Wednesday, March 18, 2009

review on Watchmen

Watchmen. A movie which i know very little of but got quite interested after viewing a few times of the trailer in the cinemas before its out.

and so, 2 weeks ago, i went to the cinemas and watch it with a few college mates. From the trailers, there's like a theme song in the background with lots of slow scenes going in and out and for me that captures my attention and of course, i knew it will not be like any superhero movies out there such as superman or iron man.

Without knowing a lot about watchmen, i sat down for almost 3 hours viewing the whole movie only to find out that it was a movie which was made in such a way that it is quite deep and had lots of inner values and thoughts for viewers to ponder upon.

With that, viewers will be divided into 2 different sides where you either like the movie or think that it sucks very much as it is pretty slow and deep. It is dark in a way that it's similar to the movie Dark Knight as well. Just that in this superhero movie, they speak of the evil and sins of the world rather than in a city itself as mentioned in Dark Knight in Gotham City.

The superhero in this movie are very much like Bruce Wayne as Batman where they are not immortals. They are just a bunch of people who wears specially made costumes fighting crimes out there.

That's the first generation of crime fighting peeps where then comes the second generation.

then there's this one and only hero who is an immortal known as Dr Manhattan.

The movie started with the murder of the Comedian. One of the older generation superhero who was involved in the second generation as well. At that time, even the second generation superheroes were disbanded due to some act initiated by the government.

Anyways, a series of investigation was conducted where some dark past surfaced back to some of the people involved. Then more problems arise. The current nuclear issue as well as some problems among the superheroes.

The problems became too big and forced some of the superheroes to make a comeback to fight one of themselves.

Well i didn't imagine that the bad guy will be one of them. Anyways, the movie went on and end in a way that makes me speechless where i actually thought that it's quite nice to end in that way. Don't ask me why.

and so, the movie talks about humanity, the complications, conflicts, relationships with friends and between couples, crimes and sins and etc. Lots of this and that with a little bit of facts here and there. I am one of the viewers that stands on the positive side having this movie in liking.

I thought that this scene is funny lolx.

and though the ship was a bit old and lame in design, it's still pretty cool to me.


My Rating for this movie is 8/10


Lisalicious said...

i watched this movie last night and i sat through 3 hours waiting for it to end...


i cannot imagine how bad it is...
i mean of course it is good story line but having the producer of "300" i thought this is really good, but ....... so SLOW!

joshuaongys said...

> Lisalicious : so u're the one who is one of the people who dislike the movie lor hahahaha and yes i agree its slow haha

RealGunners said...

i'm so not going to watch it.. watch chun li is better hiak hiak hiak

joshuaongys said...

> RealGunners : lolx many say chun li not nice worrr

戏痞三赖 said...

the fact for the fact this is the good one...even it erase lot of unrelavant scene but in the end the script completeness is still i anticipated fast & furious 4 hopefully it is as good as it gets..haha

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : YEAA GOOD right?? hahaha i'm waiting for that too xD

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