Monday, March 30, 2009

‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’

It's the couple Maxis & Nuffnang AGAIN!! Woot!! I can still remember the wild live party by this very same couple last June. It was pretty awesome with animals bloggers roaming around in the party like nobody's business!!

Quite a scene that was. Read about it here and here.

So this time round it's all about music, music and MORE music. All these while, music artists are one of the main source of entertainment be it gossips, events, scandal and all, their lives are the ones that people would be interested in and some would try to impersonate them as well in many ways.

Learning musical instruments is somewhat a rewarding experience for me all these years and i enjoyed it pretty much and i thank God for that. I can still remember that i used to have this small little dream which i believe many of you out there would have, which is to be a music artist. Not a singer in exact, but a musician.

Performing in front of a crowd and having them clapping their hands cheering for the performance is somewhat some faraway dream for me.

Of course, if i have a good voice, it would be perfect. If. Sigh, being a music artist is so fun & nice at the same time!

People would pay attention on you, wanting to know more about you and you being in the limelight, unlimited exclusive invitations, sponsorship, and the luxuries that come along, all those stuffs are what most people have their eyes on.

Of course, one slap to myself makes me awake left me here sitting in front of the computer forcing a smile on my face.

However, in conjunction of this upcoming party that the "couple" have installed for us bloggers, i've made this short little video to "memalufied" my ownself for a couple of seconds. =X

Yes, i know it's very "mengesiasuikan" and i bet you had a bad time watching the video made above lolx. Well at least there's some leng lui pics at the end of the video mah!! Right? xD
*sorry la i'm not as good as this blogger here --> Blogger Alexander Loh on the Piano for Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

I do hope that i can have a tiny part of my dream come true this very Saturday attending the party being a musicon celebrity for that few hours and Syiok Sendiri. I'm sure that those who're going there think so too right? Ha!!

Oh and yea, if you're having a headache on the costume part, head over to Nigel's blog for more info, he posted a wicked place that have costumes from Catwomen to Ironman to Predator!!


Andrew said...

hahha.. LOL =D fuiyoh!! pro piano player.. LOL =D hebat hebat... J-Ong!!

Shu Fen said...

u must be v pro at the piano ^^

mknace said...


hyperX said...

Yeah! Let's party! Start rock n roll with your piano! :p

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

See you there :)
You didn't "mempersiasuikan" yourself what ;p

Alex said...

I was wondering why there was a sudden spike in my abandoned blog. Lol. So Joshua`s the culprit :p

curryegg said...

Lol.. I thought you will be singing or dancing ke... hahahahaha....
Nothing siasui la.. GOod job!
All the best for the prize... ;D

yapthomas said...

are you going to play piaono on that night? :P

joshuaongys said...

> Andrew : aiseh duh!! *shy*

> Shu Fen : no i'm not, serious!

> mknace : wow? for wat haahaha

> hyperX : yeh lets party and erm i dont have a piano wehh...

> Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 : to those who really knows how to play, i am.. xD

> Alex : ahaha dont have spike larrrrr xD you play piano nice ma!!

> curryegg : ahaha everyone put singing dancing i put this lor hahaha thanks and yeh i wan the prize!!!

> yapthomas : NOOOOOO i'm not gonna take the risk being throw with all sorts of stuffs like eggs, shoes and etc!!

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