Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chasing The Lights.

Average Speed 120 km/h

First few ones.

and the next few ones which i preferred...

was on the way to Sg Long actually to fetch Ah Mun. and Nope, i wasn't driving and taking pictures at the same time, my friend drove. So, along the way, i was pretty bored and started talking pictures with the new camera... which... well, never mind...

The later night was spent in a nearby Mamak where Wei Ru joined us and we talk, chat, gossip, insult, discuss, debate, quarrel and etc till around 5am++. It was a great time together, sitting there with some old friends chatting about this and that. Times like this are getting lesser and lesser by days, months, years. Sigh.

I guessed that's it. I'll be strong this time around, I Have To.

and I was hoping the speed to be more last night, it would be more fun.

Below are 3 different photos that i took from Flickr, there are more pretty awesome ones there, do check them out!

That's all, i'm here left with just bits of unseparable jigsaw pieces that's shattered all around.

However i still want to say,

Thank You. =)

because those are the best pieces in my life.


Yatz said...

nice lightings but shaky le..bump road hor? LOL said...

kl roads still ok.. the roads in cambodia is worst.. very crazy spikes wan. hahaha

Anonymous said...

what camera are you using? HAHA. pretty cool shots anyway. you should have left the shutter speed slower for the last three picture? .. i've been wanting to take those pictures but haven't find the right time yet. =.=

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : lolx shaky hands as well haha

> : ahaha well dont compare with cambodia la!!!

> Anonymous : i actually have more shots with different shutter speed lerhh but the ones i posted here are the nicest la i think hahaha.. the camera i used? Lumix LX3 de lolx not DSLR la.. haha go take those shots soon den!!

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