1 October to 31 December 09. Click here to find out how you can win VIP invitations and an exclusive Birthday experience worth RM3,000.00 at the D’Ultimate Birthday Bash, happening on 3 October @ Bar Celona, Sunway Pyramid!.

and with that, i just got tagged. By Xaviera. Arhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Seronoknya!!

okay Here it is :

1) My date of birthday is:
18th DEC

2) My most ‘glamorous, fun & ‘memorable’ Birthday celebration was when:
Okay, glamorous and fun not very la but memorable one was like 6 years back where on that date itself something special happen.

3) My wildest dream destination to have my Birthday celebration is:
This must have to be somewhere in The Middle Earth. I think that Rivendell is a good place.

4) The five persons I would like invite to my Birthday celebration held at the above location are:
Son Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Doraemon and BOA. First 3 will entertain the crowd by fighting each other where BOA will sing on stage and Doraemon will provide every other stuffs needed. I know, its a brilliant idea. xD

5) My top 5 ultimate birthday playlist are:
Happy Birthday Classic version, Happy Birthday Rock version, Happy Birthday Jazz version, Happy Birthday Pop Version, Happy Birthday Zzz version.

6) If a Genie were to promise me 3 Birthday wishes right now, my Birthday wishes would be:
I want to have Doraemon's "Hundred Treasure Pocket"
I want to travel around the world.
I want to make friend with Genie. Shhh.

7) My sexiest birthday photo :
Refer to the picture above xD haha Sudah buka satu butang wan OKAY!

• Once you've been tagged, answer the following questions as creatively as you can.
• Once completed, tag 6 blog friends to have them do this birthday Meme.

So i have to tag 6 blog friends to do this same thing. Ah. I shall tag...
Joanna, Yat, Ren, HsuJen, Linda, Jolyn.

Go do this birthday Meme okay, because you stand to win some mystery weekly prizes just by SMS-ing your full name, IC/Passport Number, E-mail and Blog URL to +6016-281 3867 where the 3rd, 8th, 38th, 88th and 138th entries of the week will receive a mystery gift!!
E.G: Tan Yi Ren 800302015566 SEND TO 0162813867

Till then.
*you're very gengchau if you read this whole post!! So many words o.O

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review on Murderer 殺人犯

Thanks to Nuffnang, i just watched one of the most disturbing movie of the year. Not only it was disturbing, it was quite "DUH".

With the award winning actor Aaron Kwok 郭富城 acting as Ling in this movie, i was quite confident that this movie won't go any wrong anyhow.

That was before i entered the cinema.

Everything was pretty well done, from the start of the whole mysterious horrifying scene, the various strong characters that were built and shown, to where it shows that every single clue and evidence points that Ling is the murderer in the serial killing cases.

Everyone was kept in the dark about the truth and i was busy guessing who was the actual killer as i was pretty sure that Ling won't be the killer himself.

and when the movie reaches till the last few stages, i was right!! BINGO!! but the whole twist to the storyline, how the truth was revealed and what really happened was all pretty laughable. It was like a big joke, imagine like your bf/gf of several years suddenly tell you that she/he never loved you before or your parents revealed to you that they're not your biological parents. Darn.

I thought that it was pretty stupid that the storyline turned out to be that way where i felt totally speechless at the end of the movie. You'll understand what i'm saying if you watch it.

Good thing that Chang Chun-Ning 張鈞甯 was in the movie, an actor i liked since she got popular through the series The Hospital 白色巨塔 which i've followed previously.

SONNY BEST LA!!! 仔仔很屌!!!

Go watch this movie IF AND ONLY IF you're a big fan of Aaron Kwok 郭富城 bah if not don't waste your time. Like seriously.

My Rating for this movie is 5/10
*3 for Aaron's acting, 1 for
Chang Chun-Ning 張鈞甯 and 1 more for 仔仔!! 仔仔 FTW!!
**oh and i think Aaron can be the HK version of Joker. Don't you think? With the pictures above he can kick Bruce Wayne's ass man!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Comic Books and Me

You know, there's this comic book shop, not the newer ones with nice decoration and all with different sections and area with proper organized stacked comics. This one near my house is quite an old shop where i would normally go to and get my weekly dosage of comic books.

Yeh i used to frequent that place a lot heading back home spending my time lying down on my bed where i do less activities that involves going online.

and i must say, i felt awesomely satisfied when i was reading the comics i got recently. After so long. Urghh..

