Saturday, August 01, 2009

JUICE 7th Anniversary @ Euphoria MOS

Thanks to Jessica and of course JUICE themselves, i attended the 7th Anniversary of the JUICE Magazine which was held in Euphoria, Bandar Sunway just yesterday night.

Headed to Maluri Cheras as soon as i finished work and met up with Ren and Yatz as well as Hikaru before heading to the event itself.

There were lots of people by the time we reached the venue, everyone looked pretty bored before the event officially start. It was around 10pm when we reached. Malaysian timing that is that the party was said to be starting at 9pm. =D

Soon, JoeyG the emcee of the night came out and made a brief intro with a few short talk and there was this fashion show going on.

it was quite a funny scene for me if you ask me that most of the photographers last night that cover the event taking pictures and stuffs going here and there even approaching the stage all by themselves, they were bloggers and i know all of them. Almost. Haha. DSLR is so easy to get nowadays.

There was this game session and the crowd cheered and shouted. It was all fun and it went to a more different level of fun when we, the bunch of bloggers in front of the stage pushing Tock up on the stage for one of the sessions.

The best dress session. So called. HAHA.

and he ended up winning a bottle of Vodka. Basket. Rawrr!

It was pretty funny as they decide who the winner are by who was cheered most. and for all the well dressed people on the stage, the crowd didn't really shouted and cheered. Prob. too bored for them already. and so, when its Tock's turn, we the bunch of bloggers cheered and eventually the cheers he got was above everyone's one.

aha just watch the video bah on Bloggers Pahwer! HAHA.

Later on, there was this artist which i have no idea who is she performed in a totally silence crowd, everyone was looking left right up down with just a small group of them paying attention on her. She must have lotsa courage and confidence doing that performance!!

The rest of the night was all out with the crowds and the people spinning at the deck. A night filled with fun? Not really, but not too dull either. It was some kinda escapada from real life for me if you ask me getting away from work that is.

Yatz taking pictures with erm i forgot who ady.

and erm ah i didn't really take much pictures with me inside last night. Just a few ones. =X

with AdeleChow

Jessica and Yatz

and Kim

That was the night. Congrats to JUICE MAG and uh i need to find back my Juice i'm still very disturbed by the stupid incident last week.
*go watch the video above if you haven watch it!

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The Idan said...

I hope you don't mind if i grab some of my pictures here. ;P

bryanlyt said...

hikaru shuffling isit?? o_O haha

§pinzer said...

wtf. omg.

wen pink said...

WALAO EH U RECORDED!! LOLOLOL geng!!!! u guys screamed like mad weih~~ no wonder he won!!

joshuaongys said...

> The Idan : i dont mind of course =)

> bryanlyt : i think more likely that he's jumping haha

> §pinzer : FTW. RAWRR!

> wen pink : hahahahha yehhh we rawks!! haha

JunJun-Riko said...

hikaru.... zzzzzz...

i ngam comment that he looks handsome in the photo that ren uploaded in fb, but now see his photo in ur blog.. zzzzz...


joshuaongys said...

> JunJun-Riko : LOL why.. this photo in my blog he not hensem meh?

JolynGoh said...

Bluek at The Stupid Incident.. Me too need to get back me Juice d.. Bleh.. Doesnt Sound right -.-||

joshuaongys said...

> Jolyn Goh : lolx dont la keep on bluek bluek bluek... and do get back ur juice asap ok? =D

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