Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walking in Manchester : Evening

For the past few days, I was pretty lazy on posting stuffs that are related to the Manchester Trip and AT LAST, i've gone through some of the pictures and decided to put up these pictures. I shall talk less in this very post.

and erm, I've forgot most of the names of the streets/buildings so just view the pictures yea,

Enjoy Viewing!

Chinatown of Manchester.

I forgot that this is the statue of Queen what already. =X

Eye on Manchester

The Junction

the park beside...

channel M TV Manchester

the buildings are just beautiful...

One of the streets i love @ Manchester

Piccadilly Gardens

the Contact building

Central Manchester University Hospital

it would be nicer if the flowers...

All these pictures were taken on the first day i set my foot on Manchester, thanks to Hweiming who brought me around here and there aimlessly, i enjoyed the whole "walking session". Seriously, compared to KL, if you ask me to walk from one place to another i would hesitate a while but if it's in Manchester, i would love to do so!!

till the next post on Manchester, i hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures as much as i enjoyed the walk in Manchester!!!

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Pork Chop said...

Odeon cinema! haha kinda miss the place :(

Cutie said...

Wow... looking at these pictures brought back so much memories. I could still remember every single thing over in Manchester. Definitely enjoyed those pics. So where's my gift? =P

yapthomas said...

They still have Odeon there!!

Chong said...

Saw the group picture with you in it in The Star today.

Chong said...

Oh yeah, unlike in Malaysia, you can literally walk for 45mins in UK without feeling tired...

RealGunners said...

cool, you actually did went to different places compared to mine... but then, there's a couple of places i could probably remind you about..

the statue is for Queen Victoria, just below, that's Market Street, and the building in The Junction picture, opposite Odeon, is called Urbis..

hehehe.. i still remember.. XD

Myhorng said...

oh i miss Manchester

Andrew said...

omygosh!!! Now you're making me longing back those days when i was in europe.. ireland to be exact.. haha wanna go visit manchester some day!! =D

nice place nice place

joshuaongys said...

> Pork Chop : lolx y ah? you paktoh there before when u're studying in uK?

> Cutie : fua, tell me bout it when we meet k? hehehe ur gift ar.. *look up and down left and right*

> yapthomas : lolx awesome?

> Chong : eh lolx i immediately go online and search for it after u mention it haahha and yea, walking there is diff... sigh..

> RealGunners : hahahah thank you so much for the info and i'm sure the photos u took were much nicer than mine one rite lolx

> Myhorng : lets go there nex time together!! haha

> Andrew : ireland... i wan go also.....

La Mirabelle said...

Oh my God!!! Memories!!! I used to teach at the university of Manchester!
Thanks for the pics!!!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

wetwetwater is jeles!!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> La Mirabelle : ahhh i'm sure u love the life teaching there back then rite?? nyways you're welcome!

> wEtwEtwAtEr : no nid to be jeles la, nex time we go together gather k?

=chuan guan= said...

its beautiful

WayeYoung said...

What a beautiful place *tear*
I was too young to remember :(

Becklee said...

Nice buildings and looks like you had a great time in Manchester. Lucky you!

joshuaongys said...

> =chuan guan= : aha thx =D

> WayeYoung : aha save money and go there!! again...

> Becklee : yesh i had a great time but it's too short ha

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