Oh and on another note, Comic Fiesta 09 will be conducting a booklet contest and details of
the contest can be found here. Cheers!

Now i'm going to return the books shown in the picture above and get more of them!! Hehe. Ciao!

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Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh @ Sungai Way

It was a sunny day where a few of us planned this lunch trip to welcome Amy back to Malaysia. She was studying in UK previously and she's back just to renew her visa ha.

So it was Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh for lunch on a Sunday noon, the 9th of August 2009 to be exact. The infamous Bak Kut Teh place that claims that you don't have to get all the way to Klang to get your dosage of BKT, just go to Ah Sang and you'll get it.

and with the various food reviews on the internet by fellow foodies, this very place providing BKT will at least be at a certain standard that is.

There's lotsa people there when we reached there and we were lucky to find an empty table i suppose. Took a few pictures before we started. and here comes the food.

We ordered the standard portion of BKT for 6 person with almost everything available in it except for the special parts, the intestines that is. Pork ribs, Pork meat(fat and less fat ones), Golden Mushrooms, Fu Chok and along with it is a plate of Sang Choi.
*yau char kwai sold out at that time already. =(

The Bak Kut Teh there weren't as good as most people described, the herbal taste wasn't that strong as how i preferred but then the meats were quite nice, soft and tender to my liking where the Sang Choi was just nice for me. The price per person is RM11 and we had a plate of Sang Choi with a few more extra bowls of rice so it was around RM13 for a person.

Still fine with me as i don't frequent BKT that much haha but seriously if you ask me i would prefer the BKT at Kepong or at Jalan Ipoh as this one @ Sungai Way isn't way better than the 2 mentioned ones that is nearer to my place. =)

Do try it out if you're around that place then!

No.531, Jalan SS9A/12Seri Setia,
Sungei Way Petaling Jaya

03-7876 2299

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fast Update #75 第一代「古惑仔」鄭伊健和陳小春重出江湖!

6月17日消息:第一代「古惑仔」鄭伊健和陳小春重出江湖,趁著古惑潮今年回暖,合作拍攝全新古惑片. 陳小春與鄭伊健自1996年合作《古惑仔之人在江湖》,短短兩年共演五部古惑系列電影,勁收億元票房,之後「陳浩南」與「山雞」退隱江湖。相隔十三年,小春與伊健再拍古惑片《飛沙風中轉》。
The first generation of Hong Kong Triad movies, Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan is making a comeback. Filming a new triad movie to keep on with the current triad craze.

Since the duo Jordan Chan and Ekin Cheng acted in the triad movie, Young & Dangerous in 1996, they were involved in 5 triad related films in 2 years time and earned quite a lot gaining popularity and have stopped since then. After 13 years, they are back involving in the next Young & Dangerous film - 飛沙風中轉.

Remember this movie above?

As excited when i read the news about it, i can't wait for the film to be release!!

Is there any Young & Dangerous fans out there like me? =D
Hope that this one will be a good one then.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How was your weekend?

I'm still pretty disturbed with this at the moment. Not to mention having a few other personal stuffs i have to deal with.

but I'm really glad that in these days, i still have people around that i could talk freely with and share stuffs that's a little bit more personal. These people will just get lesser and lesser along the years.

I didn't even expect to get some hometown specialties from a fellow ex-college mate.

Thanks to YewJoe for that.

Compared to the eventful weekends i had sometimes, this very weekend was quite a quiet one for me. A peaceful one, spending more times with friends from other circle.

Going out to yumcha sessions, playing 2 games of Dota on a Friday night.

Then its Saturday already, it feels good playing basketball again after being absent for almost a month, not to say i'm pretty good in it, i enjoyed the run and sweat seeing the people again after being MIA for a month.

then, there's this stupid event which i don't event want to elaborate on attending it with a few of the usual. Most stupid event ever i call that.

Watched the match between Manchester United and Wigan during the night.

It was quite a roller coaster ride watching the match resulting in 5 goals scored by ManUtd in the second half with a sucky first half. Nothing much to boast about being a ManUtd fan as its only Wigan where ManUtd lost to Burnley in the last match but heck, it was still nice watching them scoring.

Watched this movie later in the night. AGAIN.

and the next thing i know, we're up on Genting already. Somewhere i wished to go and relax since end of last month.

