Friday, March 20, 2009

劲搞笑 - Laughing 哥比进兴社多马仔!!!

AHAHAHAHHAHAHA I CANT STOP LAUGHING since my friend send me an invitation on Facebook inviting me to join a group under Laughing 哥. It was just a few minutes ago xD.

Those who've been watching one of the TVB current ongoing drama will know who is Laughing 哥.

He's a character from this specific drama, Emergency Unit 學警狙擊 and i guessed most viewers loved this specific character after what happen in one of the latest episodes just recently.

Crazy Hong Kong TVB Drama followers hahahhahahaaha.... Seriously, this is freaking funny, at least for me it is hahaha!!

and i went on browsing and clicking on a few links which leads to more related groups. Gahhh.

進興社, The triad association which Laughing哥 joined in the story.

Members/Followers of Laughing 哥

Members/Followers of 進興社

and Laughing 哥, one of the Triad Person in Charge have more followers(100,000) than the whole Triad Association(3000). I guessed most viewers were influenced by what happen in episode 22 which was broadcasted through TVB just 2 days ago. Facebook Rawks!! xD

and here is another related group...

and a related event...

Location : Mega夜總會

HAHAHA 笑死我啦~
*those who are clueless ignore me please xD


Clement said...

This really call 劲搞笑。。。。

stephanie k said...

sigh~ he is death :(

joshuaongys said...

> Clement : lolx 超 gao xiu!!

> stephanie k : eh i didnt know u got watch also wehhh

Joyce Tedoen said...

Laughing is my favorite character. I knew it wasn't bad acting when he didn't kill his potential successor right off the trigger, during one of the earlier episodes, in the drug factory where the original triad boss was arrested.

Sigh. Sadness.

joshuaongys said...

> Joyce Tedoen : he was everyone's favourite character ler sigh...

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