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陈奕迅 Eason's Moving On Stage 26 Live In Malaysia @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

It was at the end of the year 2007 that this whole Moving On Stage tour started in Hong Kong with Eason 陈奕迅 and the whole team of people going to cities around the world having concerts in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, China, Macau, USA, Malaysia and etc.

and just yesterday night it was the very last stage of the whole tour that was scheduled within 2 years time. It was the Eason's Moving On Stage 26 Live In Malaysia @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!!

All thanks to Chee Hwa who got a free ticket worth RM298, i was at the zone just in front of the stage. The same exact stage for MTV World Stage Concert the previous day. Smart fellas organizing 2 events 2 days back to back earning money from both sides.

It was superbly packed when i reached the place. The concert was suppose to start at 8pm and the picture above was taken at around 7.50pm. Duh!

I don't really care to line up and you can hate me for that i cut queue and eventually got in faster then 99% of people in the picture above. Lolx heck the concert started already when i got in, walking the whole long way to the surf beach, its already the 2nd song.

The whole place was already packed with people holding TM "hands" in the air waving and shouting. I would say that the crowd there would be equivalent to the crowd at MTV World Stage. Insane!!

The concert started with songs like K歌之王 and 背包, the well known ones by Eason himself.

After a few songs of his own, Eason started presenting some of the classic songs in Hong Kong music industries, songs by the likes of Jacky Cheung 张学友, Leon Lai 黎明, Leslie Cheung 张国荣 and Aaron Kwok 郭富城 with the titles 这个冬天不太冷 , 我的亲爱, 无心睡眠, 狂野之城. Dancers were surrounding Eason and the crowd went crazy when Eason sang the songs mentioned above. You can view the video posted below recorded by me to see it yourself. xD

Eason's not new in the music industry and i knew that he could sing and such, all these while i only listen to such mainstream Chinese/Cantonese music on my computer and ONLY in such concert, you could really feel and experience how good one singer is being in an amazing atmosphere where you would automatically move yourself even if you're a shy person inside out.

It was a few months ago i first attended a concert by Chinese artists/singers with singers from Taiwan like 梁文音 Rachel Liang, 高以爱 Alisa Galper, 神木與瞳 Y2J and that was when i see the obvious difference in Live Singing and Recording type of Singing. It was totally different it takes a whole lot more for a singer to sing live in front of massive crowd.

The famous Hong Kong artists 陈奕迅 Eason of course is well known with his singing and such and i wont get surprise that he get to hug the girls receiving a massive reception from the crowd. xD.

Anyways, back to the concert...

there were appreciation sessions,

there were good performance

and there's good songs to listen to.

Its free for me so i couldn't really complaint much there, though through the videos i watched recorded in other Moving On Stage concerts in other cities that the performances was better and such, i'm thankful enough that good things like this that come along my way since the FML accident.

I was not there exactly when the concert started but i must say that the concert ended awesomely well. There was even fireworks after the last song!!! BEST!!! Watch the fireworks here!!

Oh and one specific thing i noticed during the concert which i find it pretty amusing. Look at the few pictures below to see if you see what i saw xD

If you haven notice it yet, the dancers, band members were taking pictures up on stage during the performances and such Lolx. Something you rarely see in concerts by western singer/artists. I won't say its not professional la as i find it quite entertaining Haha.

Oh and i've made a compilation of some songs that i've recorded during the concert. Do watch it below yah. That includes the classic songs sang by Eason mentioned above =D

Compilation of Videos recorded during the concert.


taufulou said...

nice pics and nice concerts~

Chew said...

awesome photos.

joshuaongys said...

> taufulou : yeaps it was a nice concert! and thanks =)

> Chew : thank you!!

Nigelais said...

Tumpang stage punya. Haha. :)

Ren said...

nice lor :D

joshuaongys said...

> Nigelais : hahahaha clever organizers ma!

> Ren : yeshh niceee!!!

Allison said...

awesome pics and concert.. u got free tickets, damn lucky

Ken said...

Nice one! He's a great artist. Like his songs so much!!

joshuaongys said...

> Allison : yea damn lucky i got free tix and yes the concert was awesome!

> Ken : great performer as well!!! his songs very nice =)

AvengeregnevA said...

He's awesome, I got his free tickets from my sister at the yellow line, and he had many funny jokes also his song rock !! I really gonna miss him a lot =(

joshuaongys said...

> AvengeregnevA : woots!! you got free tickets too awesome!! hahahah yes he's awesome =)

Myhorng said...

i'll curi your picture to blog since ur ticket is free.. hmmph...

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