Had dim sum for breakfast after the random Genting trip. That's about it, my weekend. At some certain extend, i'm a happy person and having fun in life, but at the same time, i'm kinda struggling when it comes to reality, breaking out from the whole picture and going to the next picture seems so hard to me at the moment.

I guess things will just get right and be ok at the end of the road right?

and yea, Happy Birthday to you! =)
*and all the best to a friend who's going to Bangladesh to work tmr, though its just 2 weeks.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

review on Laughing Gor 之变节 : Turning Point

It was just last night i watched this movie with a couple of friends at Tropicana Mall. The first day of screening for this movie in Malaysia.

Before this, i've been following a specific police trainee 学警 drama series by Hong Kong TVB all these years from On the First Beat (学警出更) to The Academy (学警雄心) to E.U (学警狙击) and there's this character call Laughing Gor (Laughing哥) in the last mentioned series E.U which captured the hearts of millions of viewer all over the world and i even blog about a group on facebook created just for the character itself having more than 100 thousand users joining it.

The infamous character, Laughing Gor with the acting of Michael Tse 谢天华, a Hong Kong actor who didn't really shine through out his 20 years of carrier gained instant fame during the broadcast period of the series and almost immediately they decided to film a movie out of the character itself.

and the character itself is NOT the main character in the drama series. LOLx. With 2 award winning best actors along the years 黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng who are both well known in Triads (三合會/黑社会) related film, i must say that this movie is one of the best Hong Kong made Triad film since Internal Affairs 无间道 and i felt that its filmed in a way more similar to the Young & Dangerous 古惑仔 movies which i like quite a lot.

Though Michael Tse 谢天华 is the main character in this movie, i kinda feel that both黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng had more scenes and presented more in this movie itself.

It is a movie talking about spies. The police force sending spies into the triads and vice versa with lotsa complications in between. Just like Internal Affairs 无间道, this movie describe a little here and there about the life being a spy betraying people and the dark side of it not able to convert back and lead a normal lives and such.

As usual, I won't really talk much about the storyline itself as i would prefer you heading to the cinema to watch it yourself. Its a great movie i think by Hong Kong and of course, there are quite a few parts where its funny and such.

and oh, Fala Chen 陈法拉 was given a role to be Laughing Gor's girlfriend in the movie. Good news for all the people out there that like her. Like me. Haha. I must say that her acting is good in this movie although she's given a smaller role compared by the names mentioned above, i still enjoy watching the movie with her in it.

At the end of the movie, the MAIN CHARACTERS in the Hong Kong Drama series E.U (学警狙击) made a cameo appearance. Though 黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng played quite an important role in this movie, i still think that Michael Tse 谢天华 did his little magic as Laughing Gor in this movie and i still like that character itself with a big smile coming out from the cinema hall.

For those who love the drama series and the character itself, you must go and watch this movie, for those who have no idea who's Laughing Gor and what's E.U (学警狙击), you can still watch this movie as an independent film itself. Do watch it!! =)

My Rating for this movie is 7.5/10

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Resume For Blogging Job

Here i am writing a blog post that's related to the recruitment of an Official blogger for a TV reality television series.

From the requirements, i would say that i definitely fit in.

I can commit for a total of 4 months in Singapore, i'm fluent in both English and Chinese and i can blog more than 80 blog posts in the period given!

Let me just share what i've done thus far with my blog.

I've been fortunate enough to get invited to Media events which involves big companies such as Canon, Nokia, Hennessy, Coca-Cola and not forgetting; I was one of the affiliated blogger for Comic Fiesta 2008.

Besides that, i've also blogged about various events, from music events, dance events to clubbing ones, concerts. I truly enjoy blogging these stuffs as I get to give my readers not only my personal opinion but also a clearer picture of an event.

Sometimes, i will add some self compiled videos to make my post more appealing. Videos examples here MINT Magazine Launch, LG Malaysia Blog Launch, Tiger Stand Out Party & the recent Eason's Moving on Stage 26 Concert.

Following a few reality series such as Malaysian Dream Girl 1 & 超级星光大道 of Taiwan and etc along the years blogging about it as an audience, being so, i believe i have a few valuable thoughts and insight to share with the people behind the scene.

Last but not least, i've made lot of friends through blogging where i love meeting people and i would love to work with the people behind the scene getting more experience.

I hope that I can take my blogging experience a step further and get this job as HPSpace’s official blogger as I’ll do my best!

Thanks. =)

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