Monday, March 09, 2009

review on Marley and Me

Last Friday, i watched this movie with my girl. Marley and Me.

The whole movie goes around the Grogan family with their dog, Marley and it's a true story based on a popular novel with the same name as the movie.

It started of with this couple which just got married where both of them are working for the press. The wife is a person with plans where she will state down steps to be done in life. Marrying the husband was one of the step she had.

On the other hand, the husband who's slightly different than the wife who plan not to have kids at their early stage of marriage took and advice from his buddy and proceed on getting a pet instead. A dog. To get the wife busy taking care of the dog and not think of having kids.

and so, they added an extra member to their family, Marley the dog.

It didn't a long time for the couple to realize that the dog is an extremely hyperactive one which will eat on almost everything not obeying most of their instructions.

Though many problems occured, they didn't abandon the dog and continue having it. At the same time, the husband who was working as a local newspaper columnist started writing about things in his life which evolves around his dog and started getting lots of readership. Everyone enjoyed the story of Marley.

Soon, one by one, there were newer members in the family where the couple had 3 kids. More problems came out where the wife have to quit her job and take care of the family getting herself busier than ever.

Lots of quarrels involved after that and you can see that Marley still acted the same causing trouble to the family barking making the babies awake and simply biting and chewing things off.

The story goes on and on evolving around the family where i enjoyed the whole movie from the start till the end especially when Marley comes in and i was actually touched at the end of the movie.

Oh and this guy is Grogan's friend, Sebastian. The movie had a little more humor with him in it.

In this movie you can actually see how a normal human life is where marriage, family and the problems with it come across and life's like that. It's funny though. A movie that is suitable for couples/family to watch and if you haven watch it, go watch!

My Rating for this movie is 7.5/10


Yi Ling said...

serious? it's good? idk. i've been hearing so many negative comments about it ._. mehh. dont knw if i shld watch it or not T_T

yapthomas said...

a good one indeed. :D

Lisalicious said...

I've read this book and it makes me cry :(

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : they had good feedback from the cinemas overseas wor.. go watch it la =D

> yapthomas : yesh!

> Lisalicious : the story is a pretty touching story aite?

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