Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh Darn Its March Already!

You know, i was quite blur these few days. Had TOO MANY stuffs going in my tiny little head.

My brain could go blank at times from time to time this whole period thanks to my dear final year project.

Yesterday, i was pretty blank where when my supervisor told that the next last presentation time of my final year project system is on the 4th of March and he mentioned that "I'll give you 4 DAYS to complete the whole thing."

There and then, i was secretly smiling where in my mind i was thinking "Eh 4 days more meh? Got 6 MORE DAYS la not 4 DAYS!!".

I remembered clearly that its the 28th and i thought that my supervisor counted wrongly with 4 days instead of 6 days, soon, i was awake from my dream and realize that its February.

Darn. February of 2009 only have 28 days.

Then i just realize that time is passing faster than ever, much faster when i was just a kid last time. We're going to step in the last part of the first quarter of 2009 already. Heck. I don't even have time to watch the Chinese New Year entertainment(Taiwan and Hong Kong ones) shows i've downloaded.


So, there you go, there goes the month of love and here comes March. A rather interesting month if you've ask me.

No, not because that the trip to Old Trafford falls on that month.

March is a month that is special all these while just because of someone. =)

But sigh...... =(

All i hope for now that this month to be a great month!! It will be.

so peeps, say bye bye to the month of love (i said so because valentines fall on feb xD) and lets hope that this month will be a great month for all of us!!

Meanwhile, please don't stop spreading the love aite? 1st Corinthians 13

*oh and yea, my results of my very last semester will be out in March as well. Can someone like hack into TARC database and give me nice nice grades? ha..


Choo Hwei Ming said...

bring malaysian food.. or i'm not taking you around..hahahahahaha....

Andrew said...

haha... LOL... you betta bring some food over from hwei ming... LOL +D

joshuaongys said...

> Choo Hwei Ming : lolx lets see how...

> Andrew : lolx from hweiming? means he cook one is it?

l a b e l s


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