Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fast Update #71 Protest ISA Rally

WE'RE FAMOUS!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!! The ANTI ISA News was broadcasted on one of the TV Station in CHINA.

*added on 1AM 03 August 2009

Its all over the internet esp Twittersphere/Twitterverse. Road blocks started 2 days before the rally causing massive jams everywhere in the KL city. Quite a crazy incident as almost every of my friend who drove to work yesterday complained about the stupid road blocks set up where a 15minutes journey ended up completed in 1 hour.

and so today it's the day of the rally on protest on ISA.

Last year's around this time, there's this ongoing PCFair event and they have such similar protest as well, now they are having it again.

I'm currently following the live streams of tweets from fellow Malaysians on this protest. The power of online medium that is. I wonder that if this protest will be an annual event since there's no sign of taking down the ISA Act so far, and that makes me wonder if TMNet will start filtering #ANTIISA related stuffs on the internet. Aha! Crazy stuffs but i see that as something good for the country. Yes? No?

As long as there's no casualties and such, such demonstrations/rally is still acceptable bah.

To view more exact live updates on the ISA Rally
ISA Click Here
ANTI ISA Click Here.

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pictures by TheEdgeMalaysia. & fahmi_fadzil


Susan Wanderlust said...

Sadly, if you read the Twitter posts, people - even the disabled - are being beaten, kids arrested, and people water cannoned and tear gassed left right centre.

joshuaongys said...

> Susan Wanderlust : yes, its pretty sad case but im sure the message was sent out that we are firm with wat we want. Malaysia Boleh that is. Towards a better country!

Simon Seow said...

So, they are planning to held it in conjunction with PC Fair huh. lol

CWKen said...

Somehow, I do not agree with street protests... although it sends a clear msg dat people are not happy hmmm

Anonymous said...

street protest- that's pure stupidity

goingkookies said...

why do u say street protest is pure stupidity?

it's just one avenue of voicing out one's concern. If all is peaceful in the sense whereby ppl blog about politics and issues etc.. there is only so much u can cover n expose...

a street protest garners interest.. talk.. even from overseas news station..

hopefully as per joshuaongys.. it will lead towards a better country cos seriously.. it doesn't seem like nth much has changed.. even with opposition leading some states.. they can't do much... thanks to BN

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : perhaps just coincidentally gua...

> CWKen : hahah your second sentence cause what happen in your first sentence so yea, ppl were unsatisfied...

> Anonymous : why say so? there were 20,000 stupid people there then u mean? hmmm

> goingkookies : BN is still very strong but if they don't change in time in 4 more years time, i doubt they will be that strong anymore, with the nex election 4 years later =)

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