Friday, August 21, 2009

review on Laughing Gor 之变节 : Turning Point

It was just last night i watched this movie with a couple of friends at Tropicana Mall. The first day of screening for this movie in Malaysia.

Before this, i've been following a specific police trainee 学警 drama series by Hong Kong TVB all these years from On the First Beat (学警出更) to The Academy (学警雄心) to E.U (学警狙击) and there's this character call Laughing Gor (Laughing哥) in the last mentioned series E.U which captured the hearts of millions of viewer all over the world and i even blog about a group on facebook created just for the character itself having more than 100 thousand users joining it.

The infamous character, Laughing Gor with the acting of Michael Tse 谢天华, a Hong Kong actor who didn't really shine through out his 20 years of carrier gained instant fame during the broadcast period of the series and almost immediately they decided to film a movie out of the character itself.

and the character itself is NOT the main character in the drama series. LOLx. With 2 award winning best actors along the years 黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng who are both well known in Triads (三合會/黑社会) related film, i must say that this movie is one of the best Hong Kong made Triad film since Internal Affairs 无间道 and i felt that its filmed in a way more similar to the Young & Dangerous 古惑仔 movies which i like quite a lot.

Though Michael Tse 谢天华 is the main character in this movie, i kinda feel that both黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng had more scenes and presented more in this movie itself.

It is a movie talking about spies. The police force sending spies into the triads and vice versa with lotsa complications in between. Just like Internal Affairs 无间道, this movie describe a little here and there about the life being a spy betraying people and the dark side of it not able to convert back and lead a normal lives and such.

As usual, I won't really talk much about the storyline itself as i would prefer you heading to the cinema to watch it yourself. Its a great movie i think by Hong Kong and of course, there are quite a few parts where its funny and such.

and oh, Fala Chen 陈法拉 was given a role to be Laughing Gor's girlfriend in the movie. Good news for all the people out there that like her. Like me. Haha. I must say that her acting is good in this movie although she's given a smaller role compared by the names mentioned above, i still enjoy watching the movie with her in it.

At the end of the movie, the MAIN CHARACTERS in the Hong Kong Drama series E.U (学警狙击) made a cameo appearance. Though 黄秋生 Anthony Wong and 呉鎮宇 Francis Ng played quite an important role in this movie, i still think that Michael Tse 谢天华 did his little magic as Laughing Gor in this movie and i still like that character itself with a big smile coming out from the cinema hall.

For those who love the drama series and the character itself, you must go and watch this movie, for those who have no idea who's Laughing Gor and what's E.U (学警狙击), you can still watch this movie as an independent film itself. Do watch it!! =)

My Rating for this movie is 7.5/10


Jackie Loi said...

owh u have watch it..wanted to watch n looking some1 go wif me...i guess i m little disappointed once i know michael tse dun have that much scene as expected =(

joshuaongys said...

> Jackie Loi : hahahaha u wont be disappointed la i think, go watch it!! =)

eShanz said...

yesh ! baguss...! hahahaha... the fala chen's acting really improved a lot ! the part where she cried makes me feel so touching. LOL

Anonymous said...

i watched it too ! nice movie!~*

joshuaongys said...

> eShanz : yes her acting skills quite good this time. Shocked me also!

> Anonymous : Best!!

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